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OutBack 2340W Off-Grid Kit Radian 8048A & GSLC175-PV-120/240 Load Center

GS8048A kit
    off grid
  • 2.3 kW Off-grid Package
  • OutBack DIY (Do-it-yourself) Engineered Systems with Radian 8048A inverter and GSLC175-120/240 Load Center accommodates all of the essential protective devices and is an ideal solution when there is a need for a large technically advanced flexible system. This system is designed for a very simple assembly of the inverter and load center on site saving you thousands of dollars. Methodically engineered, every component of this kit has been specially selected to assure the highest performance in a safe and simple-to-install engineered package. This mini-grid power system is ideal for applications such as grid-interactive and stand-alone capability in the same package.
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OutBack Grid-Interactive and Stand-Alone Capability in the same package

Power Center Part Number Array Size Watts (STC*) Daily Watts Based on 5 Sun Hours (*STC) Voltage
DC (Bat) / AC
Type Continuous AC Output Watts AC Output Current
Radian 8048A Inverter
GSLC175-120/240 Load Center
RADTS-2340 2,340W 11,700W (*STC) 48VDC /
120/240 VAC
Off-Grid &
8,000 30AAC

*STC = "Standard Test Conditions" Definition

FWPV**Grid-interactive Definition - Utility grid power is available for use and the system is capable of exporting (selling) electricity back to the utility grid.


OutBack Radian GS8048A Inverter / Chargers work equally well as a grid-tie or off-grid power system. The Radian Series GS8048A Grid/Hybrid™ with GSLC175-PV-120/240 Prewired Load Center (full-flexibility grid-interactive and/or off-grid) inverter/charger that is engineered toward one goal: making system design and installation easier and faster in grid-interactive and comprehensive off-grid applications. GSLC175PV-120/240 Load Center is a factory prepared UL compliant assembly with dual 175ADC inverter breakers, dual AC inputs, AC maintenance bypass, PV GFDI, and two PV array inputs, FLEXnet DC battery monitor and three shunts. “Plug and play” for systems which have a single Radian inverter and two charge controllers and need battery monitoring. pre-engineered

Trina Solar Panels; founded in 1997 with over 20 offices worldwide and 13,700 employees, Trina modules are UL certified and named by EuPD Research as the "Top Brand PV" in Germany in 2013. Photovoltaic projects rely on high quality products that stand the test of time for project inputs ranging from engineering to design to financing and more. Relative to industry peers, Trina products have a strong 18 year track record of reliability and performance in the field. As a vertically integrated company, Trina tightly controls quality at every step from silicon crystallization to module deployment in the field with 30 in-house quality tests. Trina Solar panel quality is guaranteed by a 25-year industry leading warranties and are UL Listed.

The OutBack Radian 8048A is an advanced electronic device that takes DC (Direct Current) voltage from your batteries and turns it into 240VAC (Alternating Current), which is needed to power your household electrical appliances (i.e. AC loads). includes dual inverters/chargers, AC and DC wiring boxes, FLEXmax Charge Controller, MATE3, HUB, FLEXnet DC and Surge Protectors.

The Radian 8048A GSLC175-120/240 Load Center also includes a inverter battery charger circuit that takes AC power (When connected to your utility OR generator power) and transforms it into DC power to recharge your batteries from the inverter while the FLEXmax 80 is charging the batteries from the solar array.

Grid-tie or off-grid, the output is 120/240 VAC split phase in each unit for easy tie-in to US standard wiring and grid connections. The a single Radian features 8 kW of continuous output power and can support large dynamic load variations and surge loads, making it well suited for demanding residential applications. The GS4048A support a wider range of battery charging parameters and are recommended when using advanced battery chemistries, such as lithium ion. This inverter package also include OutBack's new Grid Zero feature, which enables them to manage input from the utility grid in parallel with the inverter output, and are recommended for systems that aren't net metered. With two power stages, the GS8048A are able to provide high efficiency and redundancy for critical applications, and the modular design is field serviceable. Radian series inverters can be parallel stacked with up to 10 inverters for 80 kW total output.

Choose either roof, ground or pole mount rack which will save you both time and money. As with all Blue Pacific Solar's kits, our Technical staff is standing by to provide support that is as close as your telephone. OutBack Radian 8048A GSLC175-120/240 Load Center was designed with ease of installation in mind and is a superior choice when you need a fully integrated power system for larger applications. OutBack Warranty 5 Years, Solar Panel Warranty 25 Years.OutBack kits

What's On The Truck

  • 9 - 260 Watt Trina Solar Panels, Poly, Black Frame, TSM-260PD05
  • 1 - * Outback, Radian GS8048A Battery Based Inverter/Charger (Requires 48VDC Battery Bank)
  • 1 - * Outback, GSLC175-PV-12/240 Prewired GS Load Center
  • GSLC175-120/240 Load Center
  • 1 - * Outback, FM80-150VDC MPPT Charge Controller, 80A, 150VDC, 48VDC, FM80
  • 1 - * Outback, FW-CCB2, Flexware Dual FM CC Side Mount Bracket
  • 1 - * Outback, MATE3, Advanced Remote Monitor and Controller
  • 1 - * Outback, FW-MB3, Flexware MATE3 Side Mount Bracket
  • 1 - * Outback, HUB10.3, COMM MANAGER
  • 1 - Midnite Solar, Combiner box, for 12 PV breakers 3R, MNPV12
  • 3 - MidNite Solar MNEPV-15 - 15 amp DC Breaker 150VDC DIN, 13mm
  • 1 - MidNite Solar MNSPD-300-DC Surge Protector Device (Lighting Arrester)
  • 3 - 50' PV Wire, 10AWG, UL4703 600VDC; Male/Female MC4 Connectors
  • 1 - Multi-Contact MC4 Unlocking Tool
  • 11 - Strain Relief, Cord Grip, 1-Hole for 5 to 12mm (.200” - .472”) OD Wire, 1/2” with locknut
  • 1 - Multi-Contact MC4 Latch Tool
  • 2 - Inverter Battery Cables, Code Approved THW, 4/0 x 10' (ft.) (1 red, 1 black)
  • 1 - Line Drawing; Full Instructive Three-Line Diagram of Entire DC Circuit, as Well as AC Lines to Your Main Panel.

outback* These Parts Are Supplied But Field Assembly Is Required By Others, See Below ↓

dcPanels and balance of system ship in 3 - 5 business days after funds clear. OutBack Radian 8048A & GSLC175-120/240 Load Centers are a stock item but because of the popularity of the items, allow 10 business days to ship after funds clear. Solar panel to main panel custom Line Drawing PDF is sent via email in 5 - 7 business days. (Stock Items & Line Drawing Subject to Seasonal Increases)

acRoof or ground racks and batteries are not included in the base price of the kit because they are site specific options. Mounting on the roof or ground, types of attachment are individual's specific property requirements. There are options below for racking (roof or ground), and batteries to accommodate nearly every application you might encounter.

roof rack ground rack
battery cables


Optional Accessories Part # Price  
1 Set Basic IronRidge Roof Racking Option D (1 Rack Set Required Per Solar Panel 4 Panel MIN)

NOTE: Checkout Default Price Decreases in Segments As Per Unit Quantity Increases. ironridge roof racks
1 Set Basic IronRidge Ground Racking (1 Rack Set Required Per Solar Panel 4 Panel MIN)

NOTE: Checkout Default Price Decreases in Segments As Per Unit Quantity Increases.ironridge ground
Outback Radian GS8048A Inverter w/ GSLC175-PV-12/240 Prewired GS Load Center. (Some Assembly Required) Includes 2 - Inverter Battery Cables, Code Approved THW, 4/0 x 10' (ft.) (1 red, 1 black);. 1 Additional Inverter with Load Center Wired in Parallel Increases Output Amps X30 AAC. (Example: 2 Radian Inverters = 60AAC Output) 8306291mate3
Outback Flexmax 80 Charge Controller 02002020fm80
Arrh! More Power? Upgrade to American Made SolarWorld; 280W Solar Panel, Clear Frame, 60 Cell Mono, SW280 Mono charge controller

(Add 1 Upgrade Per Panel. Example: 10 Panel Kit Upgrade = Add 10 Sets) SolarWorld panels are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A.
Arrh! More Power But You Want the Black Frame? Upgrade to American Made SolarWorld, 275W PV Module, Black Frame, Mono mppt

(Add 1 Upgrade Per Panel. Example: 10 Panel Kit Upgrade = Add 10 Sets) SolarWorld panels are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A.

dcBlue Pacific Solar has provided all of the main parts you will need for your kit. Racks and batteries are site specific options that are not included with the base package. Additionally some additional items sourced from your local hardware store that your may need to purchase are: Conduit, appropriately sized electrical wire from the array, some fasteners, sealant, and wire to complete the final connection to your main panel or sub panel.

outback radian inveter GSLC175-120/240
stand alone

OutBack 2340W Off-Grid Solar Kit Radian 8048A Inverter Utilizing the GSLC175-PV-120/240 Load Center

OutBack 2340W Off-Grid Solar Kit with Radian 8048A GSLC175-120/240 Load Center are solid-state electronic devices that, when sized properly, can be used in nearly every solar and system that uses batteries. The Radian 8048A/GSLC175-120/240 Load Centers Blue Pacific Solar sells employ the latest in power electronics to regulate the battery charge by controlling the charging voltage and current from a solar panel array. Power Centers with inverter chargers and charge controllers regulate the charge of the battery, but also prevent the battery fr

shock warningNOTE, IMPORTANT INSTALLATION: It is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure that all products are installed and operated in accordance with local and national buildingnec codes as specific by the NEC (National Electric Code), UBC (Uniform Building Code) or IBC (International Building Code) and local utility company policy. These codes may vary from city to city and county to county. All OutBack Radian 8048A off-grid or backup solar installations should be permitted and inspected, where required, by the local inspection authority in the same manner as other equivalent electrical systems. Blue Pacific Solar recommends you contract with a local licensed electrician to do the final electrical connection of your solar system from the AC disconnect to your main breaker box. If you need help with the permitting documents for your kit, we are here for you. Solar permit service add on is available at checkout. Additional Safety Instructions; perform all electrical installations in accordance with all applicable local electrical codes and the National Electrical Code (NEC), ANSI/NFPA 70. Do NOT disconnect the solar panel while the panels are under loads.

This OutBack 2340W Off-Grid Solar Kit with Radian 8048A GSLC175-120/240 Load Center is an affordable expandable do-it-yourself (DIY) high quality solution for your home, cabin or backup application.