Best Hike On the Planet!

In every walk with nature one  receives far more than he seeks.
– John Muir

Are you ready for extreme canyon adventure? Are you ready for the best hike on the planet? On this hike you will not see donkeys.  You won’t see trash and the amount of tourists in this area is at a bare minimum. .  This is the trip that Grand Canyon dreams are made of. OK, here we go!!!

Day 1 Drive to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon and check into a motel for the night.

Day 2  Take New Hance Trail on the South Rim (7000’ elv.) and drop down 8 miles to the Colorado River stopping for the night if you get tired along the way.  You then get to  enjoy the Colorado river and the solitude of the area as much as possible then sleep in a remote area on the New Hance Trail  where huge red canyon walls scream with color.   It doesn’t get any better than this.

Day 3 Follow the Tonto Trail West winding in and out of drainages with medium grades and pristine views.  You can stop when you want and take our time.  You camp when you decide to as you have use area access up to horseshoe mesa which is 9.9 miles from the New Hance Trail.  You can either decide to stop at 6 – 7 miles and sleep near the stream in mineral canyon or wind around the bottom of horseshoe mesa and camp there on the on the West side of Horseshoe Mesa.  Camping is at large.

Day 4  You take the Tonto Trail and circle around the bottom  of horseshoe mesa enjoying the views.

Day 5 Up on Horseshoe Mesa.  For this hike, once you reach the Mesa, you will experience the spectacular overlook of the Colorado River and see Cottonwood Creek area which flows seasonally through shimmering rock walls. The Anasazi Indians heavily populated the area in and around Horseshoe Mesa.  Here they established many small village type areas.  You will be visiting one of the sites that these Anasazi people made home and get to see a eight hundred year old Anasazi pueblo!  Horseshoe Mesa offers unforgettable wide-open views, stunning sunsets and the ayousome chance to experience the Grand Canyon’s historical side.

Day 6  You hike out Grandview trail 3 miles to the trailhead

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    This is a great hike