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Hawaii Electric Company Backs Of Grid Tied Solar Installation Requirements

Wednesday | Filed in: Grid-tie solar

The larges utility producer in Hawaii recently announced it was relaxing one of the requirements for home solar grid tied installations for its customers. As of Oct. 1, residential and some commercial customers on Oahu, Maui and the Big Island with new grid tied solar systems of up to 10 kilowatts will not be required to pay for an interconnection study. Maui Electric Co. and Hawaii Electric Light Co. are subsidiaries of Oahu-based HECO. Continue reading …

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Iowa is Quickly Becoming the New Solar Panel and Wind State

Wednesday | Filed in: Solar Power Products Kits

Iowa is a surprising comer for solar installations. A state senator wants Iowa to spend $3.1 million to fund an infusion of solar panel energy capability at the University of Iowa.  The proposal could save the university about $100,000 annually in energy costs, create short-term jobs, reduce carbon emissions and be a step forward for promoting solar energy in the state, Sen. Rob Hogg, D-Cedar Rapids, said during a press conference announcing his proposal Tuesday in front of Kinnick Stadium. Continue reading …

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Off-Grid Living; Appliances and Energy Conservation

Monday | Filed in: Off-Grid Solar

If does not make much sense to spend money on an off-grid system without first looking at energy efficient appliances. The use of efficient appliances and lighting, as well as non-electric alternatives, can pay large dividends after designing your off-grid system and its time to plop down the money. Living off the grid using low energy lights and appliances can not only save you money up front, on those dark days when you are trying to save every watt of power you can out of you’re battery bank, you will be glad you put a little thought into energy conservation up front. The type of lights and appliances that can be used living off-grid depends on how much sun is available, and the voltage of the off-grid system. Continue reading …

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Talesun Ships 32MW of Solar Panels to Alethea Cleantech Advisors in New Jersey

Wednesday | Filed in: Grid-tie solar

New Jersey solar project developer to use top-quality and competitively priced solar panels from Talesun Solar for a utility-scale project. Talesun Solar USA a globally positioned, premium producer of solar panels, recently announced that it has signed a contract to supply solar panels to New Jersey-based solar developer Alethea Cleantech Advisors LLC. Under the terms of the agreement, Talesun Solar USA will deliver approximately 32 megawatts (MW) of solar modules during 2012. For those out there wondering how many solar panels that is… well its a bunch, around 128,000 panels! Continue reading …

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