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SMA EXTANT-US-40 WiFi Antenna Extension Kit for US-40 Inverters

SMA Sunny Boy
  • SMA, Wi-Fi Antenna Extension Kit EXTANT-US-40 is an accessory set for one SMA inverter and optimizes the SMA inverter’s WLAN radio range. The product is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
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What's On the TruckSMA Sunny Boy

  • SMA, Wi-Fi Antenna Extension Kit EXTANT-US-40


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SMA America started in Germany in 1981 and is a pioneer in solar power conversion with 50 Gigawatts of SMA power installed globally. Today they are the number one inverter manufacturer worldwide with presence in 15 different countries, including the United States and Canada. As a system technology specialist, SMA has been developing and distributing high-quality solar inverters and innovative technology for intelligent energy management.


Product Description

SMA, Wi-Fi Antenna Extension Kit EXTANT-US-40 is for systems needing additional WLAN range or increased signal strength in cases of inverters located inside buildings or experiencing radio signal interference. The mounting location of the antenna is crucial for the quality of the wireless connection. Radio waves are emitted in circles from the longitudinal side of the antenna. A circular dead spot begins at the tip of the antenna. If you place the receiver in this dead spot, the receiver cannot receive any radio waves from the antenna.

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