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Solar Permit Service; NEC Code Compliant Documents

  • Design, Permit Document Service for your Solar Energy System
  • Our permit solar PV system document service is offered as a value added purchase for Blue Pacific Solar® customers only. The optional permit document services are available to Blue Pacific Solar® customers who purchase a grid-tied or off-grid packages of 16 panels [Minimum] or more. With the option of structural PE and/or electrical engineering PE services [ ⇩ ] we have available turnkey design for any residential or commercial project in every states to help you get through your local jurisdiction building permit process. Our team of outsouced professional designers can provide the documents, blueprints and expertise needed to guide you through the permit process with any building department nationwide. With a data bank of information for most jurisdictions in the country, we can produce the design documents necessary to secure a solar building permit.
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midnite solarNOTE: For 25 kW - 55 kW Systems Permit Document Service, See 25 kW - 55 kW Systems midnite solar Permit SVS Pricing Below.

What's Included With Your Purchase


  • permitting serviceTitle Page
  • Solar Array Layout
  • Anchoring Method
  • NEC Code Approved Wire Diagram
  • Signage Details for All Required Placards
  • Specification and Installation Documents for Solar Panels, Inverters, Racking & Other Misc Equipment Required for the Approval Process
  • Instruction and Support as Needed to Point you in the Right Direction Through the Maze of Securing a Building Permit and Utility Interconnect Agreement Approval


● Click on Plans, Code Officials & DIY Tab ⇑ (above) "What's Included" and Below the Picture to Learn More.

pv plansPlans / permit documents are usually completed in about 10 business days from submittal of your site survey (Subject to Seasonal Increases). Once the permit has been approved you pay the fee (not included in the service) directly to the local AHJ and follow the local building officials instructions for inspections.

● The Optional Permit Document Service is only available to customers who purchase our grid-tied or off-grid kits.

pv plans [See Optional PE Review & Wet Stamp & Related Items Below] pv plans As Required by Some Local Code Authorities; PE State Specific Engineer Review & Wet Stamp on Plans are NOT included with the base permit document package.

Plans, Code Officials & DIY

Skip the markup from national installers and save money when you buy straight from the source. Home & business owners installing their own solar panel kits [DIY] are in effect acting as their own general contractor which is becoming a common occurrence nationwide. Complete pre-engineered kits are pre-packaged ready to ship and install. We also custom design systems up to 240 kW (Large systems may require structural & electrical engineer reviews which we also can provide.)



Each community has their own set of building codes that applies to the installation of solar equipment. Those local codes are reflective of the the national electric code (NEC), local building codes, safety codes & local utility interconnect requirements or regulations. Building codes are put in place to provide standards and methods for installing solar and other home improvement projects.

Sometimes homeowners make the mistake of circumventing the solar permitting process and just have the system installed thinking they can save a couple of hundred dollars. Don't do it. The solar permitting process, like all generally accepted building codes, are put in place to ensure the longevity of the project as well as the safety of those who might interact with the solar system. There are also some significant consequences if the building department discovers the unpermitted installation. You may be subject to fines as well as the removal of all the equipment requiring you to start from scratch.

Additionally, in most areas, solar rebates are tied to the sign off of the solar building permit. Once the final AHJ (Authority having jurisdiction is signed off by the building official, the homeowner can process the local rebate if available for your area.

pv plans [See Optional PE Review & Wet Stamp & Related Items Below] pv plans As Required by Some Local Code Authorities; PE State Specific Engineer Review & Wet Stamp on Plans are NOT included with the base permit document package. ● NOTE: Our relationship in the design and sale of any equipment or material is that of a material supplier with limited knowledge of actual site conditions or application. It is the sole responsibility of the buyer to verify that the components will work for the actual installation conditions, local AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction (Code Officials)) NEC and local code and any applicable safety codes, solar permit laws, local utility & AHJ rules and regulations.

    permitting serviceSAFETY WARNING: Danger to life due to high voltages. Risk of death or serious injury due to electric shock. Always employ the services of a licensed local electrician or other properly trained and qualified persons to complete final connections.
The solar permit process is both technical and administrative. Product standards, installation codes and enforcement are separate but related functions that result in higher quality and safer systems. We can provide you with custom system design, competitive prices, and world-class support before and after the sale.

pv plans Don't forget your local utility interconnect agreement. You can download the utility company interconnect agreement from the local providers website or call your utility customer service department and have them send it to you. You will need to initially submit this agreement when you submit your building permit application. The local utility will at the least require a copy of a line drawing for your system which we provide even if you do not choose the optional full permit service when buy the a complete kit.

Here is How it Works


After purchasing the solar design service along with your solar kit, Blue Pacific Solar's® team of designers will get cracking. First the Team Captain assigned to coordinate your order will fill out the equipment part of a site survey questionnaire. He or she will highlight the questions that you will need to answer specific to your home or business such as distance to the array and size of main breaker panel. You fill out those site specific questions, take a few pictures and Email back the information to your Team Captain.

Don't worry, if you have trouble with some of the questions, our staff is standing by to help.

The experienced team of system designers will then apply a comprehensive database of local nationwide permit requirements including any amended designs that may be required by AHJ (Authority having jurisdiction (Usually Local Building Department)).

Here is What You Get

A complete set of plans and required support documents in PDF format for you to file with your local AHJ    Printing is available at an extra charge.

Cover Page

● Sheet Index

● Governing Codes Section

● Vicinity Map, Parcel Map, Aerial View

● General Description of Project

Solar Panel Layout; Roof or Ground Rack Details

● Includes Locations for All Major Hardware and Electrical Components with Respect to Property Lines and Existing Structures

● Attachment Point or Pier Details

● Conduit Runs

● Solar PV Array Location and Dimensions

Mounting Method

● (AKA one (1) "elevation"): Elevation of Attachment Method (to roof or grade, depending on application)

● Weather-proofing Details (flashing, sealant, roof type, etc.)

● Racking & Mounting Hardware

● Foundation Details (if applicable)

Wiring Diagram

● Full Instructive line Diagram of Entire DC Circuit, as Well as AC Lines to Your Metered Service Entrance.

● Wire and Conduit Sizing

● String / Branch Circuit Sizing for DC and AC Systems

● Grounding Details

● Interconnection Method (breaker, line-side splice, subpanels, etc.)

● All calculations per NEC Shown Explicitly (conduit fill, temperature coefficients, etc.) Including Voltage Drop Calculations

● System Specifications: Max System Voltage, Operating Voltage, Max System Current, Operating Current, for both DC and AC Side of Inverter

All Equipment Specifications and Installation Manuals.

● Additional Follow up, Plan Information or Corrections as Required by AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction (Usually Local Building Department) is Included in the Basic Permit Document Service. The basic permit document service does NOT include optional engineering or structural wet stamp if required. (See Below)

We then send your drawings and documents via email (pdfs) to you that you    file wiht your your local AHJ (Authority having jurisdiction (Usually Local Building Department)), sign the application as owner/contractor (self-install) and they will notify you when the permit has been approved.  Printing service are available at an additional charge, but most local copy and printing center are able to print from the PDF.s we provide.

Personal Technical Advisor

Line drawing questions or just stuck? No worries we have your back and will be here to help whenever you have questions about your purchased kit or plans. For orders larger than $2,000.00 a Technical Sales Team Group Captain will be assigned your account. Your Technical Advisors job is to coordinate all parts and pieces of your order and to work with you throughout the process. This support helps because we will be providing you with a single contact point to call with your questions. Your technical support contact does not replace the maufactures technical and warranty support. DIY means you accept the responsiblity of reading and following the plans and other installation documents prior to tackling the installation.

Optional as Required by Local Code Authority; PE Review & Wet Stamp on Plans


If your AHJ (Authority having jurisdiction, (Usually Local Building Department)) requires a ground or roof rack custom site specific structural analysis from a Professional State Registered Engineer (PE Wet Stamp on the Plans) and will not accept the IronRidge PE wet stamped document that is available free for most states; we will be happy to provide a non-site visit PE wet stamp for an additional fee. Additional site specific engineering calculation sheet and wet stamp services, structural or electrical, are NOT included in the cost of the basic permit document service.

    hybrid wind solar Ground or Roof Rack Structural Analysis Professional State Registered Engineer Non-Site Plan Review, Wet Stamp on Plans, Wet Sealed Certification Letter, Does Not Include a Full Set of Calculations. ["Non-Site Review" Means the Installation Structural PE Review Does NOT Include A Site Visit but is Done From the Plan Set Which is Based From Information Provided By the Customer.]  This is a digital stamp and letter.
    hybrid wind solar Electrical Professional State Registered Engineer Non-Site Visit Electrical Plan Review and Wet Stamp on Plans. Electrical PE Services Available in: CA, AZ, HI, WA, CO, NM, OH, MD, TX. (Only Available as Add On with Blue Pacific Solar® Permit Document Service.) This is a digital stamp.

25 kW - 55 kW Systems - Permit SVS Pricing

    hybrid wind solar 25 kW - 55 kW Systems - Permit SVS; 1.) PV-1, Cover Page; 2.) PV-2, Layout; 3.) PV-3, Mounting Method; 4.) PV-4, Line Diagram of Entire DC Circuit & AC Lines to Metered Service Entrance; 5.) Calculations shows voltage and ampacity calc, per NEC 690. (PE WET STAMP NOT INCLUDED; (Only Available as An Option for Complete System Purchased from Blue Pacific Solar.)


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    permitting serviceSAFETY WARNING: Danger to life due to high voltages. Risk of death or serious injury due to electric shock. Always employ the services of a licensed local electrician or other properly trained and qualified persons to complete final connections.
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