Blue Pacific Solar

See what the Sun’s Free Energy can do for your Life

16.6 kW Solar Kit - (Sol-Ark Hybrid - All-In-One Inverter Charger) - with 40 Ea USA Made 415 Watt Trina BI Panels

Solar Kit Features - Benefits

16,670 Watts Hourly During Sun Hour
Battery or Batterless w. Temp Sensor
16.6 kW Houry Energy During 1 Sun Hour
MTTP -Maximum Power Point Tracking
2490 W Monthly Energy for 5 daily Sun Hours
Generator or no Generator with Auto Start
830000 Daily Watts for 5 Sun Hours
50 A Breakers
880 SF of Roof Space Needed For the Panels
System Monitoring Display
40 each 415 watt Trina Solar Panels
Pure Sign Wave Inverter
Built in Battery Charger
Each Panel takes about 22 SF on the roof
15,000 Watt Output Inverter
On Grid - Off Grid - Grid Interactive
Rapid Shut Down Modules
On- Off Button
120 - 240 AC Volt Output

  Sol-Ark Solar Panel Kits Pre-Engineered Systems.

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