Solar Internet World Should Embrace the Google Change

As a renewable energy group that is immersed into the solar world, most of us spends some part of every day scanning news headlines that float past in cyberspace. I don’t know why, but it blows me away when I read a post or new solar product with a Google key word term intentionally designed to game the system and deceive browsers.

I just scanned an off-grid solar kit that amounted to a solar panel, some wire with a charge controller and a side of pole mount. They added in some script about producing X______ kWh of electricity from the solar panels but failed to mention where the numbers came from along with numerous half truths.

There is a lot of heavy discussion floating around the internet about Google’s new Panda algorithm change (aka Farmer). I personally of several good solar companies that, through no fault of their own, have lost some page ranking with the change.

Reflecting on the big picture, I think Google’s algorithm change is going to help those of us in the solar world who are trying to make an honest living. Google is trying to drill down to better search engine results so I do not think their motives are is question. The fact is solar companies need to jump on board and stay ahead of the changes.

If you are writing solar SEO content with Google on your mind.. (Catchy uh? Should write a song about it.), then keep focused on WYSIWYG. (What You See Is What You Get). Picture rich and content that is informative and honest with every keystroke. Solar site’s that are teaching and informing are going to do good.

If the hardworking people in good solar companies stay true to the fundamentals of SEO, we are going to be OK. Remember, no such thing as shortcuts. You may benefit in the short term, but the best minds on the planet are working hard to keep solar and other companies from gamine the system. Google sees all!