East Bay California Cities Help Spur The Process for Solar

East Bay California News –  Several East bay cities government officials have put their heads together to make going solar easier for East bay homeowners.  Nice Job! Here is an example of government that works for the people! The California East Bay cities of Livermore, Pleasanton and Dublin have a program that educating consumers on the benifits of solar energy for residential homes.

Solar Cities is a joint project of the East bay cities of Livermore and Pleasanton and Dublin that is focused on educating consumers with the facts about residential solar energy. The program features free educational workshops, web resources, and targeted information to assist homeowners in making decisions about investing in a photovoltaic solar system.

The purpose of the workshops is to educate consumers about solar energy systems, the incentive and rebate programs offered through the California Solar Initiative Program and federal tax credits, and provide them with an opportunity to meet professionals working in the industry. Other Solar Cities resources include website links to a consumer’s guide, information about qualified solar installers, solar calculators, and much more.

The Solar Cities program offers San Francisco East bay solar installers a streamlined permitting and development review process in both cities and networking opportunities with residents interested in exploring photovoltaic systems.

Now that you have some basic information on photovoltaic systems, the next crucial question is whether installing such a system is beneficial to you. First, consider the orientation of your roof; is there sufficient roof space that faces the south? Are there trees or other natural features shading large portions of the roof? Are there other obstacles such as chimneys or adjacent structures that may obscure the sun?

If your home meets the physical and logistical requirements for PV, you are ready to decide if you should have it installed in your home. First, however, you should determine what size system and components will best meet your needs and goals.

There are a number of rebates available to the homeowner. Once you select a East bay solar company to install your PV system, the installers will assist you in obtaining the rebates. To obtain a more in-depth understanding of what these rebates are and how they work, click on here for California and federal tax incentives and rebates.

At this time, this program’s focus is on residential housing and not commercial.

You can find more information by going to Solar Cities Now