Solar Jobs Start With The Right PV Training and Education

Solar in 2011 is expected to double over 2010 with renewable energy the pile driver to new jobs. Simply put, solar in this country is on the verge of blowing up. There is no substitute for experience when it comes to solar system design, installer jobs and solar sales, but the right training is a good start.

Change has become the standard in this economy for organizations, people and sometimes, whole cities. Downsizing, subcontracting, merging and closures have created an environment of fear and uncertainty. Resiliency is the ability to bounce back from setbacks and work through conflicts and challenges without giving up.

A career path that assures long-term security is no longer a reality. You make your own job security by constantly furthering your education making yourself more valuable. That was true 30 years ago, and it is even more true today.

We receive a dozen applications a day for solar installers and solar sales and always it is the same recommendation. Get in contact with the “hands down top solar training school in America today”. Boots on the Roof has more to offer than just good solar instructors, the class room setting and hands on solar lab training is second to none down to the last detail. The solar classes at Boots are conducted in a comfortable environment that is focused on learning solar from the ground up and this solar school has spared no expense.

It is no accident that most of the solar installers and designers that are associated with our company are graduates from Boots solar training. Throughout the process of your interaction with Boots, everyone marvels at the genius of the group of people who had set up and are running the Boots solar training program.

Boots on the Roof makes getting a solar education easy. About a week before class start, you will receive a FedEx package containing your books, study disk and information about your time at the solar school. Don’t just passively glance through the material. Boots offers solar training for serious people who want to make a career in the solar, wind, and renewable energy field. This is not like any course or certification you have completed in the past. The solar textbook is comprehensive and methodically covers the solar business from one end to the other. This is a serious solar course for people who want to be one step ahead of the competition in the world of solar Photovoltaics.

Your 6 days of solar training will start when you arrive at your pre-arranged hotel accommodations. The rooms in Fremont where we train have a kitchen full bath and living room with a fireplace. Because I have traveled extensively throughout my career, I understand the need of a good night’s sleep. Boots has negotiated a very competitive rate for well above average accommodations. Shuttle service between the hotel and your solar training facility is provided and the hotel will even grocery shop for you with your list while you are away if you like. The only thing missing to make my temporary home complete during my solar training was the Irish Redhead that I was married too.

When you arrive at the solar school on the first day, you will be greeted and escorted to your solar classroom by one of the admission representatives who will also point out the lunchroom, coffee and facilities. The solar training facility was nicely laid out, polished and clean with no detail overlooked. Boots on the Roof is a class act down to the last detail.

The solar classrooms are modern comfortable setting specifically designed for learning with a flat screen monitor, computer at every station complete with boards and a built in projectors for the teacher. The instructors at this solar school have a genuine interest in helping you fulfill your goals and start your solar career.

Boots on the Roof is breaking barriers and gives you everything, no holds barred… and I mean everything. The solar instructor will walk you through the inside world of the solar business, sales and marketing solar. You really have an opportunity to get into the guts of the solar business. I love to listen to energy experts on a subject like soar who enjoy what they do and can articulate the information in a fashion that everyone can understand.

The solar information presented is interesting, the work challenging and boots made will make you feel like you’re part of a group of people committed to improving your lives.

A few of the many key areas that are covered in the Boots solar training include:

Solar Electrical System Engineering Basics
Renewable Stewardship of our Resources
Solar Markets and Applications
Safety Basics
Electricity Basics
Solar Energy Fundamentals
Solar Panel Fundamentals
Solar System Components
Solar System Sizing
Solar Electrical & Mechanical Design
Solar Performance Analysis and Troubleshooting of the system

“One door closes, another door opens. It is all about action. When something ends, a job, a relationship, one’s good health, you just don’t stand by and wait for something good to happen. You can’t depend on luck or anybody else to pull you out of the situation. You must use your own efforts to push a new door open, kick it open if you have to, using that setback as an inspiration to move ahead and make a new beginning for yourself.” — Arthur Pine

Boots will help with all aspects of your solar training and education including financing. Contact the boots admission associates today and they will walk you through the process of becoming a certified solar installer including helping with the financing.