MidNite Solar MNEMS4448PAECL150-BMK


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MidNite Solar MNEMS4448PAECL150-BMK -BMK Off-Grid / On-Grid

MidNite Solar
  • Pre-Wired Power Systems 4.4 kW 120/240VAC 48VDC
  • This MidNite MNEMS4448PAECL150-BMK power systems with Magnum inverter and Midnite Solar classic 150 charge controller is a fabulous AC pre-wired power center. Mechanically and electrically engineered, every component of this system has been specially selected to assure the highest performance with this safe simple-to-install unit. This off-grid / on-grid is ideal for applications with smaller power requirements such as off-grid homes & cabins, on-grid and back-up power systems. Utilizing a compact design and an easy-to-install mounting bracket, the fully pre-wired and tested Magnum / MidNite E-panel power center is designed for a quick installation saving both time and money with just a few household tools.
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  • Midnite Solar, Pre-Wired Off Grid System, 120/240VAC, MS4448PAE 4400W Inverter, Classic 150 & WhizBang Jr., RC50 display, MNE175STM-L-240 E-Panel, 3 MNSPD, with BMK, MNEMS4448PAECL150-BMK -BMK


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MidNite Solar ● On-Grid – Utility Grid power is available and can be used to recharge batteries but an "on-grid" inverter will not export power.

MidNite produces a wide range of alternative energy products manufactured in the Arlington Washington USA facility and installed in alternative energy systems around the world. MidNite offers a full line of pre-wired, battery based systems for standalone off grid, battery based grid tie, as well as AC coupled battery backup installations. MidNite features SMA, Schneider / Xantrex, Outback, and MidNite Solar Inverters in our pre-wired systems, providing a wide range of solutions for residential and commercial projects.

MidNite Solar

Product Description

The Magnum MNEMS4448PAECL150-BMK with Magnum MS4024PAE inverter is designed for use with 48V battery system and 4,400 watts continous power demand. The MidNite Solar power center accommodates all of the essential protective devices in the smallest possible space. This is an affordable simple application satisfying the hungry power requirements such as cabins, chalets, remote communication sites and back-up power systems. Utilizing an extremely compact design and an easy-to-install mounting bracket, the fully pre-wired and tested Magnum power center is designed for a quick installation. Choose either roof, ground or pole mount rack which will save you both time and money. As with all Blue Pacific Solar's kits, our technical sales staff is standing by to provide support that is as close as your telephone.

Available on to use with 48VDC battery system, the MS Series inverters are small, powerful, easy-to-use and ETL listed to the stringent requirements of UL 1741 and CSA C22.2 No. 107.1-01 for Renewable Energy installations. Magnum Energy / MidNite Solar e-panels are a superior choice when you need a fully integrated, pure sine wave, reliable 120 / 240VAC power system. Power Center Warranty 5 Years.

● Environmental Rating - Type 1 (Indoor)

● The Whizbang Jr (MNWBJR) Current Sense Module for Classic Provides Battery State of Charge and is Included with this Product.

● MNE175STM -240 White Steel E-Panel

● Magnum MS4448PAE 4400 Watt 120/240 VAC Inverter / Charger

● Magnum ME-ARC50 Remote

● Two MNEDC Panel Mount Breakers

● Three MNSPD-300-DC (Surge Protection Devices)

● 175 AMP Battery Main Breaker

● Arc Fault Detector - Built into the Classic

● Made in the USA

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