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Off Grid Solar Panel Kits -  DIY Home or small Shed equipment Kits

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Sol-Ark Solar Systems
Sol-Ark Hybrid Solar Panel Kits

Hybrid Battery or Batterless, Grid Tied or Stand alone,  Works with Solar, Wind or Generator

MidNite DIY Solar Systems
MidNite Solar DIY Kits  

MidNite DIY is great for Small Cabin, Sheds, Small Homes, Chicken Coops or Stand Along Projects

Microinverter solar
MicroInverter Kits

MicroInverters are small inverters placed on the back of each panal that converts the DC panel current to AC. Homes use AC current.

Hybrid Solar Kits
Hybrid Kits

Combine Solar- Wind-Batteries, Generator on on a Managed System

Blue Pacific Solar DIY Packages and System Kits

Some people want to power their cabins, homes, or small commercial businesses using a renewable energy system that is not connected to the electricity grid -- called an off-grid system. In some remote locations, off-grid systems can be more cost-effective than adding a power line hooked up to the grid (the cost can range from $15,000 to $50,000 per mile). Some homes or cabins are also used by people who live near the grid and wish to be independent of the power grid. Successful stand-alone systems generally utilize a combination of technologies to generate reliable power, reduce costs, and minimize inconvenience. Some of these strategies include using solar or renewable hybrid systems to meet the amount of electricity required to meet your needs. In addition to purchasing photovoltaic panels, battery backup, gas generators, or wind turbine systems, you will need to invest in some additional equipment. This equipment can include: • Batteries • Inverter • Roof or ground mount racking • Solar Panels • Charge controller • Cables, Fuses, Electrical boxes • Power monitoring systems See our Blue Pacific Solar Pre-Engineered Solar kits for more information on the equipment needed for stand-alone home energy systems.

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Kit Size
# Brand -Watt
Monthly kW 5 hours daily sun 
Interter Type
1.6 kW
4 - Jinko 410 watt
246 kW

2.4 kW
6 - Jinko 410 watt
369 kW

3.2 kW
8 - Jinko 410 watt
493 kW

4.1 kW
10 - Jinko 410 watt
615 kW

4.9 kW
12 - Jinko 410 watt
738 kW

5.7 kW
14 - Jinko 410 watt
861 kW

6.5 kW
16 - Jinko 410 watt
984 kW

7.4 kW
18 - Jinko 410 watt
1107 kW

8.2 kW
20 - Jinko 410 watt
1230 kW

9 kW
22 - Jinko 410 watt
1353 kW

9.9 kW
24 - Jinko 410 watt
1476 kW

10.6 kW
26 - Jinko 410 watt
1599 kW

11.5 kW
28 - Jinko 410 watt
1722 kW

12.3 kW
30 - Jinko 410 watt
1845 kW

13.1 kW
32 - Jinko 410 watt
1968 kW s

14 kW
34 - Jinko 410 watt
2091 kW

14.7 kW
36 - Jinko 410 watt
2214 kW

15.6 kW
38 - Jinko 410 watt
2337 kW

16.4 kW
40 - Jinko 410 watt
2460 kW

17.2 kW
42 - Jinko 410 watt
2583 kW

18 kW
44 - Jinko 410 watt
2706 kW

18.5 kW
45 - Jinko 410 watt
2767 kW

Home Systems - Pre-Engineered DIY Thin Film Solar Panels Kits & Systems - On-Grid or Off Grid -  Hybrid - Wind

DIY Solar Electricity Packages & Kits
Electric Car Charge Stations Ready to Install

Do-it-Yourself & Save. Skip the markup and save up to 50% from national installers when you buy straight from the source. We can help you with the plans to install a solar system on your home or business. Get tips, advice & custom system design from seasoned experts that have been in the solar industry for years. Installing your mono or solar polycrystalline panels package & still receive the federal tax credits and local incentives.

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