Smack-down Voltaic Portable PV Backpacks Vs Eclipse Solar Backpack

In this corner, all the way from China, you have the reigning champion, Voltaic portable solar  backpack weighing in at a stout 4.5 lbs.

In the other corner, you have the American made challenger, Eclipse Solar Backpack weighing in at a trim 3.1 lbs. Everyone knows the rules for this solar backpack match up? Let the solar backpack smack down begin.

The Voltaic solar backpack has held the top spot for a couple of years now in the portable solar backpack market. But that is about to change. Deep down in the heart of Texas, some enterprising folks have come up with a solid solar backpack to challenge Voltaic.

The Eclipse Solar Backpack is a sweet American made product that deserves a look. About a year ago, we started evaluating several other portable solar backpacks made in China and found the quality could not hold up to our standards. Voltaic Solar Backpacks, though headquarter in New York, has their backpacks made in China using their specifications.

Eclipse solar backpacks are made in American. Texas to be more specific. We do not generally have anything against solar products made in China, but during these challenging times it is nice to cheer on a good old American solar company that is making quality products.

Both the Voltaic solar backpack and the Eclipse is roomy with lots of pockets for your stuff inside, but wait, The Eclipse solar backpack is larger by about 350 cubic inches. The height of the two solar backpacks is the same, but the Eclipse is wider and slightly deeper.

Output voltage is where the rubber meets the road in solar backpacks. Both solar backpacks have the same voltage but Voltaic says theirs is adjustable. If that is true, then that would be a plus for Voltaic solar backpacks.

Charge time for the Eclipse solar backpack is around 6 hours and the Voltaic is around 7 hours. Charge times for both solar backpacks would depend on solar exposure and angle.

Both solar backpack products have padded shoulder straps and both will fit a 17″ laptop. Both solar backpacks have the same general look and feel, but Voltaic solar backpacks have a slight advantage over material as they say theirs is made from recycled plastic bottles.

The bottom line is there are two distinct differences when comparing the two solar backpacks. Eclipse solar backpacks are MADE IN AMERICA. You know, that old-fashioned idea where American made produces puts American families to work making more American jobs. Money into the local American economies and helps keeps the American economy on track.

What even makes the Eclipse solar backpacks a winner, hands down over Voltaic? It’s American made plus it’s cheaper to buy! Yes that’s right; the Eclipse solar backpack has a cheaper price by nearly $40. How’s that for a bargain!