Driving home today it struck me as clear as anything in my life how lucky I was. Lucky because I get to work in an industry like solar, that is as all American as it comes. Solar appeals to the very roots of being an American. Independence, freedom, and the ability to control your own destiny.

Lucky because I spend most of my work week on the phone answering questions about home solar kits helping homeowners and off-grid independent folks make the solar leap. When I am not working in technical services on the phone, I cannot wait to put my hands on a home solar emergency generator other grid tied or off-grid solar kit heading out the door. [continue reading…]

Planning to install a solar thermal domestic hot water system? Because Do-it-Yourself kits come with much of the pre-wiring and easy plumbing connections you can install these kits as easy as 123.  Solar hot water collectors used for year-round domestic hot water should face true south and be tilted up from the horizontal at an angle equal to the latitude of the site plus 15 degrees. For example, for Denver, Colorado, 40 degrees latitude plus 15 degrees equals 55 degrees from horizontal. A south-facing surface tilted at an angle equal to latitude will actually collect maximum sunlight year-round. Where aesthetics are a factor, many people choose to mount collectors at the roof angle.

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This is the kind of home emergency backup power us solar folks can really get-on-board with. Check out this powerful 4400 watt AC battery backup system enclosed in an outdoor rated cabinet. This plug-n-play system is the ultimate in home emergency power. This emergency battery backup system starts with a pure sine wave AC inverter. Pure sine wave inverters mean the power is the same as you us at home when you plug in any household item. [continue reading…]

At Blue Pacific Solar our outdoor enthusiasts test every type of portable solar kit on the market. Try taking a product to the bottom of the Grand Canyon for a week on trails where you do not see another soul for 5 days at a time if you really want to see if a product works.

Nomad 7 solar panel and Guide 10 rechargeable battery pack will keep the grass from growing under your feet and you on the move. The lightweight portable solar charger kit will power up your small electronics or let you power them from the Guide 10 power pack.

The Nomad 7 watt portable solar panel is made of Mono-crystalline solar with a 5 Volt USB output port as well as a 12V DC output port. Weighing in at less than one pound, you will find it will stow away in your pack or case at only 6″ X 9″ X 1″. The Nomad 7 Adventure Kit is a durable portable solar charger and has been tested and certified by FCC and CE. Comes with a 1 year manufactures warranty.

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The practical application of solar thermal was first introduced by the Swiss in 1767, but heating water with a patented solar water heating collector did not happen until 1891 in America. The man largely given credit for this countries popular residential application of solar thermal was Clarence Kemp who invented a solar collector and sold it through his Baltimore appliance factory outlet.

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Humping the Grand Canyon with a full pack is no walk in the part but it pales in comparison to what our troops go through in Afghanistan every day. A company of U.S. Marines recently conducted a remarkable three-week patrol through southern Afghanistan, replacing hundreds of pounds of spare batteries in their packs with portable solar panels the size of place mats to power their battle gear.

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Solar installers and the renewable energy industry have technically met the challenge of grid parity in many geographical locations and yet there is still hesitancy in the uptake of this renewable resource. Despite the advances solar technology the manufacturing process can often be expensive enough to make the margin of return and profit too much of a risk for some looking into the industry. [continue reading…]

If you’ve read any do-it-yourself books on solar installation, you probably know a little about how solar installers should orient panels. Keep them facing true south. Make sure you’ve got the correct tilt, or adjustable seasonal tilt, and no shading, not even partial shading. With This is all good general advice. But sometimes, true south orientation may not be quite as important as once believed. [continue reading…]

Solar Thermal Hot Water Systems Amazing Simple Technology

While escaping to the coast to a friends house in a secluded area near the Pacific, I was amazed to see how low her gas bill was. Why? She has a hot tub as well as a small lap pool that my friend keep very warm. On the hot tub, pool and her home she had installed solar thermal collectors.

When I saw how much hot water my friend was producing with such a low gas bill, I became a believer. [continue reading…]

Solar Internet World Should Embrace the Google Change

As a renewable energy group that is immersed into the solar world, most of us spends some part of every day scanning news headlines that float past in cyberspace. I don’t know why, but it blows me away when I read a post or new solar product with a Google key word term intentionally designed to game the system and deceive browsers. [continue reading…]