Solar Installation Jobs in San Jose and Sacramento California take a big step forward.

San Jose Solar News – Suns Up Solar, already a leading solar installer in Santa Cruz California, has taken a bold step toward capturing more of the San Jose California solar installers market.

Suns Up Solar is rolling out new solar installation programs and plans to agressively target major markets like the one in San Jose California. Creating new jobs, with a straight forward sales approach will be the spearhead of the solar installation marketing program in the San Jose bay area as well as Sacramento. Suns Up Solar is headquartered in Santa Cruz California with a 23 year histoy of providing quality electrical service to thousands of California customers.

The expanded solar installation programs for San Jose and Sacramento has been in the works for about a year. Suns Up Solar hopes to have significantlly increased it solar panels installation sales in San Jose bay area and Sacramento by the end of the year.There are no large-scale solar installers in California with multiple locations or a significant market share. Suns Up Solar hopes to change that trend starting in San Jose as well as in Sacramento and expanding to other California solar installation markets.

Suns Up Solar said it would concentrate on commercial solar installation as well as residential solar roof panels to create green jobs helping home and commercial business owners “go solar California“.

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