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Solar Panel Ground Mounting  Kit; IronRidge Pre-Configured Racking System Costs

Iron Ridge Ground Solar Mounting Racks


  • Order one roof rack kit for each panel

     After you purchase,  we will contact you for your specific layout and order the specific parts for your configuration.

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ironridgeCheckout Roof Rack 1 Rack Set Per Panel (IE: 10 Panel Kit Requires 10 Rack Sets. Adjust Quantity at Checkout Click "Update" Grey Button in Checkout Basket. Minimum QTY = 4 EA. We will Configure Parts to Your Roof Layout.

What's On the Truck

  • IronRidge XR1000 Ground Rack Kit Configured in Landscape 3 - 5 High Layout for Wind Speed and Ground Snow Load for the Most Common Values Associated with Your Project Location. 1 Rack Set Per Panel (IE: 10 Panel Kit Requires 10 Rack Sets)
  • 2 IronRidge XR1000 Rails Per (column) 3 - 4 or 5 High Set (Panels, Landscape Orientation Only) Clear Finish
  • IronRidge, Universal Fastening Objects (UFOs), Black or Clear to Match Module Frame
  • IronRidge, Universal Fastening Objects (UFOs) Stopper Sleeves, Black or Clear Finish to Match Module Frame. The IronRidge Integrated Grounding System bonds solar module frames directly to the mounting rails. This eliminates the need for separate module grounding parts and procedures.
  • IronRidge, SGA Top Cap, for 3" pipe, 70-0300-SGA Clear Finish for 110 MPH Wind Structural Load Rating # Depends on # Piers
  • IronRidge, Bonded Rail Connectors, for 3" pipe, GM-BRC-003 Clear Finish 1 Per Module
  • IronRidge, Wire Clip, for XR Rails, for (10) 5mm panel wires, or (1) MC4, (1) Enphase wire and (1) dual Enphase wire, PVC plastic, Qty. 1 bag of 20 pieces, 29-4000-077 1 Per Module
  • IronRidge, End Cap XR1000, Qty. one bag of 10 Sets, XR-100-CAP; 1 for Each Rack End, # Depends on Racks
  • Included as Code Requirement for your Racking Configuration; IronRidge Grounding Lug, Low Profile (Qty 2), GD-LUG-003.
  • (3" Schedule 40 Pipe Not Included. Locally Sourced)

ironridgeNOTE: 5 high Configuration Can Only be Constructed with 3" Schedule 40 Pipe Because 2" Pipe 5 High Exceed Project Load Conditions of Standard Ground Array Capabilities. The same may be true of high ground snow and or wind load areas of the country.

ironridgeIf you are ordering the IronRidge pre-configured ground mounted solar panel racking solution but supplying your own solar panels [Not Purchased from BPS], you will need to note in the checkout process at “SHIPPING PREFERENCES - Special instructions about delivery:” the solar panel manufacture and model number of the panel you intend to use so we can size the end clamp stopper sleve accordingly.

ironridgePer NEC 2017 code 690.31(A) and 110.27(A) PV wires under the ground array need to be guarded against accidental contact. Check with your local AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction) for your local requirements. If required, in our experience chicken wire over the PV wire on the back side of the array runs the cheapest and easiest solution. Other options may include a low fence around the perimeter of the array.

Ground Rack Parts Solar Systems

solar panels

Blue Pacific Solar uses IronRidge on most of our roof or ground mount rack applications. Customers appreciate tilt angle and the professional appearance, ease of assembly and abundant support documents and installation videos found exclusively with IronRidge products. IronRidge Ground Mount System is a reliable, comprehensive, and feature rich solar panel mounting system. Anchored by IronRidge standard rails, the IronRidge ground mount platform includes all of the components necessary for supporting virtually any commercial or residential ground mount installation, regardless of application. In addition to manufacturing solar ground mounts, IronRidge provides a complete engineering support system for solar mounting and racking including installation guides, span charts, and certification letters to help you every step of the way. All IronRidge products are fully-certified, code-compliant, listed to UL 2703 and backed by a 25-year warranty

IronRidge Solar Ground Mounting: DIY Friendly and Built to Last

Harnessing the power of the sun is within reach for everyone, thanks to IronRidge's innovative and accessible ground mounting systems. Whether you're a seasoned solar pro or a curious homeowner, IronRidge makes going solar on the ground a breeze.

Built to Withstand the Elements

Scalability and Flexibility

Peace of Mind

IronRidge Solar Ground Mounting: Your Gateway to Solar Freedom

With its ease of use, durability, and flexibility, IronRidge Solar Ground Mounting empowers anyone to take control of their energy future. Invest in a system that's built to last and enjoy the countless benefits of clean, sustainable solar power.

Don't let the thought of installation hold you back. IronRidge makes going solar on the ground achievable and rewarding, even for the most DIY-spirited among us.

Reach out to Blue Pacific Solar today and unlock the power of the sun with their revolutionary ground mounting solutions!

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Solar Features and Benefits

Solar energy is a renewable and sustainable alternative to fossil fuels that can provide many benefits for homeowners and the environment. Solar energy is captured by solar panels and converted into electricity that can power homes or businesses. Some of the features and benefits of solar energy are: - Lower electric bills: Solar panels can reduce or eliminate your dependence on grid electricity and save you money on your energy costs. - Lower carbon footprint: Solar panels do not emit greenhouse gases or deplete natural resources, unlike fossil fuels. By going solar, you can reduce your impact on climate change and air pollution. - Higher home value: Solar panels can increase the value of your home by making it more attractive to potential buyers who want to save on energy bills and support clean energy. - Water conservation: Solar panels do not require water to generate electricity, unlike some conventional power plants that use water for cooling or steam. By going solar, you can conserve water and protect water resources. - Net metering: Solar panels can generate more electricity than you need during the day, and you can sell the excess power back to the grid for credits or cash. This way, you can offset your electricity usage at night or during cloudy days and lower your electric bills even more.

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