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14.5 kW Solar Kit - (Sol-Ark Hybrid - All-In-One Inverter and Charger) - with 42 Each USA Made 345 Watt  Mission Panels 

Sol-Ark 12 kW Inverter in a 14.5 kW Solar Panel Kit
    Enphase Sol-Ark Inverter-Charger Tech Data

    The Sol-Ark inverters can be used as a grid-tie PV inverter with or without a battery, or as an off grid inverter. The inverters feature Grid-Sell without batteries; Grid-Sell with battery backup; Grid-tied with Zero Export with or without storage.

Solar Kit Features - Benefits

14,490 Watts Hourly Energy During Sun Hour
Battery or Batterless w. Temp Sensor
14.9 kW Houry Energy During Sun Hours
MTTP -Maximum Power Point Tracking
2173 kW Monthly Energy for 5 daily Sun Hours
Generator or no Generator with Auto Start
72,450 Daily Watts for 5 Sun Hours0
50 A Breakers
1008 SF of Roof Space Needed For the Panels
System Monitoring Display w Internet Connect
42 Each USA Made Mission Solar Panels
Pure Sign Wave Inverter
4 Solar Inputs 2 string -2 MPPT
Built in Battery Charger for Lead, Gel or Lithium
Each Panel takes about 24 SF on the mounting
12,000 Watt Output Inverter   
On Grid - Off Grid - Grid Interactive
Rapid Shut Down Modules
On- Off Button
120 - 240 AC Volt Output

What's Included with the Kit - What's on the Truck

● P/N SA-MI-345-14490  14.5 kW Sol-Ark Hybrid 42 Each Mission  Solar Panel Kit

  • 42 - 345W Mission, 345W PV Module, MC4, 1.0m (~39.4”) PV Wire, 40mm Black Frame, Black Back Sheet, BOB, 60 Cell Mono-Perc,
  • 2- Sol-Ark, 12 kW Battery or Battery-Less Inverter, 12,000W, 120/240-208Vac, 50/60Hz, 48VDC,Transformerless Grid Tie/Off-Grid, AC and/or DC Coupled, 2 MPPT PV inputs, with AFCI/GFDI, BTS & Dual AC inputs, 5 Yr Warr, UL1741-SA (Rule-21),NEMA 3R ,(Outdoor), SA-5K
  •  42 - APsmart, Rapid Shutdown Module
  •  1 - APsmart, Transmitter-PLC Outdoor Kit
  • 100' PV Wire, 10AWG, UL4703 600VDC; Male/Female MC4 Connectors
  • 4 - Arlington, Strain Relief, Cord Grip, 1-Hole, 1/2", with locknut,
  • 2 - Battery Cable, Code Approved THW, Black, 4/0 x 10'
  • 1 - Mutli-Contact MC4 Unlocking Tool
  • 1 -  Line Drawing; Full Instructive Three-Line Diagram of Entire DC Circuit, as Well as AC Lines to Your Metered Service Entrance.

Sol-Ark 14.5 kW  Solar Kit with USA Made 42 Each Mission Solar Panels

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American Engineering

Sol-Ark prides itself at American Engineering, making its products the best in the industry.

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Best Warranty

No need for additional warranties with Sol-Ark as we back our products with the best sureties in the business.

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Lower Electric Bill

With our Sol-Ark solar battery system, we can drastically help you eliminate or significantly reduce your electric bill.

Easy Installation

Installation is easy with Sol-Ark's systems. With great support, we will answer any questions.

Veteran Owned

Sol-Ark is a Veteran owned company that takes pride in its hiring of other Veterans who have bravely defended our country.

Great Support

Questions? We are here at Sol-Ark to answer all questions and keep your system up and running.

Sol-Ark  Facts

The Sol-Ark inverters can be used as an on grid or off-Grid inverter with or without a battery. The inverters feature Grid-Sell Back without batteries; Grid-Sell with battery backup; Grid-tied with Zero Export with or without storage; Time-of-Use/Peak Shaving; prioritized charging from renewables; and off grid. The Zero Export features can use any of the loads in the house, including those on the main service panel, what we call “primary” self-supply. Backup power is available to support the loads connected to the backup loads panel, with an extremely fast transfer time of 4ms.

These inverters use DC coupling from solar to grid and battery for greater overall efficiency. An AC coupled direct grid-tie inverter can also be used as the only source of solar or combined with DC coupled solar. The Sol-Ark can use any commonly available 48 VDC battery bank, including flooded, AGM, gel lead acid batteries, or 48 VDC nominal Lithium batteries. PV input voltage range is 150-500 VDC, allowing for longer PV strings. There are two MPPT inputs so that most any combination of modules can be accommodated. The inverter has both ground fault and arc fault protection built in. CT's can be installed on the house AC lines for export control and monitoring. Standby draw is 60 W. Included is a 250 ADC battery breaker, 63 AAC AC input and output breakers, and a 50 AAC generator input breaker. A battery temperature sensor, ground fault, and arc fault protection are included. There is a color touch screen on the front of the inverter (keep out of the sun). They are capable of WiFi and Ethernet to app or internet for monitoring and control.
The Sol-Ark 8k-48-ST and Sol-Ark 5k-48-ST come with a 5 year warranty, and 10 years optional. The Sol-Ark 12k-P Comes with a 10 year warranty. Multiple units of the Sol-Ark 12k-P can be stacked if more power is needed.


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