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Enphase solar panel installation kits are turning homeowners everywhere into their own installers. It is a great idea to install solar panels on your home saving around 50% of the cost of hiring a local installer. Whither you choose to Do-it-Yourself or just be your own solar contractor, Blue Pacific Solar® can help every step of the way with electrical drawings to permit document services using Enphase microinverters helping to make it easier than ever to be your own installer. Harnessing the power of solar energy is a great way to save money on utility bills while supporting a cleaner environment. Home and commercial business owners have many options to consider when choosing from the wide variety of solar panels on the market. SolarWorld and Canadian Solar are a top name brand PV 60 cell modules that are connected to Enphase grid-tie micro-inverters. Simple plug and play convenience allowing you to power your home with the sun's rays. Installers everywhere know that a productive installation hinges on more than the style or brand of solar panel.

A truly successful home DIY installation is one that produces the most power from whichever panels are chosen, and this requires a careful consideration of solar inverters. Solar microinverters are the hidden devices sitting behind each panel that do the heavy lifting of converting the DC [Direct Current] electricity created by photovoltaic [PV] cells, transforming the collected sunshine into usable AC [Alternating Current] electricity that is used for example for your home refrigerator. Homeowners are becoming savvy DIY installers by placing their primary focus on picking the best microinverters inverter like Enphase with Envoy-S monitors to boost the performance of their solar systems. Enphase and Envoy-S will deliver the most productive grid-tie results for your home installation.

Enphase microinverters are the best in the solar technology industry, designed with the utmost attention to long-term productivity and strict safety guidelines. Manufactured with the highest quality materials to ensure years of reliable service ensuring higher energy harvest to lower your utility bills creating the best savings.

Enphase Microinverters Solar Panel DIY Installers; Take Power Over Your Own Installation...

Do-it-Yourself or buy the pre-engineered package then hire a local licensed electrican to install following the panel to meter line drawing we provide. Either way with a little brow sweat you save money... Blue Pacific Solar® team of system integrators will provide you with a single point of contact helping you each step of the way... The installation cost savings are immediate and will last last a lifetime... Do not be a victim of rising energy costs... Enjoy the pride that your family is part of the sustainability solution... DIY projects make you feel better. Building something of lasting value with your own sweat has an inherent quality that cannot be put into words.... Thinking of your family’s future... Reduce America's dependence on fossil fuel... By becoming doing your own solar installer or contractor your system still qualifies for the 30% federal solar tax credit... The money you save by taking the solar leap will spread into the local economy and help grow American jobs.

Solar Microinverter Choices

Whether your solar panel installation kit will deliver a high level of consistent power is a matter that largely depends on the kind of solar inverter you install. Not all solar inverters are alike, even if they're rated for the same types of systems or offer similar features.

Even the finest photovoltaic panels may struggle for enough sunlight on heavy overcast days, when the sun crosses out of its primary angle, or if landscaping, power lines and nearby structures cast shadows. Your choice of solar inverter makes a big difference in these situations. Enphase microinverters are uniquely designed to help your panels gather every bit of sunlight, even in situations when sunlight is hindered by dawn, dusk or other low light conditions. The same Enphase technology also works for gathering sunlight energy despite dirt or debris that has collected on the panels. This smart design ramps up your panels' productivity on a daily basis.

Modular Redundancy

Back in the day, when one bulb on a string of holiday lights burned out, the entire string would go out. Since then, manufacturers have learned and improved their products so that now, with most holiday string lights, when one bulb burns out, the remainder stay lit. Unfortunately, not all solar inverter companies have caught onto this technology. Enphase microinverters, however, have been tooled with the tech that doesn't leave you in the dark if one inverter should happen to fail.

This compartmentalized modular design also allows you to easily add Enphase microinverters as you expand your solar panel coverage across your structure. An added bonus of this modular design includes the ability to remotely monitor your system through the Envoy-S Enphase Monitor, pinpointing issues down to the individual panel.

Envoy-S Enphase Monitor

The internet of things has arrived to expediently manage your solar power system, saving you time and money, and adding a great deal of convenience to your home energy maintenance.

The Envoy Enphase Monitor connects you to the details of your solar energy setup, enabling you to keep tabs on your microinverter operations today, and setting you up for feature expansions of the future. Presently, the monitor can quickly identify operational issues that might require attention. Its two-way communications capability goes beyond mere monitoring, however. The Envoy-S Enphase Monitor equips your system to transmit data between the monitor and your roof's panels, sending your panels' analyzed data to the web for you to view from anywhere in the world, and also enabling data from Enphase to remotely update your system as warranted. Home solar DIY installers have discovered how simple and easy itis to save money.

Enphase S-Series Microinverter

Enphase Energy offers a variety of 60-cell compatible inverters to serve different residential needs. Replacing the now outdated M250, M215, is the Enphase S-Series Microinverter. This fifth-generation product has been refined through development to surpass the production of other 208/240V system inverters on the market. The S280 works at 97.3% peak efficiency, converting sunlight into safe AC current your home can use and boast the additional feature of smart grid readiness.

Enphase Home or Commercial Installation

Installers everywhere know that Enphase is a snap to install. This simple system allows you easily handle a DIY installation solar panel grid-tied or choose to be your own solar contractor hiring a locally licened electrician to help if you choose. We highly recommend you do that anyway for the tie in to your main breaker panel. Three simple steps take you quickly from powerless to powerful: mount the microinverter in place on your rail roof or ground IronRidge racking with an easy single-bolt application, plug the microinverter directly into the Engage Cable, and connect your panel's DC PV wires directly to the microinverter. This simple plug-and-play design means you'll be enjoying the sun's energy faster, lowering utility bills than installers using other installation methods.

Home Energy Convenience

The amount of power you collect from the sun is highly dependent upon incorporating an efficient and productive solar inverter into your home or commercial installation. Whichever type of photovoltaic panels you choose, Enphase microinverters will consistently and reliably squeeze more power out of more of your panels than other inverters can provide.


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