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Redding solar companies complete systems for solar electrical power and thermal hot water. You became part of the solar solution when you clicked on our website and took your first step towards increasing your monthly cash flow. Rising power costs, climate change and the destruction of nonrenewable resources is a daily news bulletin. But there is an answer, renewable clean solar electrical power and solar thermal hot water can make you part of the sustainable solution.

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In Redding, Blue Pacific Solar is offering a wide spectrum of home and industrial solar solutions with two market approaches. Our operations technicians group serves a network of successful local community companies for the thermal and photovoltaic panel system packages and kits module market. Our engineering team focuses on the development of affordable finance and lease programs from regional corporation facilities.

Our panel system packages and kits managers are trained to listen to your needs then show you the benefits of becoming an energy producer. Partnering with Schüco, the worlds largest energy company, our California companies are offering panel products for Redding residential and commercial solar industrial solutions from one facility. Your first step is completing our form and get your free site evaluation without the high-pressure sales tactics you hear about.

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Contact us today. Expert consulting starts with the determination of your requirements at your home - or at the site where your new home is to be built. Schedule an initial solar evaluation that includes federal tax incentives and California utility rebates. We will have one of our companies certified panel system packages and kits technicians call you to see if solar, for your Redding home or business, is right for you. We hope you will go solar. It will benefit you and benefit the planet. We'll work hard to go the extra mile for you. Together with a passion for green technology, we can help build sustainability.

Solar Photovoltaic Energy is ...

... Tapping into the most direct sources of power... The natural thing to do... Helping the planet... Reducing pollution from fossil fuel... A clean source of energy that will never run out... The satisfaction of doing the right thing... A wise investment in a sustainable USA future ... A step away from energy dependence and the unpredictable high costs of energy

At Blue Pacific Solar you will find energy professionals with expert capabilities that can answer all your questions regarding CA SMUD or PGE utility rebates and incentives. Our Redding Solar Companies have a wide selection of panels module that combine elegant aesthetics with robust design and performance and have proved themselves in both large and small panel system packages and kits projects in 78 countries around the world. Californias' sustainable development programs have allowed us to expand our project offering of affordable home financing or solar lease. Email us your plan including details and a regional operations manager will follow up providing a complete proposal including rebate analysis.

You should purchase here because stand behind what we sell. Our premium photovoltaic panels manufactured by Schüco are guaranteed performance with a 25 year output warranty with the highest rating from consumer groups. The quality of Schuco solar products are second to none. The corporation makes sure of it at one of the best equipped testing facilities in the world that they are very proud of. Schuco solar panels systems are tested under simulations of vicious hail, torrential rain, high winds and anything else the weather can dish out. Redding solar companies, factory training combined with worlds largest solar corporation means complete consumer confidence. Each solar product allows you to take full advantage of your utility company rebates, federal tax incentives giving you positive cash flow! It is not news to sunwize homeowners, and commercial businesses that we are very proud of the innovation of our energy efficient solar panels.

Redding Solar companies - Utilizing industrial grade building technologies, Schuco systems are making news as fast and easy to installs with minimum impact on roofing. Solar power installed on your Redding home or commercial business will make you a solarcity farmer harvesting free energy from the sun. Photovoltaic panels effortlessly generate clean renewable electricity powering your home without noise or moving parts. Rooftop solar panels from Schuco are low-profile and can be integrated perfectly into your existing roof systems using our own in-house experienced roofers.

Our solar companies are installing photovoltaic panels and thermal hot water from Bakersfield, Fresno, San Francisco to Redding, sunwize California property owners are adding megawatts of money to their wallets, saving kilowatt of energy with sunpower. No matter if its installed panels mounted on your roof, solar thermal to heat your pool or solar home hot water, we have the expert capabilities to get the job done.

The process of receiving your free Redding solar companies energy site evaluation for your residential home or commercial business is easy. There are nine basic steps to to start you on your way to having one of our companies install your Redding solar system:

Step 1: You fill out our form and request a free site inspection and consultation with a solar energy operations technicians.

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Step 2: You decide if solar in your home or commercial business is right for you.

Step 3: You arrange your financing and we handle the paperwork for the solar utility rebates.

Step 4: You or our solar professional from your local Redding solar companies system packages and kits conducts a simple home energy audit.

Step 5: Blue Pacific Solar will complete all the California paperwork including your CA utility rebates and incentives.

Step 6: Our professional Redding solar companies panel system packages and kits group installs your solar panels on your home or commercial business.

Step 7: We arrange for the utility company inspections on your home or commercial building.

Step 8: Our in-house licensed C-10 electrician, turns on your Redding California home or commercial solar system and you can enjoy the happiness of watching your utility electric meter spinning backwards for the first time.

Step 9: You are paid your utility company rebates and apply for your federal tax incentives when you file your income tax for this year .

Only thing to do right now is request your Free Redding solar companies home or commercial consultation which is the first step in the process to put you on your way to your own solar panels panel system packages and kits. You will be the envy of the neighborhood.