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Fronius IG Plus A 10.0-1, HF String Inverter 240VAC w/ DC Disconnect

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  • Fronius IG Plus A 10.0-1
  • The Fronius IG Plus Advanced grid interactive inverter line of the USA NEC 2011 code compliant AFCI protected inverters. Power classes ranging from 3 to 11 kW in single phase applications with integrated Fronius MIX Technology and wide voltage windows are the perfect match for your system design. Fronius string inverters allow for a more flexible design criteria with a wide input voltage range. Headquartered in Austria and manufacturing in Canada, Fronius has been making solar electronics since 1992. Founded in 1945, Fronius began its long history manufacturing battery charging systems. The IG plus line of Fronius inverters comes with a lockable, code-compliant DC disconnect with a six circuit fused string combiner. Fronius IG inverters make a seemingly complex system appear simple and straightforward, maximizing ease-of-use applying the most current technological advancement.
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Fronius High-Frequency grid tie string inverter with Arc Fault Protection

Model Item Code DC Solar
Array Voltage
MPPT Voltage Range Maximum AC Current 240VAC Weight
Fronius IG Plus A 10.0-1 3100432 230-600VDC 230-500VAC 35.1A 110 lbs.
string inverters

Getting the maximum earnings in months with less intense sunlight, on cloudy days or even in the early morning and evening hours, requires an inverter that must be able to quickly and precisely react to the smallest weather changes and also be able to operate efficiently, reliably and uninterrupted. pre-engineered To achieve this goal, the Fronius R and D department started with the proven Fronius IG series and looked for ways to apply new solutions and innovative ideas in many areas. Fronius IG Plus V inverters offer high efficiency, intelligent thermal management, light weight and easy installation. The Fronius IG Plus can be installed both inside and outdoors.

Because of its wide input voltage range of 230V to 600V, it is well-suited for use in numerous solar systems. The inverters' integrated LCD displays and records over 20 inverter and system operation parameters. All Fronius IG Plus V inverters include a lockable code-compliant DC disconnect with a built-in 6-circuit fused string. The internal string combiner can accept fuses up to 20A per circuit. Fronius inverters have 3 expansion slots to add external sensors, remote displays or other options. Inverter firmware upgrades can be made using a PC or laptop. The 5 kW and larger inverters have multiple power stages that can inactivate during periods of low insolation to maximize efficiency and energy harvest. CSA Listed to UL 1741 for the U.S. and Canada. 10-year warranty with 15 and 20 year warranty extension available.

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  • 1 - Fronius IG Plus A 10.0-1 UNI 1-Ph Grid Tied Inverter, 9995W, 208/240/277VAC, 60Hz, DC Disconnect, 6 Fused Input , 1 MPPT, with Arc Fault Protection, 10 Yr. Warranty




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Fronius Personal Display DL - The Fronius Personal Display DL delivers PV system performance data. It is easy to install in any room in the building, from where it continuously provides the latest data - for up to 15 inverters. Data transfer from the inverter to the display is via a wireless connection. 5700934fronius personal display
Fronius Personal Display DL Wireless Transmitter Box -Transfers data wirelessly between the Personal Display DL and the inverter. The Fronius Personal Display DL Box has a memory which retains system data, even if the wireless connection is terminated. 5700935wireless connection
Fronius Wireless Card - Transfers data wirelessly to the Fronius Personal Display DL by inserting the card into the inverter. The accompanying antenna can be mounted either directly to the inverter or close to it. The wireless card only provides real-time data and does not work with the Personal Display DL data logger. 5700005wireless card
Fronius, Extended Warranty, IG Plus & IG Plus V (3.0/3.8), 5 Year, (15 years total ), (4000/4500LV/5100) IG Plus & IG Plus V (5.0/6.0/7.5), (Not Sold Separately) 3500187inverter warranty
1 Set Basic IronRidge Roof Racking Option D (1 Rack Set Required Per Solar Panel 4 Panel MIN)ironridge solar racks BP6932304solar roof rack
1 Set Basic IronRidge Ground Racking Option D (1 Rack Set Required Per Solar Panel 4 Panel MIN)dpw BP6932304solar ground rack

Specifications for the Fronius IG Plus Advanced

INPUT DATA 10.0-1 UNI 11.4-1 UNI 10.0-3 UNI DELTA 11.4-3 UNI DELTA 12.0-3 WYE277
Recommended PV-Power (kWp) 5.50 - 11.50 9.70 - 13.10 8.50 - 11.50 9.70 - 13.10 10.20 - 13.80
Nominal Input Current 27.6 A 31.4 A 27.6 A 31.4 A 33.1 A
Max. Usable Input Current 46.7 A 53.3 A 46.7 A 53.3 A 56.1 A
MPPT - Voltage Range 230 - 500 V
DC Startup 260 V
Max. Input Voltage 600 V
Admissable Conductor Size (DC) No. 14 to 6 AWG. For larger wire, use Fronius connecting distributor.
Max. Current per DC Input Terminal 0 Amps. For higher input current, use Fronius connecting distributor.
OUTPUT DATA 10.0-1 UNI 11.4-1 UNI 10.0-3 UNI DELTA 11.4-3 UNI DELTA 12.0-3 WYE277
Nominal Output Power 9,995 W 11,400 W 9,995 W 11,400 W 12,000 W
Max. Continuous Output Power 9.995 W 11,400 W 9,995 W 11,400 W 12,000 W
AC Output Voltage 208 / 240 / 277 208 / 240 / 277 208 / 240 208 / 240 480 / 277 WYE
Number of Phases 1 1 3 3 3
Admissable Conductor Size (AC) No. 14 - 4 AWG
Max. Continuous Utility Backfeed Current 0A
Nominal Output Frequency 60 Hz
Operating Frequency Range 59.3 - 60.5 Hz
Total Harmonic Distortion < 3 %
Power Factor 0.85 - 1 ind. / cap.
GENERAL DATA 10.0-1 UNI 11.4-1 UNI 10.0-3 UNI DELTA 11.4-3 UNI DELTA 12.0-3 WYE277
Max. Efficiency 96.2
Unit Dimensions (W x H x D) 17.1 x 49.7 x 9.9 in.
CEC Efficiency 208 V 95.0 % 95.0 % 95.5 % 95.0 % n.a.
240 V 95.5 % 95.5 % 95.5 % 96.0 % n.a.
277 V 96.0 % 96.0 % n.a. n.a. n.a.
Consumption in Standby (Night) < 1.5 W
Consumption During Operation 20 W
Cooling Controlled forced ventilation, variable speed fan
Enclosure Type NEMA 3R
Power Stack Weight 84 lbs. (38 kg)
Wiring Compartment Weight 26 lbs. (12 kg)
Admissable Ambient Operating Temperature -13o F...+131o F (-25o C...+55o C)
Advanced Grid Features Active and reactive power control, low voltage ride-through
Compliance UL 1741-2010, IEEE 1547-2003, IEEE 1547.1, UL 1699B-2013, ANSI/IEEE C62.41, FCC Part 15 A & B, NEC Article 690, C22. 2 No. 107.1-01 (Sept. 2011) California Solar Initiative - Program Handbook - Appendix C: Inverter Integral 5% Meter Performance Specification
EFFICIENCY 10.0-1 UNI 11.4-1 UNI 10.0-3 UNI DELTA 11.4-3 UNI DELTA 12.0-3 WYE277
Operating AC Voltage Range 208 V 183 - 229 V (-12 / +10%)
240 V 211 - 264 V (-12 / +10%)
277 V 344 - 305 V (-12 / +10%)
Max. Continuous Output Current208 V 48.1 A 54.8 A 27.7 A* 31.6 A* n.a.
240 V 41.7 A 47.5 A 24.0 A* 27.4 A* n.a.
277 V 36.1 A 41.2 A n.a. n.a. 14.4 A*
PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT 10.0-1 UNI 11.4-1 UNI 10.0-3 UNI DELTA 11.4-3 UNI DELTA 12.0-3 WYE277
Ground Fault Protection Internal GFDI (Ground Fault Detector/Interrupter) in accordance with UL 1741-2010 and NEC Art. 690
DC Reverse Polarity Protection Internal Diode
Islanding Protection Internal; in accordance with UL 1741-2010, IEEE 1547-2003 and NEC
Over Temperature Protection Output power derating / active cooling
Arc-Fault Circuit Protection Internal AFCI (Arc-Fault Circuit Interrupter); in accordance with UL 1699 Outline of Investigation for Photovoltaic (PV) DC Arc-Fault Circuit Protection


Fronius IG Plus A 10.0-1Inverters & Accessories Grid-Tied Residential / Small Commercial

Headquartered in Pettenbach, Austria, Fronius has been a key manufacturer of photovoltaic electronics since 1992, particularly in the engineering and manufacturing of photovoltaic inverters for both grid-connected and off-grid power supplies. Fronius was founded in 1945, and began manufacturing battery-charging systems shortly thereafter. They made a name for themselves with premium welding technology, especially in the automotive industry. Eventually, technology and engineering standards used in welding applications transferred over to the solar electronics market. Production facilities have always remained close to home, nestled at the foot of the Alps, in Settled, and Weis in northwestern Austria, along with production sites in the Czech Republic and Ukraine. A new state of the art facility opened early 2011 in Pettenbach, reaffirming the company’s commitment to the European union. The international experts at Fronius are establishing an assembly plant in Mississauga, Ontario. The new plant in Canada was established as the main assembly line for the IG Plus line of inverters, creating hundreds of jobs for the pv industry in the Toronto area. Fronius has remained a trusted name in the renewable energy market, offering an extensive line of solar electronics, built to high quality control standards. With a powerful inverter company like Fronius, you can see why we recommend the IG Plus A 10.0-1.