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MidNite Solar KID MNKID 30A, 12-48V Battery Charge Controller

MidNite Solar
  • KID MNKID-B MPPT Charge Controller
  • The MidNite Solar KID MNKID Charge Controller is the most versatile medium sized charge controller on the market. Ideal for small solar energy systems. The KID allows for true input paralleling. As your power needs grow, add more modules to the array and a second KID. This will give twice the power from a single array.
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  • Midnite Solar, The KID MPPT Charge Controller, 150VDC, 30A, 12-48V Battery, with LCD and wall mount bracket, Black, MNKID-B


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MidNite Solar is an innovative manufacturing company that started by making high quality, cost effective AC and DC disconnect boxes for the alternative energy industry. Now, MidNite produces a wide range of alternative energy products.

MidNite Solar

Product Description

AGS (Auto Generator Start) - The Kid is the first charge controller in the industry to feature a two wire Automatic Generator Start (AGS) as standard equipment. The KID detects when the generator is running by simply watching battery voltage over time. No extra wires or voltage sensing is required making installation a snap.

Lighting Controller - The Kid has a fully adjustable intelligent lighting controller built in. It can turn lighting on at dusk for a select number of hours, turn it off for a length of time and then back on for a programmable number of hours before dawn. All time functions are fully adjustable, allowing users to save valuable energy. An additional feature in the lighting controller allows you to adjust the voltage needed on the PV module for the Kid to register "daytime". This is important if you are using the Kid for a solar street light and the lights are located above the PV modules. Most controllers would end up leaving the light off all night, but not the KID.

* AGS (Auto Generator Start)

* MPPT Tracking

* Type 1 Environmental Rating

* Up to 150V input

* MidNite's exclusive HyperVOC extends the input voltage beyond 150 VOC for cold climates

* 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V battery output

* Up to 30 amps battery output with low input voltage based off of PV configuration

* Includes wall mount adapter

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