Solar Thermal Hot Water Systems Amazing Simple Technology

While escaping to the coast to a friends house in a secluded area near the Pacific, I was amazed to see how low her gas bill was. Why? She has a hot tub as well as a small lap pool that my friend keep very warm. On the hot tub, pool and her home she had installed solar thermal collectors.

When I saw how much hot water my friend was producing with such a low gas bill, I became a believer. [continue reading…]


Solar Internet World Should Embrace the Google Change

As a renewable energy group that is immersed into the solar world, most of us spends some part of every day scanning news headlines that float past in cyberspace. I don’t know why, but it blows me away when I read a post or new solar product with a Google key word term intentionally designed to game the system and deceive browsers. [continue reading…]


Survival Preparedness; Choosing the Right Off-grid Emergency Solar Generator

The tragic disaster in Japan has captivated the country’s attention for the last two weeks but is also reminded us how quickly our lives can be changed. From someone who makes their living in the solar renewable energy industry, I could not help but reflect on how off-grid solar can help in emergency situations.

I live in California so it is not hard to imagine my town being rocked by an earthquake powerful enough to knock the town off-the-grid, stop communication and scatter enough debris to inhibit travel.

A portable solar emergency generator that can be rolled out and set up powering my refrigerator along with a few lights is a must. A solar emergency generator can also be used for a weekend camping trip allowing the guys to still catch the game on TV. [continue reading…]


Battery Systems Will Soon Revolutionize Home Solar Using Lithium Battery Technology

Solar works great but much of the energy produced is lost during the peak demand time of day. Solar panels on your house are busy from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM pumping out free clean electricity. Utility companies are straining at 3 – 7 to provide enough community power without having to go outside their network and purchase power at a loss. Well now help is on the way for homes and cars using computer battery technology. [continue reading…]


Solar Humbuggery Still Afoot With Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac Sabotaging Job Creation

Whenever I vote these days, I feel a little like Charlie Brown must feel when Lucy tells him to go ahead and kick the football and then she pulls it away. From about 2008 until the spring of 2010, thousands of homeowners in 23 states were able to go solar because of a unique long-term low-interest financing program called PACE. [continue reading…]


Sierra Club Exposes Excessive Local California Solar Installers Permit Fees

One of the many services the Sierra Club routinely performs is to survey local and government solar installers permit fees to determine if they are excessive. In February the Sierra Club took a look at local municipalities in San Luis Obispo County (Central coast area of California) and discovered huge disparities between local government home and business solar permitting fees. [continue reading…]


University Report Says Solar Can Have Significant Jobs Impact

A recent report was released by an Iowa State University research showing solar having a significant jobs impact. We think that Iowa is not only soon to be know for its tall corn and presidential politics but also as a leader in renewable energy. Wind as well as solar is really getting a foothold in the Hawkeye state creating jobs and reducing our dependence on foreign oil. [continue reading…]


Wind Energy is Good, Solar May Be Better

Traveling this week to a meet with a group of solar installers near Tehachapi California, you cannot help noticing the hundreds of large and small wind turbines turning as you ascend the grade in the Sierra Mountains. The sheer number of large wind turbines is impressive enough, but when you get off the main highway, it is very cool to see many small home wind turbines cranking out power. [continue reading…]


California Utility Turns On 5 Million Watts of Solar Power

California utility giant SCE has flipped the switch and turn on its super solar park adding five million watts of solar panel energy to its electrical generation capacity. The addition of solar photovoltaic plant to its Central Valley power grid was a step forward for a utility company at one time doing all it could to fight renewable energy. [continue reading…]


Iowa’s Energy Future Pointed Directly At Solar. Solar’s time has arrived.

Imagine a readily available source of energy that could produce electricity for our homes and businesses, right where Iowan’s live and work. Iowa Solar Panel energy could be the next new engine of job creation for Iowans, provided they seize the opportunities in front of them. [continue reading…]


For a Homeowner, Solar Panel Kits That You Install Yourself Are Very Cost Effective

Home solar panel installation by homeowners who have purchased solar kits from our company is becoming an everyday occurrence. With the growing popularity of solar panel micro-inverters, home solar kits are cheap, fast and easier to install than you might think.

If you can replace a window, paint a room or repair a blown off shingle with some instructions and a few tools you likely already have around the house, you can install the majority of your own home solar panel kit saving you a boatload of money. [continue reading…]


Solar Not Only Powers Homes, It Also Spurs Saleability

Solar energy is scalable and versatile, but did you know it can also improves the marketability of your home? When a potential home buyer is calculating the potential mortgage payment as a percent of their income, there is increased monthly household cash flow available if the house is equipped with solar.

Utility bills can account for $200 – $300 per month in many home budgets. How would you like to have a monthly utility bill of say $20 and not have to worry about rising energy costs? [continue reading…]