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260W Remote Solar, Telecommunication, Security Power Systems

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  • 260 Watt System RP260-12-224
  • Blue Pacific remote solar power supply (RSPS) systems are stand-alone solar power systems designed to supply a wide variety of remote power requirements. All RSPS systems are complete packaged systems consisting of solar modules, mounting structures, batteries (if noted otherwise optional), battery enclosure, PV wiring and necessary charge regulation circuitry. RSPS systems represent the highest standards of reliability. All components have passed rigorous testing and are suitable for use in the harshest of environments. Suitable for powering lights, sensors, monitors, security cameras, illuminated signage, traffic signals, communications equipment and more. Designed to perform in remote and industrial settings where durable construction and reliable operation are critical. Our RSPS systems are built on years of experience designing reliable solar-powered equipment for telecommunications, signal, traffic, railroad and oil industry projects. They come with a single line wire diagram which shows you how to connect the equipment. Blue Pacific Solar RSPS systems are designed to operate flawlessly in the most harsh environments. The lightweight non-insulated NEMA 3 aluminum battery enclosure offers corrosion protection in most environments.
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260 Watt remote power station, security, telecommunication, off-grid systems

Part Number Solar Panel Battery Daily Watts Based on 4 Sun Hours (*STC) Voltage DC/AC Battery Included Energy Storage Capacity
RP260-12-224 1 - 260 Watt 2 - 224 AH 1,040 Watts 12VDC / Option 120V Yes (2 - AGM) 2,688 Watts

*STC = "Standard Test Conditions" Definition

  • Remote Security
  • Telecommunications
  • Satellite Communications
  • Wireless Data

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What's on the Truck:

  • 1 - SolarWorld, 260W Solar Panel Black Frame Poly Pro WOB-BAA (Equal or Better)
  • 1 - Power Fab DPW, SPM, Side-of-Pole Mount for 1 Type-G Module, 37-42" x 61-67", 1hx1w-L (Designed to mount on 2”- 3.5” O.D. pipe. Pole or Pipe Not Included)
  • 1 - MidNite MNPV-3, 3 Position Combiner Box
  • 1 - MNEPV-15 15 amp DC Breaker 150VDC DIN
  • 1 - Morningstar, ProStar MPPT Charge Controller, 25A, 12/24V, 25A Load Controller, 120V max input, No Meter, PS-MPPT-25
  • 2 - Fullriver DC224-6 6V 224 AH AGM Batteries
  • 1 - 2/0 - 12" UL Cable, Battery Interconnect (black)
  • 1 - Aluminum Vented Side-of-Pole Battery Enclosure
  • 1 - WEEB Ground Clip DMC
  • 1 - WEEB Ground Lug 6.7 Assembly
  • 1 - MC4 10 AWG-PV Wire - 30' cable extension
  • 4 - 1/2" Strain Relief for #10 or #12 wire
  • 1 - Line Drawing

remote powerMajority of system ships in 5 - 7 business days after funds clear. Power Fab rack drop ship direct from manufacture in about 15 business days subject to seasonal increases. (Non-stock item)


MorningStar Off-Grid Battery Based AC Inverter Option


MorningStar has been a leader in the solar industry for over 16 years supplying quality solar controllers and inverters. Morningstar is a privately owned US corporation with a commercial office located near Philadelphia, and engineering lab in Columbia, Maryland. MorningStar products are manufactured in an ISO 9001 certified facility.

Off-Grid Battery Based Inverters Part Number Watts Input Voltage Output Voltage No Load Watts Type Price
MorningStar SI-300-115V  BP2680215  300 12 VDC 115 VAC  55mA  Pure Sine Wave Off-Grid


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260W Remote Solar, Telecommunication, Security, Off-Grid mobile telecom Systems

260W Remote Solar kits are integrated solutions for a wide range of industrial applications. Remote power systems our Solar Energy Consultants have provided here are the ideal solution for telecom, security, telecommunications, scientific equipment, and data reporting. Each pole mount kit incorporates solar panels, a charge controller for the battery bank, DC distribution capabilities, and an optional telecommunications-grade DC/AC Inverter into a robust passively cooled outdoor enclosure and solar panel rack. The system can be located in the telecommunications compound along with the telecommunications ground-mounted equipment to provide a reliable source of power. Telecommunications, microwave repeaters, wireless security systems, mobile telecom are examples of effective uses for remote power systems. Solar powered traffic signals can be located anywhere it is not practical or cost-effective to install a utility connection. It can be equally useful in an urban setting or on remote stretches of highway. It is the best solution for mobile warning signals and speed monitoring. Outdoor lighting solar systems are often used in parking lots and bus shelters, and to illuminate highway signs. Vaccine refrigeration systems play a key role in the storage and distribution of vital vaccines and blood in remote areas of developing countries throughout the world.

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NOTE, IMPORTANT RP260-12-224 INSTALLATION: (OK, here is the scary legal disclaimer.) It is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure that all products are installed and operated in accordance with local and national building codes as specific by the NEC (National Electric Code), UBC (Uniform Building Code) or IBC (International Building Code). These codes may vary from city to city and county to county. All solar installations should be permitted and inspected, where required, by the local inspection authority in the same manner as other equivalent electrical systems. RP260-12-224 260W remote solar for telecommunication and stand alone security systems