Power Grab by PGE, Vote No on Ca Proposition 16

Watch out California! PGE is attempting a slight of hand, power grab, magic trick hoping the California voters are asleep at the wheel. PG & E paid a signature gathering company who put proposition 16 on the June primary ballot in an attempt to make it law.

We firmly agree with the Oakland Tribune which editorialized for a “no” vote, saying, “Voters should not be fooled into thinking Prop. 16 is anything about improving the democratic process. It is entirely about PG&E’s financial interests and would do considerable harm to local governments’ ability to create and expand publicly owned utilities for the benefit of electricity customers. We urge voters to soundly reject Prop. 16 to protect their own pocketbooks and local choices about electricity service, and to send a message to PG&E and other special interests that the voters cannot be bought.” [continue reading…]


Brunton Solaris 52, the workhorse of the Brunton family of portable power.

Brunton Solaris 52 is a workhorse in the field. CIGS (Copper Indium Gallium diSelenide ( solar glossary )) are the most efficient thin film solar panel technology available. By maximizing performance while optimizing portability, it makes the Brunton Solaris 52 the most compact high output model and a great choice for off the grid power. [continue reading…]


A New Beginning – Why We Must Make This the Decade of Renewables

Jobs in this country and a sustainable future for our children are two things we are very passionate about. This article from Renewable Energy World Magazine is worth your time to read.

By Olivier Drücke, European Solar Thermal Industry Federation London, UK [Renewable Energy World Magazine]

Shortly after the beginning of the third millennium it looks as though the first decade was lost to the greediness, egoism and irresponsibility of our so-called ‘global elite’.

The financial crisis which originated in the global financial centers in New York and London is primarily a crisis of the Anglo-Saxon turbo capitalism that went out of control and widely exposed its ruthlessness in threatening the welfare of all. It led the world into a global economic downturn that is a serious handicap to setting out speedily into a new era of sustainable economic growth. This is even more regrettable as a quick and efficient change would be perfectly feasible from a technological point of view, as is demonstrated by the European renewable energy sector. [continue reading…]


Reasons Go Solar Enviromental Discussion NPR Water Regulations

Reasons go solar – I try very hard not to make our blog a political manifesto in spite of my sometimes-passionate beliefs, but the reasons to go solar and related topics is just too important. I was driving back from a solar residential job a few days ago listening to a program on National Public Radio. The short segment was talking about Menlo Park California and the soon to happen vote on a new city law relating to the size of lawns etc to help conserve water. The moderator was engaging while they talked about the growing need to conserve water, which was the driving force behind the laws, and interview several people from California as well as Arizona. What they did not do was spend one min. of airtime on why we should be very afraid of pending water shortages. [continue reading…]


Schuco 210 Watt Solar Panels

Solar Installers Featuring Schuco 210 Watt Solar Panels – Schüco is the global leader in building envelope technology and one of the world’s largest and oldest manufactures of solar energy systems.

Having just completed a Schüco design and installation training certification we were could not help but be impressed by their level of quality commitment. Schüco requires that each of it’s certified dealers update their installation and design training to ensure that not only is the product manufactured within specs, it is also installed within specs. Additionally, Schüco matches and supplies the complete installation package including mounting rails, inverter and balance of system parts. The certification training was not just restricted to class but also involved hands on the roof installation. [continue reading…]


Brunton Portable Power, Brunton Solarroll 14

Brunton Portable Power, SolarRoll 14 ™ is Brunton next generation solar device is the ultimate means of powering electronic equipment in the field. Not only portable, but packable, it rolls down to nearly nothing. Brunton drive and desire to pioneer a line of rugged power sources led to the introduction of the first flexible solar panel, the SolarRoll 14. Since then, others have tried to copy this dependable virsitile solar charger but none come close to date. [continue reading…]


Brunton Restore Solar Charger

Brunton Restore Solar Charger – I don’t usually spend a lot of space writing about small solar chargers but Brunton has a winner here. Brunton is moving towards a new generation of solar powered batteries for small electronics. The Brunton portable power Restore solar powered electronic charger is the equivalent of 1,372 AA batteries which can save you about $1,500 and the environment at the same time! Brunton is truly the pioneers of portable solar power and have produced the most efficient and compact integrated solar charger available with an attractive price tag so that everyone can have one. [continue reading…]



Grid-tie solar pv power system kit 1470 Watts With Racks / Array Size STC = 1,470 watt or 1.47 kW (**STC is Standard Test conditions or factory ratings. PTC is PV-USA Test Ratings which are closer to real world conditions. Your unique conditions will affect your system output. )

Seven Kyocera KD210 solar panels and a powerful Solectria inverter combine for an unbeatable solar electric system for your home or business. Power from the sun pours onto the panels and down to the inverter which perfectly syncs your home and grid power needs. Feeding your household needs first, excess power is then fed backwards through your electric meter for a credit from the power company. The Grid Tie Solar Power System is virtually maintenance-free, and with an expected life of over 30 years, your investment increases in value every time electricity rates go up. [continue reading…]


Brunton Solo ™ 15 Portable Rechargeable Battery

How great is the SOLO ™15? Field and Stream Magazine named it “Best of the Best, 2008.”

The revolutionary Solo portable battery brings power to the weekend camper or long expedition adventurer way off the grid. Providing power wherever and whenever, the new Solo™ can operate a variety of electronics such as laptops, TVs, air-pumps, cell phones for hours with the potential for nearly unlimited power capacity. [continue reading…]


Pre-Packaged 810 Watt Solar OFF-GRID REMOTE HOMES or CABIN

All off grid solar kits electrical systems have three things in common: one or more energy sources, energy storage (battery bank), and a power conversion unit (inverter). There are many different sizes and types of each of these components and each is interdependent on the others.

Here is one example of a stand alone solar system that can give your get-away cabin all the comforts of home. The pre-packaged kit comes with an expandable off grid solar system that includes six powerful Kyocera KD135 solar panels. Run an energy efficient refrigerator, washing machine, computer, table saw, stereo, lights and TV. Clean sine wave power from the Magnum Energy inverter is the heart of this off grid system. Off Grid System Array Size 810 (Watts) up to 121.5kWh a day (Monthly Output based on 5 hrs).

Here is what is included:

AC (alternating current) Off Grid Solar Power Pre-packaged kit.

6 Kyocera KD135GX-LP135 watt solar module
1 IronRidge UNI-TP/08LL Top of Pole Mount
6 Lay-in Ground Lug with Stainless Screw (1)
2 MC4 10 AWG – 30′ cable extension
1 MidNite MNPV-3, 3 Position Combiner Box
2 CBI OBPV-15 DC Breaker 150 VDC din-rail mounted
1 Outback FM60 & Breakers installed on Magnum E-Panel – The FLEXmax 60 is the latest innovation in Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) charge controllers from OutBack Power Systems. MPPT technology finds the maximum power available from the solar panels to recharge batteries. FLEXmax 60 is capable of operating at higher temperatures then previous models without loosing power. Although the FLEXmax 60 is designed to work with solar power, it will work with micro-hydro turbines. OutBack Power Systems will only offer limited tech support for these because there is too much variance in micro-hydro specifications.
1 WSS Magnum Power Center MS2012/1, 2,000 watts 120VAC – Model: MS2012/1 This pre-wired solar power center has a Magnum Energy Inverter mounted on a MidNite Solar E-panel model 2012010.
1 Magnum ME-BMK Battery Monitor installed on Magnum E-Panel
1 4/0 – 120″ UL Cable, Battery/Inverter (black)
1 4/0 – 120″ UL Cable, Battery/Inverter (red)
4 2/0 – 12″ UL Cable, Battery Interconnect (black)
6 2/0 – 18″ UL Cable, Battery Interconnect (black)
8 UPG UB-GC2 AGM 200 aH 6V Battery – UPG’s state-of-the-art lead-acid deep cycle battery is a valve-regulated type—sometimes called “sealed” or “maintenance-free”—which fixes the acid electrolyte in a gel or in an absorptive fiberglass mat. The advantage of this design is that the battery needs no water additions, can be operated in any position, and can be used in close proximity to people and sensitive equipment.


Solar Products, Solar Powered Headlamp

Solar camping equipment solar headlamp is a gadget everyone should own. Ever get stuck somewhere and you discover your batteries are dead? Everlite reliable EL8 solar headlamp provides 40 lumens of bright white LED light for up to 12 hours in bright mode. LED running times are about 24 hours in medium mode and 36 hours in the low mode. The 2″x5″ solar panel is used for recharging the lithium battery in the headlamp. With the solar headlamp, you don’t ever have to worry about your headlamp having dead batteries ever again. Simply plug the solar panel into the DC Jack located on the headlamp to completely recharge it in 6 hours of full sunlight. The solar headlamp panel has holes and strap slots so it can be conveniently attached to your backpack, tent, or clothing. The EL8 Solar Headlamp also has a battery charge indicator light (green-yellow-red) that tells you about how much charge remains in the lithium battery.


Reasons to Go Solar

Peace of mind and security knowing that you are producing your own safe, renewable energy. Here are 18 reasons to go solar. If you would like to know the details, click Here… Reasons Go Solar. [continue reading…]