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Outback 2700W Radian GS8048A Kit With Prewired GS Load Center

GS8048A kit
  • 2.7 kW Off-grid / Grid-Interactive Package
  • off gridOur Outback Radian kit offers an ideal solution for a large technically advanced flexible system. This 2700W kit is a triple hit because we have taken one of the worlds most popular inverters, combined the pre-engineered system with 300 watt panels and MidNite surge protectors. This system is designed for a very simple assembly of the inverter and load center on site saving you thousands of dollars. Methodically engineered, every component of this kit has been specially selected to assure the highest performance in a safe and simple-to-install kit. This mini-grid power system is ideal for applications such as grid-interactive and stand-alone capability in the same package. Utilizing a compact design and an easy-to-install load center, this is simple installation saving both time and money with just a few household tools.
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Outback Battery Based Grid-Interactive / Off-Grid Renewable Energy System

Power Center Part Number Array Size (STC*) Daily Watts Based on 5 Sun Hours (*STC) Voltage DC/AC Type Continuous AC Output Watts Continuous AC Output Current
Radian GS8048A
w/ GSLC175-PV-120/240 Prewired Load Center
RADSW-2700 2,700 13,500 Watts 48 / 120 | 240 Off-Grid
8,000 @ 240VAC 33.3AAC @ 240VAC

FWPVGrid-interactive Definition - Utility grid power is available for use and the system is capable of exporting (selling) electricity back to the utility grid.


OutBack Radian GS8048A inverter work equally well as a grid-tie or off-grid inverter. The Radian Series GS8048A Grid/Hybrid™ with GSLC175-PV-120/240 Prewired Load Center (full-flexibility grid-interactive/off-grid) inverter/charger that is engineered toward one goal: making system design and installation easier and faster in grid-interactive and comprehensive off-grid applications. The GSLC175-PV-120/240 Prewired Load Center simplifies the configuration, distribution, and implementation of energy storage through a standardized approach with the Outback Radian inverter, making it easier than ever to provide successful solutions for virtually any residential, commercial power requirement. Radian Series GS8048A system is designed for a quick installation. Choose either roof, ground or pole mount rack which will save you both time and money. As with all Blue Pacific Solar's kits, our Technical Sales staff is standing by to provide support that is as close as your telephone.

OutBack Radian GS8048A inverters work equally well as a grid-tie or off-grid inverter. There are two separate AC inputs, one for the bi-directional grid connection and one for a backup generator. There is a built-in 50 A transfer switch at 120/240 VAC. The output is 120/240 VAC split phase in each unit for easy tie-in to US standard wiring and grid connections. The a single Radian features 8 kW of continuous output power and can support large dynamic load variations and surge loads, making it well suited for demanding residential applications. The GS4048A support a wider range of battery charging parameters and are recommended when using advanced battery chemistries, such as lithium ion. These two inverterspre-engineered also include OutBack's new Grid Zero feature, which enables them to manage input from the utility grid in parallel with the inverter output, and are recommended for systems that aren't net metered. With two power stages, the GS8048A are able to provide high efficiency and redundancy for critical applications, and the modular design is field serviceable. The Radian series inverters can be parallel stacked with up to 10 inverters for 80 kW total output. The GS8048A can also be stacked for a 12 kW system. In fully off-grid applications, the minimum recommended battery size is 350 Ah for the GS8048A for each inverter installed in a power system.

The GS Load Center (GSLC175-PV-120/240) is a wiring and circuit protection enclosure that mounts under the Radian inverter. The GS Load Center includes positive and negative main inverter busbars, a 500 A 50 mV shunt with negative terminal bar, the main DC positive breaker plate, ground and neutral terminal bars, and 2 PV positive terminal bars. Up to two charge controllers can mount on the right side, and the HUB10 can mount on the left side. The GSLC175-PV-120/240 includes the 175-120/240 unit plus two 80 A PV array breakers, a two pole GFDI 80 A breaker, three 500. A 50 mV shunts with shunt bus, and a FLEXnetDC. The GFDI acts as the breaker between the control and positive bus; there are no other breakers added for this purpose.

The GS8048A is certified to UL1741 for USA applications, and is IEC 62109-1 certified to meet the most stringent worldwide solar safety and emission standards.

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What's On The Truck

  • 9 - Phono Solar, 300 watt panel PS300P-24/T
  • 1 - *Outback, Radian GS8048A Battery Based Inverter/Charger
  • 1 - *Outback, GSLC175-PV-12/240 Prewired GS Load Center
  • 1 - *Outback, FM80-150VDC MPPT Charge Controller, 80A, 150VDC, 12/24/48/60VDC, FM80
  • 1 - *Outback, FW-CCB2, Flexware Dual FM CC Side Mount Bracketpower center
  • 1 - *Outback, MATE3, Advanced Remote Monitor and Controller
  • 1 - *Outback, FW-MB3, Flexware MATE3 Side Mount Bracket
  • 1 - *Outback, HUB10.3, COMM MANAGER
  • 1 - Midnite Solar, Combiner box, for 12 PV breakers 3R, MNPV12
  • 3 - Midnite MNEPV-15 15 amp DC Breaker 150VDC DIN Mount
  • 3 - *Midnite Solar MNSPD300 Lighting Arrestor
  • 3 - PV Wire 50’ Cable Extension, 10AWG, UL4703 with MC4 Connectors, 600VDC
  • 1 - Multi-Contact MC4 Latch Tool
  • 8 - 1/2" Strain Relief for #10 or #12 wire
  • 2 - Inverter Battery Cables, Code Approved THW, 4/0 x 10' (ft.) (1 red, 1 black)
  • 1 - Line Drawing; Full Instructive Three-Line Diagram of Entire DC Circuit, as Well as AC Lines to Your Main Panel.

outback*Field Assembly Required By Others, See Below ↓

radianPanels and balance of system ship in 3 - 5 business days after funds clear. radian One power centers ship in 10 business days. (Subject to Seasonal Increases) Custom Line Drawing is sent via email in 5 - 7 business days.

combinerGenerator - The Radian inverter can work with any “split-phase” generator that delivers reliable AC power at the appropriate voltage and frequency. They cannot work with a single-phase or three-phase generator.

roof rack ground rack
Optional Accessories Part # Price  
1 Set Basic IronRidge Ground Racking Option D(6 Rack Sets Required for 6 Solar Panels)ironridge solar racks  BP6932304solar ground rack
1 Set Basic IronRidge Roof Mount Racking Option D (6 Rack Sets Required for 6 Solar Panels) ironridge solar racks
 BP6932304solar roof rack
Outback Radian GS8048A Inverter w/ GSLC175-PV-12/240 Prewired GS Load Center. (Some Assembly Required) Includes 2 - Inverter Battery Cables, Code Approved THW, 4/0 x 10' (ft.) (1 red, 1 black);. Additional Inverter with Load Center Wired in Parallel Increases Output Amps X2. 8306291remote temperature sensor
Outback Flexmax 80 Charge Controller 02002020remote temperature sensor
Atkinson GSCM-Mini Auto Generator Start Module 12-24V - The Atkinson Auto Generator Start GSCM-Min controller is optimized for use on Outback inverters. It supports three types of 3 wire gas-generator control: momentary, maintained or ignition. It has a fixed crank time and over and under frequency shutdown. 2 year limited warranty.dc electricity 02006343remote temperature sensor
outback radian inveter GS8048A

dcBlue Pacific Solar has provided all of the main parts you will need for your kit. Here are some additional items sourced from your local hardware store that your may need to purchase. Conduit, appropriately sized electrical wire from the array, some fasteners, sealant, grounding rod and wire to complete the final assembly of the power center. Additionally, depending on the application, you may need an AC combiner, 100-Amp External Bypass Switch (Used only for inverter service or repair).

 GS8048A GS4048
Nominal DC Input Voltage 48 VDC 48VDC
Continuous Output Power at 25 °C 8000 VA 4000 VA 
AC Output Voltage/Frequency 120/240VAC, 60Hz (50Hz) 120/240VAC, 60Hz (50Hz)
Continuous AC Output Current at 25 °C 33.3AAC @ 240VAC 16.7AAC
Idle Consumption - Invert mode, no load 34 Watts 34W
Typical Efficiency 93% 92.5% 
Harmonic Distortion Maximum Total Harmonic: <5%
Maximum Single Voltage Harmonic: <2%
Maximum Total Harmonic: <5%
Maximum Single Voltage Harmonic: <2% 
Output Voltage Regulation ± 2% ± 2% 
Maximum Output Current 1 ms Peak: 100 AAC @ 240VAC, 200AAC @ 120VAC
1 ms RMS: 70.7 AAC @ 240VAC
1 ms Peak: 50AAC @ 240VAC
1 ms RMS: 35.35 AAC @ 240VAC
Overload Capability 100 ms Surge: 16.97 kVA
5 seconds: 12 kVA
30 minutes: 9 kVA
100 ms Surge: 8.5 kVA
5 seconds: 6.0 kVA
30 minutes: 4.5 kVA 
Maximum AC Input Current  50AAC @ 240VAC 50AAC 
AC Input Voltage Range (Adjustable) (L1 or L2) 70 to 280VAC (L1-N or L2-N) 85 to 140VAC 
AC Input Frequency Range 45 to 55Hz @ 50Hz (55 to 66Hz @ 60Hz) 45 to 55Hz @ 50Hz (54 to 66Hz @ 60Hz)
Grid-Interactive Voltage Range (L1-N or L2-N) 106 to 132VAC (L1-N, L2-N) 108 to 132VAC, default
Grid-Interactive Frequency Range 59.3 to 60.5Hz 59.3 to 60.5Hz
DC Input Voltage Range 40 to 64VDC 40 to 64VDC
Continuous Battery Charge Output 115.5 ADC 57.5 ADC 
Temperature Range Rated: -20 to 50°C (power derated above 25°C)
Maximum: -40 to 60°C*
Rated: -20 to 50°C (power derated above 25°C)
Maximum: -40 to 60°C* 
Weight Unit: 125 lbs (56.7 kg)
Shipping: 140 lbs (63.5 kg)
Unit: 82 lbs (37.2 kg)
Shipping: 94 lbs (42.6 kg)
Dimensions (HxWxD) Unit: 28 x 16 x 8.7” (71.1 x 40.6 x 22.1 cm)
Shipping: 34.5 x 21 x 14.5” (87.6 x 53.3 x 36.8 cm)
Unit: 28 x 16 x 8.7” (71.1 x 40.6 x 22.1 cm)
Shipping: 34.5 x 21 x 14.5” (87.6 x 53.3 x 36.8 cm)
Accessory Ports Remote Temperature Sensor and
MATE3/HUB Communications
Remote Temperature Sensor and
MATE3/HUB Communications 
Non-Volatile Memory Yes Yes 
Field Upgradable Firmware Yes  Yes
Chassis Type Vented  Vented 
Certifications Listed to UL1741, CE, CSA C22.2 No. 107.1, IEC
62109-1, AS4777.2, AS4777.3, EN61000-6-1,
EN61000-6-3, EN61000-3-2, EN61000-3-3, AS3100, RoHS compliant per directive 2011/65/EU
Listed to UL1741, CE, IEC-62109-1 ETL, CSA C22.2 No. 107.1, RoHS compliant per directive 2011/65/EU, FCC Class B, EN61000-6-1, EN61000-6-3, EN61000-3-2, EN61000-3-3
Warranty Standard 5-Year Warranty Standard 5-Year Warranty
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Outback 2700W Radian GS8048A Kit Grid-Interactive / Off-Grid Renewable Energy System

Outback 2700W Radian GS8048A Kit featuring the 120/240V 60Hz Outback Radian is an 8,000 to 16,000 Watt continuous power solution that seamlessly integrates with traditional North American wiring practices. The models combine pure sine wave power output technology with unsurpassed surge capability to start the most demanding appliances, and are built around a unique dual-power module design which ensures high efficiency in both low and full power operation as well as redundancy in mission-critical applications.

The GS8048A has a new Advanced Battery Charging (ABC) profile option to support leading-edge battery technologies such as Lithium-Ion and others, and enhanced diagnostics for improved performance. And both incorporate OutBack’s GridZero technology, a superior level of intelligence in energy management for self-generation and self-consumption programs, providing precise balancing between using stored energy, solar and utility power, blending-in the latter to overcome surges and load spikes when needed. GridZero operation makes it possible for a smaller inverter and battery system to perform like a much larger one when required, putting stored and renewable energy sources to work and minimizing grid dependence. GridZero technology make the new Radians ideal for use in complex utility environments such as California and Hawaii.

GS8048AIMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS: It is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure that all products are installed and operated in accordance with local and national building codes as specific by the NEC (National Electric Code), UBC (Uniform Building Code) or IBC (International Building Code) and local utility company policy. This product is designed for indoor or protected compartment installations. DO NOT expose the inverter to rain, snow, moisture or liquids of any type. Use insulated tools to reduce the chance of electrical shock or accidental short circuits. Remove all jewelry such as rings, watches, bracelets, etc. when installing the Outback inverter or any other electronic gear. Always disconnect the batteries or energy source prior to installation or performing maintenance on the Outback, GS8048A inverter. Live power may be present at more than one point since an inverter utilizes both batteries and AC electricity. Turning off the inverter may not reduce that risk. Always verify proper wiring prior to starting the inverter. Do not operate the inverter if it has been damaged. Always read and follow the manufactures installation and operating instructions for the Outback 2700W Radian GS8048A Kit prior to installation and operation.