Wind Power – Can Reduce Your Energy Bill?

Wind Power – Can It Reduce Your Energy Bill?
It can’t have escaped your notice that wind power is big in the UK right now. Open spaces all over the country are populated with vast wind farms, acres of gigantic wind turbines stretched out as far as the eye can see like an army of mutant ants. Wind turbines are huge, noisy, and probably not something you thought of having in your back garden, but is wind power something you can use to your advantage, or is it a lot of hot air?

Wind Energy PowerDomestic Wind Turbines
It is fair to say that nobody in their right mind would want a huge wind turbine towering over their house. However, domestic turbines are a good compromise and there are different designs to choose from, including roof mounted turbines and turbines fixed to a mast. In general, the larger the turbine, the more electricity it will generate, although a site survey will be necessary in order to establish which type of wind turbine is appropriate for your home.

The Benefits of Harnessing Wind Power
.   Free electricity – Any electricity you generate as a result of harnessing the wind is free. This means that you will be using less electricity from your supplier and your energy bills will be lower as a result.

.   Sell electricity you don’t need – Under the government’s feed-in tariffs, homeowners are paid for electricity they generate. You can also sell any extra electricity back to the grid.

.   Store electricity – Excess energy can be stored in batteries and used when there is no wind.

.   Good for the environment – As with any type of renewable energy, electricity generated from a wind turbine is ‘green’ and, therefore, environmentally friendly. So by installing a wind turbine, you can reduce your carbon footprint.