Home Emergency Backup Power is 4400 Watt Of Peace of Mind

This is the kind of home emergency backup power us solar folks can really get-on-board with. Check out this powerful 4400 watt AC battery backup system enclosed in an outdoor rated cabinet. This plug-n-play system is the ultimate in home emergency power. This emergency battery backup system starts with a pure sine wave AC inverter. Pure sine wave inverters mean the power is the same as you us at home when you plug in any household item.

The next big deal are the eight (8) AGM US, 6v Deep Cycle, 210 AH sealed batteries in a slick attractive cabinet pulsating with 4400 watts of emergency electricity. Imagine the next time there is a serious blackout and all you have to do is go to your garage or outback, flip a switch and wham, back up and running.

This emergency back up power center will keep your lights on, the refrigerator running and your well or sump pump powered, the furnace fan running, the freezer cold, communications online and your home’s security system functional.

4400 watts of power can provide typical priority household appliance loads for 48 hours or longer depending how you ration your power requirements. You will need to decide what’s important. Not a custom design, the emergency home backup system comes fully wired, tested and ready to connect. When a blackout happens the inverter instantly starts powering emergency critical loads from the batteries until the power comes back on when it automatically re-charges its batteries and goes into standby.