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solar starter kit residential pre-packaged expandable panel system

solar starter kit
  • Solar Starter Kit. Break FREE from rising utility bills!
  • Start your journey to become free from high electrical costs. This Micro-inverter 180 watt Grid tie System is the perfect starter kit from one of the best solar company products on the market today. That’s because the solar panels are made by Schüco Solar, a reputable German manufacturer that's vertically integrated, and paired with micro inverters by Enphase Energy, a company at the forefront of inverter technology and growing at lightning speed.
  • The Schüco Micro-inverter 180 watt Grid tie solar starter kit comes with 1 Schüco MPE 180 MS 05 180-watt solar panels and 1 Enphase M190 Micro inverters.
  • Because each panel is paired with their own inverter with a built-in MPPT charge controller, it is an expandable system. You can literally add one solar panel and one Enphase Micro inverter at a time.
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    This system qualifies for a Federal Tax Credit of 30% of the installed cost! Additional state rebates may be available.

Product Specifications

Schüco 180 watt Micro inverter grid-tie system, with 1 Schüco 180 watt solar panels. Monthly output up to 27 kWH based on 5 hrs sun hours a day.

Schüco MPE modules in the MS 05 series are distinguished by monocrystalline solar cells with high cell efficiencies for the highest possible outputs. The all new MS 05 module series with an optimized size even for small residential roofs fits perfectly on dark shingles or tile roofs while enabling highest system performance. With a 25 year product warranty and an effective module output tolerance of −0 % / +5 % reliability and quality has a new name.

    solar kit
  • 1300 watt solar kit 1 Schüco Solar Modules MPE 180 MS 05, 180 watt solar module (Black Frame) Highest quality PV modules. Schüco MPE modules in the MS 05 series are distinguished by monocrystalline solar cells with high cell efficiencies for the highest possible outputs per square meter of module area. The output tolerance of -0%/+5% ensures the highest quality and means increased outputs due to a guaranteed rated output for each module.
  • solar starter kit1 Enphase M190 - Micro-inverter 240 VAC - MC4 Connection schuco enphase kit
  • 1 Enphase AC Branch Circuit 72" kit (mounting plate shown in diagram included in circuit kit)
  • kit Enphase Install Guide Exploded View ((Figure 1) AC junction box, copper ground wire conductor and branch circuit breaker, not included. (AC interconnect cable is included))
  • Micro inverter installation training video. Click here enphase solar kit(New Window Will Open)
solar starter kit


  • Optional Rack Kit Parts Per Quantity Added To Order:
  • 6' - Schuco ezRail Per Racking Kit
  • 4 - Flashed L-bracket
  • 4 - Shingle Flashing
  • 4 - Rail Bolts
  • 2 - End Clamps
  • 2 - Bottom Clips
  • 1 - Grounding Lugs
  • 1 - Grounding Weeb Clip
  • 1 - Cable Clip
  • 1 (Schuco) Installation Manual
  • solar kit Module Attachment instructions
  • solar kit Rack Installation Inst.
  • off grid solar system Schuco SolarEZ Mounting
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  • solar starter kit residential system panels kits photovoltaic panel pre-packaged solar

    Whether you’re comparing price or quality, Schüco Solar is one of the most competitive manufacturers of PV modules in the world. That’s because their vertically integrated structure allows them to have a tight grip on quality control from the beginning of the manufacturing process AND maintain low price structures. They begin with the raw material of Silicon to produce crystalline ingots, wafers and then cells, and finish off with the assembly of photovoltaic modules.

    Their rigorous testing and quality control on their solar panels are particularly noteworthy. Schüco Solar performs a variety of tests including a mechanical loading test which checks on modules’ resistance in harsh wind, snow, and static loads such as ice. Their Resilience Test simulates events of heavy impact, while their infra red test assesses a module’s behavior with heavy humidity, UV exposure, or harsh weather conditions like heat or hail.