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PV Combiners

ironridgeSolar combiners are a weather resistant box that takes the AWG wires from the solar panels or separate arrays and combines all the wires into a main breaker or fuse box. Breakers and fuses are sold separately and are not included.

roof rack

combiner boxCombiners can be placed anywhere along the string from the panels to the inverter, however, the most efficient and cost saving placement is near the solar array. Typically on a ground mount rack the combiner would be placed on the back of the rack shaded by the panels or attached to the back of the pole on a top-of-pole rack.

MidNite PV Combiners without Disconnect Guide
  PV Source Circuit Options Output Circuits        
Model Max # 150 VDC Breakers Max # 300 VDC Breakers Max # 600 VDC Breakers Max # 600 VDC Fuses Max # Output Circuits Max Current Output Max Output Wire Size MNPV Combiner Dimensions
(L"x W"x H")
Weight Birdhouse Trip Option / MNSPD Part Number
MNPV3 3 -- -- 2 1 60 A 1/0 AWG 10.5 x 4.9 x 3.4 2 lbs no 5100005
MNPV6 6 -- 1 4 2* 120A
1/0 AWG 13.5 x 8 x 3.5 4 lbs no 5100006
MNPV6-250 -- 3 -- -- 1 120 A 1/0 AWG 13.5 x 8 x 3.5 4 lbs no 5100132
MNPV12 12 -- 2 10 2 200 A 2/0 AWG 14.7 x 12.2 x 3.5 6 lbs no 5100055
MNPV12-250 -- 6 -- -- 2 168 A 2/0 AWG 14.7 x 12.2 x 3.5 6 lbs no 5100096
MNPV16 -- -- -- 16 1 240 A 250 mcm 20.7 x 16.2 x 3.5 12 lbs no 5100056
MNPV16-250 -- 12 -- -- 1 240 A 2/0 AWG 20.7 x 16.2 x 3.5 12 lbs no 5100057
MNPV16-24 24 -- -- -- 1 240 A 250 mcm 20.7 x 16.2 x 3.5 12 lbs no 5100229

breaker*Only with Breakers, and One Negative Busbar    **120 A for 150 VDC Breakers and 80 A with 600 VDC Fuses

MidNite Solar MNPV Combiners
MidNite Solar offers a range of PV Combiners from MNPV3 to the MNPV16. This range of combiners accommodates solar systems as small as a two string off grid cabin up to 16 strings for a 100KW commercial grid tie inverter. The MNPV series of combiners are the result of 20 years of design and manufacturing experience in the renewable energy industry. These powder-coated, aluminum, rainproof array combiners will accept DIN-mount 150 V circuit breakers, MidNite 300 VDC breakers, Midnite 600 VDC breakers, or 600 VDC fuse holders for grid-tie or off-grid solar arrays. A plastic cover provides a dead front for safety and can be knocked out for either breakers or fuse holders. Both a negative busbar and ground bar are included. The aluminum NEMA 3R enclosures are approved to be mounted at angles from 90° to 14° (vertical to 3/12 slope). Listed to UL 1741 for the U.S.A. and Canada. Breakers and fuse holders are not included.
Part Number   Product   Price Add to Cart
5100005 xrs Midnite Solar, Combiner box, 60A for 3 PV breakers or fuseholders, MNPV3 solar mounts
5100006 xrs Midnite Solar, Combiner box, 120A for 6 PV breakers or 4 Fuses, MNPV6 solar mounts
5100132 xrs Midnite Solar, Combiner box, will accept 3 -300V Breakers High voltage MNPV6-250V solar mounts
5100055 xrs Midnite Solar, Combiner box, 200A for 12 PV breakers or 10 Fuses, 3R, MNPV12 solar mounts
5100096 xrs Midnite Solar, Combiner box, will accept 6 -300V Breakers, MNPV12-250 solar mounts
5100056 xrs Midnite Solar, Combiner box, 240A busbar for 16 Fuses, 3R, MNPV16 solar mounts
5100057 xrs Midnite Solar, Combiner box, 12-String (300V BREAKERS), 240A/300VDC MAX, NEMA3R, MNPV-16-250 solar mounts
5100229 xrs Midnite Solar, Combiner box, 240A busbar, can hold up to 24 150VDC breakers, 3R, MNPV16-24 solar mounts

outbackMidNite and OutBack Combiners Ship in 3 - 5 Business Days After Funds Clear.

OutBack Solar Combiners
OutBack Power Technologies is a leading designer and manufacturer of reliable power electronics for solar energy equipment and battery based energy systems. The Flexware PV8 and PV12 combiners accommodate over current protection requirements for off-grid and grid tied solar applications. the DIN rail can be fitted with 150 VDC circuit breakers for low-voltage solar arrays or 600 VDC fuse holders for grid tied solar systems. OutBack solar combiners are rated for NEMA 3R rainproof, the powder coated aluminum chassis can be mounted on a wall, a sloped roof or a pole. Dual output lugs allow connection for up to 2/0 AWG wire.
Part Number   Product   Price Add to Cart
5100035 xrs Outback, FWPV- 8 Combiner box, 8 Breakers or 6 Fuse holders solar mounts
5100036 xrs Outback, FWPV-12 Combiner box, 12 Breakers or 8 Fuse holders, NEMA 3R solar mounts

outbackMidNite and OutBack Combiners Ship in 3 - 5 Business Days After Funds Clear.

solar combiners disconnects electrical distribution parts

Solar Combiners and electrical distribution integrating. For grid tied as well as off-grid solar kits, after you have selected the equipment needed, you will need to complete the solar package with combiners, disconnect and over current protection according to the National Electric Code (NEC) requirements. Building inspectors tend to look very close at how the solar array is wired and if NEC approved electrical equipment is used. When planning your grid tied or off-grid solar system knowing where to place the electrical equipment is critical for code compliant solar installations.

The National Electrical Code requires that all solar electrical equipment be installed and used in accordance with the manufactures instructions. A common mistake for combiners, disconnects and inverters is not to allow for the proper spacing according to the equipment manufactures specifications. You should also avoid placing any electrical equipment in direct sunlight. The main reason for that is electricity flowing through circuits tend to heat up the equipment anyway. By placing the equipment in the shade whenever possible, you can avoid having to derate the power loss according to the manufactures instructions. For conduit runs you may not be able to avoid locations out of the direct sunlight. Not just in these cases, but in all cases it is better to use wires and conduit that may be overrated than underrated for the application.

Any combiner box, disconnect or other electrical equipment you install with wire terminations inside of it can be called an enclosure. It is important you know the National Electrical Manufactures Association (NEMA) rating before you buy and install the equipment. The NEMA indoor or outdoor rating will determine how the equipment may be used and will certainly affect your inspection and the performance of the grid-tied or off-grid solar system.

The most common NEMA enclosure ratings for combiners, disconnects, cabinets and inverters are:

When selecting the location of your combiners and or disconnect equipment, you will need to install them in such a location that when you work on the inverter you can safely disconnect both the AC and DC power sources. The National Electric Code requires the solar disconnect be installed in a readily accessible location either on the outside of the building normally near the main breaker box so the fire officials can quickly locate it. The NEC code section 690.15 states that the solar array must have a means for disconnecting and isolating the inverter from he main solar power source. Grid tied inverters with solar array voltage above 250 VDC need a disconnect rated for 600 VDC. Many utility companies require an AC disconnect between the grid tied inverter and AC breaker box close to the AC service entrance with a visible and lockable handle.

Solar panel kits are packages that include all the necessary components and accessories to install and operate a solar power system. There are different types of solar panel kits, depending on how they interact with the grid. On-off grid kits allow you to switch between using grid electricity and solar electricity, depending on the availability and cost of each source. Hybrid systems combine solar panels with other renewable energy sources, such as wind turbines or batteries, to provide more reliable and efficient power generation.

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Solar Features and Benefits

Solar energy is a renewable and sustainable alternative to fossil fuels that can provide many benefits for homeowners and the environment. Solar energy is captured by solar panels and converted into electricity that can power homes or businesses. Some of the features and benefits of solar energy are: - Lower electric bills: Solar panels can reduce or eliminate your dependence on grid electricity and save you money on your energy costs. - Lower carbon footprint: Solar panels do not emit greenhouse gases or deplete natural resources, unlike fossil fuels. By going solar, you can reduce your impact on climate change and air pollution. - Higher home value: Solar panels can increase the value of your home by making it more attractive to potential buyers who want to save on energy bills and support clean energy. - Water conservation: Solar panels do not require water to generate electricity, unlike some conventional power plants that use water for cooling or steam. By going solar, you can conserve water and protect water resources. - Net metering: Solar panels can generate more electricity than you need during the day, and you can sell the excess power back to the grid for credits or cash. This way, you can offset your electricity usage at night or during cloudy days and lower your electric bills even more.

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