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Magnum Energy MS4024PAE Inverter / Charger 4 kW

Magnum Energy
  • Magnum Energy MS4024PAE 120/240 24VDC
  • The MS4024PAE (MS-PAE Series) 120/240V Inverter/Charger from Magnum Energy is a pure sine wave inverter designed specifically for the most demanding renewable energy applications. The MS-PAE Series is powerful, easy-to-use, and cost effective.
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  • Magnum, MS4024PAE battery inverter, 4000W, 120/240VAC, 60Hz, 2x30A Transfer, 24VDC, Sinewave, Off Grid, 3 Yr Warr, 105A Charger, with BTS, MS4024PAE


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The Magnum-Dimensions brand began as two well-known inverter companies, Dimensions Inverters and Magnum Energy. Dimensions Inverters joined Sensata Technologies in 2007 and Magnum Energy in 2014. Under the Magnum-Dimensions brand, Sensata Technologies continues to manufacture exceptional inverters, inverter/chargers, and accessories catering to mobile applications, including utilities, corporate fleets, RV, marine, and Trucks; renewable energy applications, and the export market. Manufactured in Everett, Washington, and St. Paul, Minnesota, and shipped worldwide Magnum-Dimensions products use the highest quality components to respond to the extreme conditions of variable climates.

Magnum Energy

Product Description

The Magnum Energy MS4024PAE is a “pure” sine wave, standalone, non-grid interactive inverter designed to provide 120 and 240 VAC in a single unit to power loads when inverting/charging. It has two 120 VAC lines (L1 and L2), a neutral and a ground. The two 120 VAC output lines are 180° out-of-phase with each other so that the combination of the L1 and L2 lines total 240 VAC, and the voltage between either L1 or L2 and neutral is 120 VAC. The MS-PAE Series charger can accept 120 VAC input (to L1 or L2) or 120/240 VAC split-phase input power (to L1 and L2). The incoming AC power is shared with the charger and the output continues to be 120/240 VAC with either a 120 VAC or a 120/240 VAC input.The Magnum Energy MS4024PAE pure sine wave inverter can power your T.V.s, stereos, plasma screens, and other sensitive electronics without worry. The pure sine wave inverter and power factor corrected charger provide clean, reliable inverter power with low total harmonic distortion (THD) of less than 5%.

Parallel stacking: You can parallel up to four inverter / chargers for up to 17.6kw of power at 120/240V. The MP panels and router are required for parallel stacking the MS-PAE Series. Power Factor Corrected (PFC) Charger: Magnum Energy's PFC charger is built into all of their inverter chargers. It uses less energy from a generator than a standard charger – using 25-30% less AC current than standard chargers.

Safe and reliable: The MS-PAE Series is ETL Listed to the stringent requirements of UL 1741, 1st edition, and CSA C22.2 #107.1-01 for renewable energy installations. Backed by a three-year (36-month) limited warranty, and a five-year limited warranty when installed on an MMP or MP system

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