MidNite Magnum 10.7 kW
Home or Business Backup Power


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MidNite Magnum 10.7 kW Home or Business Backup Power

MidNite Solar
  • 4.4 kW Power; 5.4 kW Effective Usable Energy Storage
  • Backup power delivered to your home or small business. Pre-wired with 8 AGM batteries (Shipped Uninstalled) this 120/240 VAC backup power center with 30 AAC pure sinewave output is designed for modest power and energy storage requirements when the utility grid goes down. NEC code compliant designed to be installed indoors connected directly to your existing main electrical breaker panel. When the unit is delivered you will need to install a small backup load panel usually near your main panel and move those items you want to keep powered during an outage. OR... you can simply just plug into the double 120 VAC outlet with an extension cord. Backup power unit is recharged when the utility comes back or or can be wired to accept generator power to recharge the batteries.
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What's On the Truck MidNite Solar

● P/N MNMAGBK-10752 - 10.7 kW Home or Business Backup Power Center

  • 1 - Backup Solar Kit is Assembled and Tested by Experienced Factory Trained Technicians Prior to Shipment. All Required Internal Cables and Connectors Come Pre-wired (Battery Cables Supplied but Not Installed) Clearly Labeled Connection Points for AC and DC Input and Output. AC and DC Breakers; Full Feature LED power center Display for System Monitoring and Battery Information; No Maintenance, Long Life, Sealed Batteries; Attractive, Lockable Grey Powder Coat Steel Enclosure; Inverter Bypass Switch Allows Choice of Generator / Grid or Inverter Output; Easy to Connect Color Coded Buss Bars for AC and DC Connections; Multiple Available Knockouts for Conduit Attachments; Single System Grounding Point.
  • 1 - Magnum Energy MS4448PAE Sinewave Inverter
  • 1 - Magnum Energy ME-ARC 50 Inverter Remote
  • 1 - Magnum ME-BMK Battery Monitor
  • 8 - FullRiver AGM DC224-6A 224 AG 6V (Battery Connectors Included, Shipped Uninstalled)
  • 7 - Battery Cable, Code Approved THW, Black, 2/0 x 20"
  • 2 - Battery Cable, Code Approved THW, Black, 2/0 x 5'
  • 1 - MNBE-C Grey Power Coat Battery Enclosure with Locking Door
  • 1 - Line Drawing; Full Instructive Three-Line Diagram of Entire DC Circuit, as Well as AC Lines to Your Main Panel.


MidNite Solar Power Center ships in Approximately 25 Business Days. (Subject to Seasonal Increases) ● Line Drawing send via Email [PDF] 3 - 5 business days after funds clear.

Fast Installation - Install Batteries & Cables (Shipped Seperatly) & Make the Connections

MidNite Solar


MidNite Solar RECOMMENDATION - Keep the number of parallel strings of batteries to three or fewer. More than three strings of batteries will shorten your battery life due to uneven charging. That means use higher AH 6VDC or 2VDC batteries for fewer strings. Batteries in Series = Voltage is Additive; Batteries in Parallel = Ah is Additive.

Home Emergency Backup Power MidNite Solar



Magnum Inverter

The Magnum Energy MS4448PAE is a “pure” sine wave, standalone, non-grid interactive inverter designed to provide 120 and 240 VAC in a single unit to power loads when inverting/charging. It has two 120 VAC lines (L1 and L2), a neutral and a ground. The two 120 VAC output lines are 180° out-of-phase with each other so that the combination of the L1 and L2 lines total 240 VAC, and the voltage between either L1 or L2 and neutral is 120 VAC. The Magnum Energy MS4448PAE pure sine wave inverter can power your T.V.s, stereos, plasma screens, and other sensitive electronics without worry. The pure sine wave inverter and power factor corrected charger provide clean, reliable inverter power with low total harmonic distortion (THD) of less than 5%.

Utility Grid or Generator AC Input

When an external source of AC power (e.g., utility power or generator) is connected and qualified on the inverter’s AC input, it operates in Standby mode. In Standby mode, the unit operates as a battery charger to convert the incoming AC power into DC power to recharge the batteries; while at the same time, an internal AC transfer relay is automatically closed and passes the incoming AC power directly to the inverter’s output to continue powering the connected electrical appliances.


The MidNite Magnum 10.7 kW Home or Business Backup Power kit can be used for modest backup power applications in a permanent location that normally uses utility power, such as a home or office. When utility power is available, the inverter keeps the batteries charged. When the utility power fails, the inverter comes on automatically to supply AC power to your home or office backup load panel during the power failure. For a home or business, reliable backup power is needed to prevent lost computer data, or to maintain lights and keep food fresh in the refrigerator/freezer.

Personal Technical Advisor

Line drawing questions or just stuck? No worries we have your back and will be here to help whenever you have questions about your purchased Kit. For orders larger than $2,000.00 a Technical Sales Team Group Captain will be assigned your account. Your Technical Advisors job is to coordinate all parts and pieces of your order and to work with you throughout the process. This support helps because we will be providing you with a single contact point to call with your questions. Your technical support contact does not replace the maufactures warranty technical support. DIY means you accept the responsiblity of reading and following the line diagram and other installation documents prior to tackling the installation.

Technical Support


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