Solar Kits for RV Camping, The Smart Way to Rough It.

RV camping with solar to recharge batteries and make off-grid life on-the-go even better. The main reason for the rise in popularity among RV owners is with an RV solar kit, you can turn off that noisy generator. Rather than wade through the crowds in RV parks because you need electrical hookup’s, solar RV kits allow you to get out of the rat race outside of the rat race and truly have a hassle free experience.

Many families feel overwhelmed by the large number of campers at their favorite holiday spot. For those families, camping with RV solar is the best way to go and fits nicely with their style of freedom. RV camping gets a boost from choosing the right RV solar kit that sets up easily, and will provide enough electricity so they can leavy that noisy generator off.

When camping with RV solar you may want to look up camp ground that do not have electrical hook-ups. These facilities are typically further off-grid and out of the main stream of most RV parks. RV solar kits allows you to skip the generator without missing out on the luxuary of a little off-grid electricity.

Check out the Overland off-grid RV solar kit. Powerful, compact and easy to stow away, the Overland Solar Kit is perfect for RV traveling, camping or as a emergency solar generator. 120 watts of efficient monocrystalline solar technology with quick lock cams and set on a sturdy tripod. The Overland Solar Kit comes with 4 30 watt solar panels can be used to trickle charge your RV or power your campsite off-grid on vacation. Now you can turn off that noisy generator. Your neighbors will love your for it not to mention the money you will be saving in gasoline expense.


Adjustable Aluimum Tripod Stand
120 Watts from 4 – 30 Watt Solar Panels
Panel Type; 30 Watt Monocrystalline Solar Panel
Product Weight Overall 36 lbs
DC 12V 120 Watts (12V, 10A)
Output Port USB 2.5 watts (5V, 0.5A)
RV AC Inverter 400 watts (110V, 3.6A (3,600 mA)
Fuse protection 20A (protects 12V barrel)

Internal Battery
Battery type AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat Battery)
Battery capacity 350 Watt Hours (12V, 33A)
Battery voltage 12Vdc
Life cycles Solar RV Kits 500-1,000 (5+ Years)

Finally, a simple solar RV camping kit that makes off-grid simple. If I could only get my favorite T-shirt shop to do the same.