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If you are looking for a small high quality wind generator for your home or office, you might want to check out some of the options available on the market. There are many benefits of using a small wind generator, such as saving money on your electricity bills, reducing your carbon footprint, and having a backup power source in case of emergencies.

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Wind generators for small cabins, RVs, marine and homes. All you need is average 10 - 13 MPH wind and your wind turbine will be producing electricity 24/7. Wind technology has truly come of age.

Primus wind turbines

Primus Windpower AIR is the premier small wind turbine for land-based applications. It operates efficiently across a wide-range of wind speeds, providing energy for telecom, water pumping, lighting, SCADA, off-grid homes, or other low energy demand battery charging applications. The Primus AIR is ideal for pairing with solar to offset seasonal variation, delivering more consistent energy.

Primus Wind Generator Model Volts Start-up Speed kWh/Day @ 12 MPH Price
AR40CP-KIT-12 Includes Wind Control Panel 12 VDC 7 MPH 1.3 kWh
AR40CP-KIT-24 Includes Wind Control Panel 24 VDC 7 MPH 1.3 kWh
AR40CP-KIT-48 Includes Wind Control Panel 48 VDC 7 MPH 1.3 kWh


The Air 30, 40 and wind generators allow home, cabin and off-grid marine vessel owners to capture the wind and convert it into clean, dependable power you can use in areas where the power grid doesn’t reach. Whether you’re generating energy for a remote cabin, sailboat, RV or offshore platform, Blue Pacific Solar has a wind turbine to fit your energy needs and wind conditions. You also may find that combining wind power with solar can create a perfect complementary system for keeping your batteries charged.

The sound from small wind generators, like the Air series model of wind turbine, typically blends in with common outside sounds like those from cars, airplanes, barking dogs and wind blowing through the trees. According to the U.S. Department of Energy the sound pressure level generated by quality cheap wind generators is in the range of 40-65 decibels which is quieter than background noise in a home or office. Our quality wind generators wind turbine sound is unrecognizable over trees blowing in the wind.

Air model of wind turbines, like similar small wind generators, are installed on towers similar those commonly-accepted in communities across the country and don’t look much different than a common light pole or radio tower. The Air line model of wind turbines, like other small wind generators, are installed on towers ranging from 35 - 110 feet tall and have blades ranging from 3 - 6 feet in diameter, they don’t look much different than a common light pole or radio tower. Primus Windpower generators are designed to minimize the visual area and preserve the horizon.

As with any structure, Air series model of wind turbine and tower must meet local building and safety requirements. Towers are installed according to manufacturer and local zoning specifications that ensure structural safety. Quality cheap wind generator towers pose no greater climbing risk than other similar poles and towers or even trees. Many wind generator towers have a smooth surface, like a light pole, that is nearly impossible to climb. Those towers that are climbable can be equipped with devices that prevent falls—as with other climbable towers.

The Air series model of wind turbine has no effect on TV or communications signals, as the blades of the Air series model of wind turbine are made from materials that signals can pass through. Nor will the Air series model of wind turbine electromagnetically interfere with telecommunications or radio waves. In fact, one of the major markets for the Air series model of wind turbine is powering remote telecommunications sites often time as a part of a solar hybrid energy system.

The Primus wind generators are the latest evolution of the Air series of wind turbines from Primus Windpower. The AIR incorporates an entirely new rectifier and controller. The microprocessor based controller provides voltage regulation, peak power tracking, and quiet, stall control in high winds. The Air series model of uses a synchronous rectifier bridge which results in cooler, more efficient operation. The Air series model of and 40 also incorporates a voltage boosting function which allows the turbine to reach charging voltage at a much lower RPM.

29' Tower Kit is the simplest and most economical EZ Tower available for your Air Wind Generators. The EZ Tower is designed specifically for Primus Wind power's AIR models of cheap quality wind generators. This guy-wire supported tower uses lightweight tubing while providing plenty of strength. Because the wind generator and EZ Tower are lightweight, no winches or vehicles are needed to erect the tower. The EZ Tower includes a simple yet effective tower base and anchoring system, which eliminates the need for a concrete pad. Depending on your soil conditions, cement may be necessary for proper anchoring. It is important to read the owner's manual first and understand your soil conditions before you begin construction.

There are as many as 20,000 wind generators installed every year and to date, there has been no documented evidence that small wind generators, like the Air series model of wind turbine, or even commercial wind farms have ever lowered neighborhood property values. In fact, a 2003 study that examined property values near ten wind farms found that property values rose faster in those areas as compared to other homes within the region. According to the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA), a survey of 300 California homeowners conducted for the California Energy Commission found that 50 percent of homeowners surveyed “would be willing to pay more for a home equipped with solar and wind technology.” The same study found that 60 percent of homeowners surveyed “would be more interested in a home that has a renewable energy system already installed versus a home that does not.” Also, informal surveys of property values around three small windmills in New York showed that the asking price for most property near residential wind generators was higher than the assessed value. Look close at the line of quality cheap wind generators being offered by Blue Pacific Solar. Wind energy is a powerful source of electricity and should be considered in any power system.