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Des Moines Iowa solar panels. Blue Pacific Solar™ is an Iowa based company for panels sold at wholesale prices, off-grid / grid-tied kits and home backup power systems. Our company takes on the challenge of helping homeowners and independent minded people create their own energy. The products you see here are not just manufactures sales pitches but seasoned systems designed by experienced solar people who have spent years field-testing equipment. We can provide all the equipment, panels and drawings necessary for both stand-alone and grid-connected installations as well as expert technical advice.

Let the Sun Shine In - the Pros and Cons of Solar Power for Your Des Moines Area Home

You may have noticed that solar power usage has been on the rise and equipment cost is down.

The percentage of energy produced by renewable sources like solar power has more than doubled over the past couple of years. While the number of people who power their homes solely from the energy of the sun is still relatively small, it has been growing exponentially.

The price of solar panels has been falling while energy prices have been rising. That combination has made solar energy a cost-effective solution for many more homeowners. But before you make an appointment and start installing solar panels on your roof, you need to look at the pros and cons of this type of conversion.

Zero Emission Energy

One of the most important advantages of solar energy is not financial but environmental. Solar energy produces no greenhouse gases and no carbon emissions that could harm the environment and contribute to climate change.
Homeowners who are concerned about the long-term environmental impact of fossil fuels can use solar energy to put those concerns into practice. For those homeowners, the money they save is simply a bonus.

Protection from Unstable Energy Prices

Traditional energy sources like oil and natural gas are vulnerable to world events and political crises. A change of government half a world away or a burst pipeline at the bottom of the ocean can cause a huge spike in oil prices right here at home. Solar energy helps isolate consumers from those price shocks by providing a steady source of reliable clean energy no matter what is happening around the world.
The sun will keep shining, even if there is a coup in the Middle East or a disabled tanker in the North Sea. The fact that the sun is not going anywhere provides reassurance and certainty to consumers who use solar energy to power their homes.

DIY Installation and Repair Costs are down

While solar power has its advantages, it is not without its problems. Chief among those disadvantages is the cost of the solar panels themselves. A full solar panel installation can easily top $10,000, and it can take a long time for energy savings alone to make up those initial costs.
Federal and state tax incentives can reduce the payback period somewhat, but installing solar panels can still leave you with high out of pocket costs. It is important to weigh the cost of installing solar panels against the energy savings? you can expect to receive.


Reliability is perhaps the biggest advantage of solar energy for home use. By its very nature, solar energy only works when the sun is shining. You may not still be able to generate some power at all on cloudy or overcast days, or when it is storming.
Solar DIY installations may include batteries that can be used to store energy for future use, Homeowners who install solar panels on their homes may still want to rely on the grid for some of their power backup needs.

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