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OutBack Mate3 Power System Display Monitor / Controller

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  • OutBack Mate3
  • OutBack Power Mate3 system display and controller used to program, manage and monitor the entire system. Intuitive menu structure, easy-to-read graphical display, system configuration wizard, internet-enabled.
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  • Outback MATE3, Communications Controller for FlexWare, White Case


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OutBack Power Technologies is a leader in advanced energy conversion technology. OutBack products include true sine wave inverter/chargers, maximum power point tracking charge controllers, and system communication components, as well as circuit breakers, batteries, accessories, and assembled systems. As a leader in off-grid energy systems designed around energy storage, OutBack Power is an innovator in Grid/Hybrid system technology, providing the best of both worlds: grid-tied system savings during normal or daylight operation, and off-grid independence during peak energy times or in the event of a power outage or an emergency. Grid/Hybrid systems have the intelligence, agility and interoperability to operate in multiple energy modes quickly, efficiently, and seamlessly, in order to deliver clean, continuous and reliable power to residential and commercial users while maintaining grid stability.

outback power

Product Description

The OutBack MATE3 System Display and Controller make it easy to program and monitor a complete OutBack Power system. An intuitive user interface and integrated system configuration wizard make system setup and programming quick and seamless. The ability to set unique multi-level user passwords makes it possible to secure critical system settings from unintended changes while still allowing open access to necessary functions.

Other features making system management simpler include an easy-to-read graphical backlit LCD display, improved tactile buttons, and user programmable "favorite" keys for immediate access to the most wanted features. An intuitive scroll wheel interface allows easy adjustment of system set points. Expandable SD card memory increases data-logging capacity as well as making it easy to upgrade units in the field.

A built-in clock and calendar function enables timer-based programming of inverter and charger operation. This setting allows the system to work with time-of-day power rates or to limit a generator’s runtime to a specific time period of the day or week. All settings are stored in onboard memory to eliminate the need to reprogram in the event of a system shutdown or battery replacement. The MATE3 supports web-server access via an intranet to allow monitoring of an OutBack system.

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