We Have to Fight for Solar While We Speak About the Risks of Energy!

Last night when I got home from work I turned on the evening news and was immediately confronted with the story that will dominate our headlines for days no doubt about the fate of the Solyndra Solar Company. The news channel could not wait to jump on the struggles of this American solar companies fate because they took stimulus money and this is proof positive of the failure of subsiding renewable energy.

The fact is it has been a long time since we have seen any news that is not filtered by just a couple of large corporations which neglect to tell the whole story with shadowy motivations. Did you know that big oil is still subsidized by the federal government with billions of dollars and has been for the last 100 years? Corn farmers are doing very well in the market thanks to the federal subsidized ethanol market as well as direct farm subsidies. Those facts along with dozens of other revealing relevant subtitles are never mentioned by the news media as they cover stories like that of Solyndra Solar.

Solyndra Solar has a great idea for new solar technology to power America’s new era of prosperity. Like all great ideas and new technologies we have to fight to help American companies like Solyndra survive. There was and is every reason the federal government should be helping to get this company off the ground. Good or bad, do you think nuclear power would have gotten off the ground without the federal government stepping in?

Energy is the future of every modern society and the future of our energy supply lies in solar, wind and other renewable energy sources. Fossil fuels are becoming increasingly scarce and hence more expensive. They are also largely responsible for the greenhouse effect that is driving climate change. It is no wonder that solar and other renewable energy is currently enjoying broad political support, as can be seen in the Kyoto Protocol and similar initiatives.

You cannot takes steps forward without getting knocked back a few times. There are small businesses across America from T-Shirt silkscreen shops to solar installers that are quietly fueling our economic recovery.

On Wednesday of this week I learned that a German solar inverter company, SMA, has opened up a factory in Denver and is ramping up hiring. These stories are not being recognized but the fact is, as one of the most promising renewable energy sources, solar offers the greatest potential for growth of energy as well as jobs. Solar power systems are easy to install and supply electricity to the power distribution grid locally, or in other words, close to the consumer. Moreover, solar power is generated when the demand is at its highest. This way, solar power can easily be integrated into existing power grids. Even when fed in economically efficient quantities.

After all, the sun provides us with unlimited energy reserves: the amount of irradiation it produces exceeds the world’s primary energy needs by a factor of more than 10,000.

In the last 10 years 50,000 factories have closed in America and those jobs were shipped overseas. Jobs are not going to be created by the rich or big companies. They are in it for themselves and only themselves and they do not take prisoners. If we want to bring back jobs in America it is going to take small companies to do it while we keep voting the Republicans and Democrats out of office in Washington who only cater to big corporations and wall street while claiming to be helping main street.

No Solyndra Solar, you guys have a great idea to move an old technology like solar forward. We need American companies like you and we need to fight for your survival. I hope you can come back and realize your full potential.

Resource: SMA America