Stored Solar Energy for Cooking

Off-Grid Cooking

If you have taken the admirable leap of living completely off-grid, you are probably now wondering how to best preserve your stored solar energy. One option is to reconsider your cooking habits. Although there are plenty of energy-efficient electric ovens available, you can save your home’s solar power altogether by using alternative methods of cooking.

The first and most obvious power saving cooking option is an outdoor grill. If you are fortunate enough to live in a warm climate, with the opportunity to spend long hours outdoors, an outdoor grill might be enough to fulfill all your cooking needs. With enough practice, you can cook not only meat but vegetables, eggs, pizza, bread, and even cake on a grill. Some camping stores make it easier with products specifically designed for outdoor cooking. In the spirit of cutting costs, you don’t even have to own a grill. A fire pit can yield the same results as can a large, durable fireplace. If you do plan to use a grill or fire as your primary cooking source, consider investing on a Dutch oven, which is great for baking and slow cooking.

The next best cooking choice is a wood burning cook stove. These stove/oven combinations are used indoors to cook and bake, using wood as their primary sources of fuel. The only disadvantage of a wood burning cook stove is that it also heats your house. This is great if it is ten degrees outside, but it can make your life miserable in the summer.

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