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11115W SMA / SolarWorld Grid-tied Kit

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  • 11.1 kW Grid Tie Packagegrid interactive
  • The Sunny Boy TL-US series With peak efficiencies of 98.3%, the transformerless Sunny Boy TL-US provide their owners with high yields. The power classes, finely tiered from 9 kW to 11kW, are ideal for designing mid-size solar power plants with precision. Its reduces weight, together with its security features, make our Sunny Boy the ideal inverter. As the world leader of solar inverter technology and manufacturing, SMA stands behind the reliability of the Sunny Boy line for the long term and takes pride in providing customer service that is second to none.
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SMA Grid-Tie Solar Kit

Kit Description Part Number STC*
Array Size
Monthly kWh @ 5 Sun Hours /Day STC* SMA
Inverter Model
Type Panel / **Inverter Warranty
11,115 Watt, 39 Panel
SMA SolarWorld Kit
SMATLSW-11115 11,115 Watts 1,667 kWh 10000TL-US Grid Tie 25 / 10 Years

*STC = "Standard Test Conditions" Definition

The SMA Sunny Boy inverters are engineered for the American markets that require UL listing and automatic grid detection. All SMApre-engineered American inverters have automatic grid detection and a integrated DC disconnect switch which simplifies installation while ensuring safety and saves considerable installation time. SMA inverters feature galvanic insolation and can be used with all types of mono and polycrystalline solar panels. The die-cast aluminum enclosure with the OptiCool active temperature management system guarantees the highest yields possible and a long service life even under extreme  conditions. Forced cooling significantly extends the life and performance of an inverter over convection cooled inverters.

SMA Webconnect (1 - Included / SWDM-US-10)

Webconnect is ideally suited for online monitoring of small PV plants with up to four inverters. It provides free access to Sunny Portal with existing Internet access and a DSL router, without an additional data logger. Webconnect commissioning is plug and play after the simple installation of the inverter interface, which is optionally available or integrated at the factory. Once configured, key plant data can be accessed and displayed in a clear format whenever needed via Sunny Portal and automatic product updates ensure that the device firmware is always up to date

SolarWorld’s Sunmodule solar panels are recognized as one of the leaders in setting industry standard in quality. SolarWorld stringently control the entire manufacturing process, ensuring high performance in each and every panel. SolarWorld has been ISO 9001 certified forfreight more than 10 years, which means they have been officially recognized for their quality management for a long time now. The fact they are American made makes this sweet system even sweeter.  Ul Listed, 25 year warranty. grid-tie packages

What's On The Truck

  • 39 - 285 Watt SolarWorld Panels, Black Frame Plus 285 Mono Black
  • 1 - SMA, Sunny Boy 10000TLUS-12 Grid Tied Inverter
  • PV Wire, 10AWG, UL4703 with H4, 600VDC as Required to Edge of Array


solarworld solar Kit Ships in 3 to 5 Business Days After Funds Clear. Solarworld Solar packages stocked in California & New Jersey.


roof rack ground rack


Options & Accessories Part # Price  
1 Set Basic IronRidge Roof Racking Option D (1 Rack Set Required Per Solar Panel 4 Panel MIN)

NOTE: Checkout Default Price Decreases in Segments As Per Unit Quantity Increases. ironridge solar racks
BP6932304solar roof rack
1 Set Basic IronRidge Ground Racking (1 Rack Set Required Per Solar Panel 4 Panel MIN)

NOTE: Checkout Default Price Decreases in Segments As Per Unit Quantity Increases.ironridge
BP6932304solar ground rack
sma accessoriesSMA, Speedwire Webconnect communication interface data module, for TL-22 and STP Inverters, retrofit kit, SWDM-US-10 for communication with Sunny Portal via Webconnect 5701050SMA personal display
SMA, Communication RS-485 Data Module for TL-22 and STP Inverters, DM-485CB-US-10 5700935wireless connection
sma accessoriesSMA, Rapid Shutdown Box, 600V, 4 strings, 2 in parallel per channel, RSB-2S-US-10 (Optional Rapid Shutdown Controller Not Included) 5800122 SMA personal display
SMA, Extended Warranty, SunnyBoy 0- 4.9kW Inverters, 5 Year Standard, (15 years total), GV5US-D, (Not Sold Separately) 3500169inverter warranty


Additional Hardware That May Be Required

dcBlue Pacific Solar has provided all of the main parts you will need for your kit. (See "What's On The Truck") Roof racks and roof rack attachment options or a ground rack system are site specific options that are not included with the base package. Additionally some additional items sourced from your local hardware store that your may need to purchase are: Conduit, appropriately sized electrical wire from the array, some fasteners, sealant, grounding rod, junction box at the edge of the array where you will make the transition to conduit, an AC combiner box if you have more than one string and a AC disconnect within 10' of the main panel which may be required in some local jurisdictions.

SMA personal display

Ideally suited for online monitoring of small solar systems with a maximum number of up to four inverters: Webconnect provides free access to Sunny Portal without additional data logger – easily via an existing Internet access and a DSL router. After the simple installation of the inverter interface which is optionally available or already integrated at the factory, you can commission the Webconnect. Basically, it is plug and play. Once configured, key system data can be accessed and displayed in a clear format whenever you need it. Moreover, automatic product updates ensure that the device firmware is always up-to-date.

Apart from the Webconnect data module or the Webconnect functions integrated into the inverter, you only need an Internet connection and a DSL router.


data sheet

SMA 11115W Grid-Tied Solar Kit Setting new heights in residential inverter performance

nec codeelectricity

SMA 11115W Kit IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS: It is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure that all products are installed and operated in accordance with local and national building codes as specific by the NEC (National Electric Code), UBC (Uniform Building Code) or IBC (International Building Code) and local utility company policy. These codes may vary from city to city and county to county. All Grid-tied solar installations should be permitted and inspected, where required, by the local inspection authority in the same manner as other equivalent electrical systems. It is always a good idea to contract with a local licensed electrician to at least do the final electrical connection of your SMA 11115W Kit from the AC disconnect to your home utility breaker box. Some local permitting authorities require that a licensed electrician do all the wiring from the rack to the utility interconnect.

Additional Safety Instructions; Perform all electrical installations in accordance with all applicable local electrical codes and the National Electrical Code (NEC), ANSI/NFPA 70. Be aware that only qualified personnel should install this grid-tied solar kit. Before installing or using the inverters and all equipment, please read all instructions and cautionary markings in the technical description. Connect the inverter to the utility grid only after receiving prior approval from the electrical utility company. Danger to life from electric shock due to high voltages in the inverter High voltages that can cause fatal electric shocks are present in the live components of the inverter. Do not open the inverter. All work on the inverter (e.g. repairs, modifications) may only be carried out by a qualified person. Do NOT disconnect the solar panel from the system without first removing power.

This SMA 11115W Kit is an affordable grid-tie solar do-it-yourself (DIY) high quality solution for your home or businesses energy independence.