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Hawaii Solar Panel Kits - On & Off Grid Systems

Pre Designed DIY Solar Packages & Kits

grud microinverter solar panel kits Systems
MicroInverter Solar Panel Kits

MicroInverters are small inverters placed on the back of each panal that converts the DC  panel  current  to AC current at the panel.  Most Household items use AC current.

String Inverter Solar Kit System
String Inverter Solar Systems  

String Inverter use 1 or more  central inverter to convert the DC current to AC current. The inverter is normally put into a garage basement or storage protected area.

Hawaii Off Grid Solar System
Off-Grid Systems
Cabin and Large Sytem DIY Packages

Off-Grid cabin or large home DIY solar array system kits. Blue Pacific Solar are experts in Off Grid solar systems.  .  Large and small

Hawaii Hybrid On or Off Grid Solar System
Hybrid On and Off Grid Kits

Hybrid Solar Systems do great power management.  Hybrid Kits can manage Generatos, Solar Panels,  Batteries, Wind Generators, EV Chargers together Good Job!     

Hawaii On-Grid and Off-Grid DIY Blue Pacific Solar Systems

Hawaii Solar Systems

Blue Pacific Solar Solar Systems for Hawaii that specializes in providing solar energy solutions. They offer various options such as grid-tied (On-grid), hybrid, and off-grid solar systems.

On-Grid Solar Systems

On-grid systems, also known as grid-tied systems, are connected to the local utility grid. These systems allow you to generate solar power and also draw electricity from the grid when needed. Any excess electricity generated by the solar panels can be fed back into the grid, earning you credits or reducing your electricity bill through net metering.

Hybrid Solar Systems

Hybrid systems combine the features of both on-grid and off-grid systems. They are connected to the utility grid but also have battery storage to store excess energy. This allows you to use solar power during the day and draw from the batteries or the grid during the night or in case of power outages.

Off-Grid Solar Systems

Off-grid systems are independent of the utility grid. They are designed to meet all your electricity needs without relying on the grid. These systems require a larger battery bank to store energy for use during nighttime or low sunlight periods. Off-grid systems are commonly used in remote areas where connecting to the grid is not feasible.

DIY Solar Systems

DIY (Do-It-Yourself) solar systems refer to solar installations that individuals can undertake themselves. It involves purchasing solar panels, inverters, and other necessary components and installing them without professional assistance. DIY KIT for installations require a good understanding of electrical systems and local regulations.

Blue Pacific Solar

Blue Pacific Solar is a solar energy company that operates nationwide and offers a range of solar products and services. They provide pre-designed solar panel systems for DIY installationas well as professional consultation n services. They also offer off-grid and grid-tied systems, as well as various components and accessories related to solar energy.

It's important to note that before considering any solar installation, it's recommended to consult with professionals at Blue Pacific Solar to assess your specific needs, evaluate your location's solar potential, and ensure compliance with local regulations and building codes.

Why Solar Kits and Systems are Great for Hawaii residential and commercial

Solar kits and systems offer several advantages for residential and commercial properties in Hawaii. Here are some reasons why they are particularly beneficial for the Hawaiian context:

  1. Abundant Sunshine: Hawaii enjoys abundant sunshine throughout the year, making it an ideal location for solar energy generation. The state's tropical climate and geographical location result in high solar insolation levels, meaning that solar panels can produce a significant amount of electricity.
  2. Reduced Electricity Costs: Hawaii has some of the highest electricity rates in the United States due to its dependence on imported fossil fuels. By installing solar kits and systems, both residential and commercial properties can significantly reduce their electricity bills. Solar energy can provide a reliable and cost-effective alternative to traditional energy sources.
  3. Energy Independence: Hawaii relies heavily on imported oil and fossil fuels for its energy needs. By adopting solar power, residents and businesses can reduce their dependence on these non-renewable energy sources and move towards greater energy independence. Solar energy helps to diversify Hawaii's energy mix and contributes to a more sustainable future.
  4. Environmental Benefits: Solar energy is a clean and renewable energy source that produces electricity without harmful emissions or pollution. By choosing solar kits and systems, individuals and businesses can reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to mitigating climate change. Hawaii, known for its stunning natural beauty, can benefit from a cleaner environment with reduced air and water pollution.
  5. State Incentives and Rebates: Hawaii has implemented various incentives and rebates to encourage the adoption of renewable energy, including solar power. These incentives can significantly offset the initial installation costs of solar kits and systems. Examples include the Hawaii Energy Tax Credits, net energy metering programs, and the Green Energy Money Saver Program. Taking advantage of these incentives can make solar installations more financially attractive.
  6. Grid Resilience: Hawaii's unique geographical location makes it vulnerable to natural disasters such as hurricanes and tropical storms. Solar power, combined with energy storage systems, can enhance grid resilience and provide a reliable source of electricity during power outages. This is particularly important for critical facilities like hospitals, emergency response centers, and businesses that require uninterrupted power supply.
  7. Long-Term Savings: Solar kits and systems have a long lifespan and require minimal maintenance. Once installed, solar panels can continue generating electricity for 25 years or more. This longevity translates into long-term savings for residential and commercial properties, making solar energy a wise investment over time.

Overall, solar kits and systems offer numerous benefits to both residential and commercial properties in Hawaii. By harnessing the abundant sunshine and reducing reliance on imported fossil fuels, solar energy can help create a more sustainable and resilient future for the state.

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Cities in Hawaii

  • Honolulu
  • Hilo
  • Kailua-Kona
  • Lahaina
  • Waikiki
  • Kihei
  • Kaneohe
  • Kapolei
  • Lihue
  • Pearl City
  • Kahului
  • Wahiawa

Top Hawaii Schools and Universities

  • University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa (Honolulu)
  • University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo (Hilo)
  • Hawaii Pacific University (Honolulu)
  • Brigham Young University–Hawaii (Laie)
  • Chaminade University of Honolulu (Honolulu)
  • Kapiʻolani Community College (Honolulu)
  • Honolulu Community College (Honolulu)
  • Windward Community College (Kaneohe)
  • Leeward Community College (Pearl City)
  • University of Hawaiʻi Maui College (Kahului)
  • University of Hawaiʻi West Oʻahu (Kapolei)
  • Hawaii Community College (Hilo)

Some Main Attractions in Hawaii

  • Waikiki Beach (Oahu)
  • Pearl Harbor and USS Arizona Memorial (Oahu)
  • Haleakala National Park (Maui)
  • Hawaii Volcanoes National Park (Big Island)
  • Na Pali Coast State Wilderness Park (Kauai)
  • Road to Hana (Maui)
  • Waimea Canyon State Park (Kauai)
  • Mauna Kea Observatories (Big Island)
  • Polynesian Cultural Center (Oahu)
  • Lanikai Beach (Oahu)
  • Waipio Valley (Big Island)
  • Iolani Palace (Oahu)
  • Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve (Oahu)
  • Kualoa Ranch (Oahu)
  • Akaka Falls State Park (Big Island)
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