Solar Monitoring, Home Solar Performance Solar Monitor


Sunday afternoon in the backyard in Sacramento. The sun is shining. My neighbor nods in the direction of my solar power system and says, “what’s it earning now?” One glance at my SMA Sunny Beam is enough. The results leave your neighbor whistling in appreciation. It really creates a good feeling knowing my home solar power system is doing what it should. Namely feeding solar power into the SMUD utility grid and securing my family powerful returns on my solar investment. Even for small solar power systems, comprehensive monitoring can be important as well as satisfying. 

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Residential West Sacramento Solar Energy Panels. Free Site Evaluation

West Sacramento Solar Cost. Free Site Evaluation

Choose the Blue Pacific Solar team for your home or business solar energy system installation. Start-to-finish project management by solar panel installation professionals who are licensed by the state of California to install solar. A solar power system from the Blue Pacific Solar team can save money on your electric bill, increase your home’s value and make the world a cleaner and America a safer place. [continue reading…]


Batteries / The Future of Energy Storage Technology

Do you find solar batteries exciting? I bet you don’t, but when you realize how central they are to the clean tech revolution, you’ll be intrigued. Batteries, along with emerging technologies such as ultra-capacitors and flywheels are at the heart of energy storage – the ability to store enough energy to power electric transportation and solve the intermittent issues associated with solar and wind. [continue reading…]


How much does solar cost?

Solar cost? How much is solar power going to cost to run my home or business? This is usually the first question asked by someone who is exploring the idea of using solar power to run their home or business. Seems like a simple enough question. However, the answer is not so simple to get to without a little up-front information.Short of throwing some broad, vague meaningless numbers out there, if the person asking the question can provide the last 12 months PG&E or SMUD electrical bills, we can glean much of the information to provide a meaningful answer. O ya, one more thing, it is actually helpful to see the last bill rather than just the summary numbers so we can look at the rate your power company has you on. It makes a big difference when considering the payback. [continue reading…]


Sacramento Solar Climate Change Brawl

Watching Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO last night is one of few TV shows I try and not miss because to learn something new, you need to get smart people with conflicting opinions at the table then get them to fight. Once again the topic of climate change came up and they continue to focus on the term global warming, and once again the issue gets hung up over the verbiage. Its called global warming and there will be some warming, but the issue we should be focusing on is CLIMATE CHANGE.

The world is focused on AZ now because of illegal immigration and how awful that is and boy we should do something. The law is bad on many levels and will most certainly be overturned but it is a rope-a-dope that moves our national focus from the real issue we should all focused on. [continue reading…]


Solar Batteries, AGM, Gel Cell, Sealed Alkaline Batteries, Islanding

Solar batteries store power generated from the sun and discharge the power as needed for later use. Portable solar batteries, off-grid or a simple backup rechargeable battery operates on fundamentally the same principles and many parts of the discussion can apply to both portable solar and fixed solar system. In a photovoltaic system, solar batteries in any type of form can experience a range of operating conditions and must be properly controlled to get the most from their performance, life cycle and more importantly, your safety. [continue reading…]


Solar Thermal Hot Water Heating Systems

Northern California Solar News – Solar thermal or as it is sometimes called, solar hot water heating systems, is a technology used for harnessing the sun’s energy for water heating. Water heating is the second highest energy cost in a typical household. Solar thermal water heating incorporating solar thermal is one of the most cost saving things you can do to lower your utility costs in a California home. [continue reading…]


Solar Powered Backpacking

Have you ever risen early, walked into the Grand Canyon and watched God paint a grand picture? We just returned from our annual Grand Canyon backpacking vacation adventure and though I am familiar with most parts of the canyon, it never disappoints. Instead of worrying about battery power, this year we went all rechargeable batteries for the first time. A Brunton Restore portable solar battery did the trick.

Hiking to the edge, onto the trail, gray morning gives way to brilliant reds yellows and browns, the tints and hues of all the colors begin to blend into the perfect light. As we backpacked into the wilderness below, the sun moved higher in the sky flooding the our desert with color that seemed to explode before our eyes. [continue reading…]


California Solar Laws

California Solar Energy Laws – Great news for California Homeowners. In October 2009, Governor Schwarzenegger signed AB 920, the California Solar Surplus Act of 2009, which requires utilities to pay consumers for solar electricity that they generate over and above their home needs. What that means to you is if you decide to go solar California and your home solar California panels produce more solar electricity than you’re using, your local utility will pay you cash or assign credits that you can redeem when needed. How’s that for a reason to go solar California! [continue reading…]


Portable chargers powered by the sun.

Portable chargers powered by the sun can keep you connected when you’re away from a power source. Imagine being able to charge your cell phone, GPS, iPod, and other electronic gadgets when you’re on the go with a neat portable power charger that really works. Hiking, biking, or whenever you find yourself far from any wall socket there are Eco-friendly portable solar chargers that will give you a true sense of freedom. [continue reading…]


PACE Financing, Property assessed clean energy = Local Jobs, Lower Home Utility Bills & Substantial Home Savings

PACE is an acronym for property assessed clean energy. (PACE) programs enable local governments to finance renewable energy and energy efficiency projects on private property, including residential, commercial and industrial properties. The programs eliminate the chief barrier to clean energy installations: the large upfront cost. If the cities in America were to get behind this program for their local citizens, this country could take the initiative to rid us of the burden of importing oil from people who do not like Americans. An additional bonus is it would create local jobs and putting more money into your local economy by reducing your monthly energy increasing your home cash flow. [continue reading…]


Green Living, Eco Friendly Lifestyle

Green living is driven by our passion for hiking the shrinking back-country of our country and the growing alarm about the legacy we are leaving our children. Can we go on turning a blind eye to the changes going on around us forever? If you have a comfortable, rewarding and healthy lifestyle you probably think green living is not your problem. But many of the things we do today cannot be continued indefinitely without having an impact on our children’s future quality of life. We all know it’s important to have a healthy environment to provide us with clean air, water and food. But how often do you think about the choices you make each day and the long-term impact those choices have on our local and global environment as well as on our economy. [continue reading…]