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Getting away from those high utility bills with a decision to harness the power of the sun free energy for your home or commercial needs is now easier than ever to make. Blue Pacific Solar® team of technical support experts are here to answer your design and installation questions about SolarEdge inverters with power optimizers to make this the grid-tie power choice for you. SolarEdge pre-engineered packages combine the best solar panels, inverters, and power optimizers into your control with an in-home monitoring platform. The SolarEdge system gives you superior efficiency and safety into one kit, then gives you control. With greater flexibility of implementation on your home than any other solar power kit, the SolarEdge DIY grid-tie package combines the latest in solar technology, design and installation technical support with usability to provide a superior quality home solar experience.

Traditional Inverter Systems Can't Keep Up With SolarEdge

Cost - Micro inverters cannot provide the economy of scale. You have to have one Micro inverter per solar panel… Dependability – Micro inverters have more components under the heat of the roof… Safety – The SolarEdge optimizer with the power off produces only 1 VDC… More Energy - With a traditional string inverters shaded areas or solar panels in multiple orientations are affected by shading problems that are tough to get around. Shaded areas simply won't provide enough energy, and swapping panel orientations across different roof facets will be tough to implement electrically. Not the case with the SolarEdge Solution. Power optimizers within each modular solar panel that communicated individually with the inverter address these issues, alleviating some of the biggest difficulties of effective PV system installation on your home or commercial business.

The SolarEdge Solution Advantage

Within the SolarEdge Solution, power optimizers are deployed onto each separate panel and then feed into the inverter. The power optimizers find and record the maximum power point of each individual solar module and share the information with your home monitoring dashboard. Recording how much power each panel can produce doesn't sound that important, but it's actually a critical step which allows the SolarEdge Solution to function so much better. Unlike in a traditional solar power system, the SolarEdge Solution can get the maximum possible energy output from each solar panel by intelligently adjusting the current and voltage per panel depending on what it's capable of, even if an individual panel isn't performing well.

This means that a few panels in the shade won't be a drag on the rest of the system. With scattered spots of shade no longer a major concern for solar power system implementation, you may be able to set up the SolarEdge solar power system in areas that you'd previously written off as too shady to be useful. It's what separates the SolarEdge Solution from the competitors.

The SolarEdge Residential / Commercial Solar Solution Difference

Via the power optimizers, your home receives the maximum possible amount of electricity from each solar panel that you implement, all due to the detection and measurement of the maximum power point mentioned earlier. Each power optimizer is backed with a 25-year warranty and built for serious punishment from the weather, so don't worry about them going bad any time soon.

SolarEdge Optimized Safety Features

Home and commercial business owners may have concerns about system safety, and everyone from the solar installers and maintenance professionals to firefighters and others may easily get hurt by a typical solar system in specific situations. The SolarEdge Residential Solar Solutions, however, is optimized to provide you with specific safety benefits. For example, when the AC power is turned off, the DC wires receive no energy. The SolarEdge solution will automatically turn off the DC power in certain situations to protect lives. In addition, this system is completely compliant with the most advanced safety standards in the industry. This includes with the NEC 2014 Rapid Shutdown Functionality and the NEC 2011 AFCI Compliant ratings.

Unlike other solar power systems, SolarEdge's Solution can execute a rapid shutdown procedure that can discharge all voltage within 10 seconds in the event of an emergency or roof work, making it a critical safety feature for firemen, as well as a convenience for you. This safety feature doesn't require an additional conduit to the roof or any other external hardware, so it's no added burden.

SolarEdge Monitoring, Knowledge Is Power

In conjunction with the power generation, efficiency, and safety features, the web-based monitoring portal for SolarEdge grid-tie packages allows you to have complete control over your home's power generation. Having all of the information about each of your solar panels at your fingertips makes maintenance scheduling nearly effortless. Problems can be diagnosed on the fly via your computer before you contact an expert. You can even track your solar power generation on the go via the monitoring app on your smart phone. You'll be alerted about system issues in real-time, as they occur.

SolarEdge Home or Commercial Installation

While the decision to use solar power may have been easy to make, the decision about which solar solutions to use can seem a little more complex. With a closer look at what the SolarEdge with power optimizer and residential single-phase or commercial three-phase inverter has to offer, you will easily be able to make your decision. The SolarEdge solar solution provides you with cutting edge innovation to optimize power generation and user-friendly installation and monitoring features all at an affordable price.

The SolarEdge Optimizer and Inverter: A Solar Panel Power Package That Parts the Clouds

It's hard to imagine how difficult it must have been for installers and DIY home and commercial busienss owners to design and install grid-tie PV energy before the SolarEdge Solution came along.


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