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Los Gatos solar installers complete systems for solar electricity and hot water. You took your first step towards increasing your monthly cash flow and becoming part of the solar solution when you clicked on our website. Small steps leading you to big energy savings. Rising energy costs, climate change and the destruction of our natural resources by the increasing need to explore environmentally sensitive regions are key issues of our time. But there is an answer, renewable clean solar energy and thermal hot water can make you part of the solution.

Our Los Gatos installers group are trained to listen to your needs and put together a custom solar package to fit your budget. Partnering with Schüco, our California operations are offering solar products installing residential and commercial solar industrial solutions from one facility. Your first step is completing our form and get your free site evaluation without the high-pressure sales tactics you hear about.

Now take the next step. The time is right! Energy prices are rising, and federal tax credits and solar rebates are available for new Los Gatos solar installations. Simply fill out our installation site evaluation form and we will have a one of our certified Schüco installers call you to see if solar, for your Los Gatos home or business, is right for you. Go solar with us and we will go the extra mile for you, together building sustainability.

Photovoltaic is ...

... Helping save energy ... Electricity from sunshine ... Lower electric bills ... Good for the environment ... A great way to be part of the sustainability solution ... An investment that pays for itself ... Helping climate change ... As easy to use as flipping a switch ... Practically maintenance free ... Non-polluting ... Helping America to be more energy independent ... A good choice for our children's future ... Peace of mind ... Your contribution to improving our national security...

Here is where you will fine your certified Schüco dealer who is a highly qualified professional that can answer all of your questions regarding California utility incentives. Schüco corporation is the worlds photovoltaic innovation leader engineering the largest selection of module solar panels available. Schüco solar module combine elegant aesthetics with robust design and performance and have proved themselves in both large and small installations in 78 countries around the world.

In Los Gatos, Blue Pacific Solar provides complete residential and commercial solutions through two channels. Our manager group serves a network of regional community installers supporting the residential and commercial market. Our engineering group focuses on businesses from a bay area corporation facility partnering for innovation, affordable financing and development.

California's' sustainable development programs have allowed us to expand our project offering of affordable home financing or solar lease. Email us your plan including details and a regional operations manager will follow up providing a complete proposal including rebate analysis. We are a full service local community dealer partnering with Suns Up Solars' division of Putt Construction. CSLB License # 516934 Class C10 electrical and Class B general building contractors. Putt Construction has been in business in Los Gatos California wiring residential and commercial installations as an electrical contractors for over 23 years starting in 1987. The experience and expertise of our combined knowledge is the most valuable asset we bring to our customers. That is Los Gatos solar residential / commercial installation power you can count on.

Los Gatos Solar Installers - Small Steps Leading you to Big Savings!

Site; From design to installation Blue Pacific Solar installers make installation easy. Home residential or commercial site assessment, we look after CA government rebate applications, and organize every aspect of your installation.

We work with the best solar panel designers to offer high end Schuco, industrial grade, electrical energy products that blend in perfectly with your home or commercial property. Our businesses offer systems that are exceptionally easy to live with and easy to purchase. Schuco solar photovoltaic and thermal systems are very long lasting and low maintenance. Let our local Los Gatos solar installers show you our photovoltaic systems uses world leading inverters that digitally display the kWh produced. We also offer wireless devices that remotely show the output of your personal solar power plant. Sharing your success with solar with your family and friends is the perfect way to show your commitment to sustainability and our energy independence.

Los Gatos Solar Installers & The Power of Renewable Energy - Superior Solar Design. Fast installation.

Utilizing commercial grade building technologies, Schuco systems are fast and easy to install with minimum impact on the roof and extremely short installation times. Solar power installed on your Los Gatos home or commercial business will make you a solarcity farmer harvesting free energy from the sun. Photovoltaic panels effortlessly generate clean renewable electricity powering your home without noise or moving parts. Rooftop solar panels from Schuco are low-profile and can be integrated perfectly into your existing roof systems using our own in-house experienced roofers.

Our premium monocrystalline photovoltaic panels manufactured by Schüco are guaranteed performance with a 25 year output warranty. You should purchase here because we stand behind what we sell. Schuco solar panels are truly tested excellence . The quality of the Schuco solar products are second to none and they make sure of it at one of the best equipped testing facilities in the world. Schuco solar panels systems are test under simulations of vicious hail, torrential rain, high winds and anything else the weather can dish out. Los Gatos solar installers, factory training combined with certified quality Schuco panel products equals complete confidence in your installation.

Los Gatos Solar Installers & The Power of Renewable Energy - The right choice for you.

Our solar installers are installing photovoltaic panels and thermal hot water from the coast to the central valley, Los Gatos to San Luis Obispo and Los Gatos to San Francisco, sunwize residential commercial and agricultural California property owners are adding megawatts of money to their wallets saving kilowatt of energy with sunpower. No matter if its installed panels mounted on your roof, solar thermal to heat your pool or solar hot water, we have the management team to get the job done.

Los Gatos Solar Installers & The Power of Renewable Energy - Systems; how much does it cost to install solar panels on a home or commercial business?

Depending on the size of the home or commercial business and the kilowatt systems that is needed, it can cost anywhere from $10,500 and up to install solar in Los Gatos. It is important to understand that it is the solar set-up and the materials themselves that cost money. We will locate your module to blend in with your roofing, then sit back and let the sunrun the systems for free. There are also solar tax incentives and rebates that can reduce the initial cost of the systems.

Los Gatos Solar Installers & The Power of Renewable Energy - Credits and deep energy savings? Are there tax breaks and incentives?

Yes, you can receive a 30% tax credit of the costs at installation. The $2,000 cap on the 30% federal tax credit for solar water heating systems has been removed. Solar water heating systems, other than those for pools or spas, are now eligible for a full 30% tax credit against the systems costs. Switching to solar power and letting our Northern California installers the solar systems is a sunwise and positive decision both financially and environmentally.

Los Gatos Solar Installers & The Power of Renewable Energy - Is Solar Power for Everybody?

Anybody who has a good site can benefit from a solar energy panel systems. Once you get it installed, the power is free. Solar isn't just for the sunny south, solar works on west as well as east exposures. A grid-tie residential home or commercial PV systems seamlessly integrates solar-generated electricity with your California utility-provided electricity to power your home or commercial business. In essence, you become the owner an ultra-reliable, low-maintenance, perfectly silent electrical energy power plant on the roof of your own building.

Los Gatos Solar Installers & The Power of Renewable Energy - Does solar work only on sunny days?

Your home or commercial solar systems will work most days, even when its cloudy. Cloud cover reduces the amount of solar radiation reaching the panel, but your photovoltaic systems will produce electricity on even the most overcast days. In the California bay area in the fog, solar panels are producing up to 70% of their rated power. Ever get sunburn on a cloudy day?

Los Gatos Solar Installers & The Power of Renewable Energy - Will photovoltaic systems give me power if there's a power outage?

That depends on the kind of systems you have. Solar systems with a battery back-up will provide electricity if the power goes out. Exceed your expectations by selecting Schuco solar equipment. When you choose Schuco solar panels, you take advantage of systems that are synergistically designed for maximum efficiency.

Los Gatos panel installers serving Northern California residential, commercial, agricultural, municipal schools, and home solar power panels needs. Our website is filled with useful information that will help you make an informed decision if solar is right for your home or business. We will be happy to tell you more. Become part of the sustainability solution and contact us. Turn your home or commercial building into a producer of clean, renewable solar energy. Solar is for everyone!

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