Simple Off-Grid Solar Panel Kit Produces 212 kWh Power per Month

Simple off-grid 120 / 240 volt AC power kit that is expandable with solar panels and a pre-wired power center all made in America. This 1410 watt off-grid solar kit is powerful enough to produce 212 kWh per month of pure sine wave electricity. We pre-wire the power center then package the whole kit so you can complete the wiring with a minimal amount of expertise needed. DIY off-grid solar made easy for you providing the line drawing showing the connections and instruction manuals.

Made USA Professionally designed off-grid systems that will run efficient small appliances, computers, stereo, lights and TV. 1410W off-grid solar kit that only has compatible time tested equipment using no cheap solar products that are not UL listed or code compliant.

1410 watts of off-grid solar is built around the Sharp ND-235QCJ 235 Watt Mono Solar Panel. This powerful American built solar panel is one of Sharp’s newest solar modules. Built in America to extremely tight tolerances, Sharp solar modules routinely earn their reputation as one of the top choices for grid-tied and off-grid solar kits. Sharp has recently moved to “plus sorting”, which means that every module tests to “equal to or greater than” its rated wattage. This superior approach allows complete control over every step of the process, producing modules with the industry’s tightest power tolerance and efficiency. System Power = 1410 Watts (STC) / 7,050 Watts Per Day (Based on 5 sun hours (STC)) Magnum Energy inverters are affordable, high-performance modified and pure sine wave inverters and are considered the best on-the-market for off-grid solar. The Mini-Magnum MS4448PAE Power Center has sophisticated protection circuitry, making Magnum inverters immune from damage by overloads, short circuits, over-temperature and input polarity reversal. OutBack Controller is a three-function controller that provides reliable solar battery charging. Midnite Solar Circuit Breaker Box Complete with Breakers. Optional IronRidge Top of Pole Mount for 6 Panels (Pole Not Included) or Roof Mount Racking. IronRidge solar racks are a very sturdy, straightforward and easy to assemble. Finally, a professional single line solar drawing showing how the 1410w off-grid solar kit is wired.

1410 off-grid solar allows home and cabin owners and easy way to lower their expenses making this off-grid solar kit perfect for that weekend escape island. Our 1410 watt off grid solar kit are expandable to any size you need. These off-grid solar kits are simple, safe and a snap to install. Build around Sharp solar panels, the heart of the 1410 watt off-grid solar kit is the Magnum Energy MS4448PAE power center giving your 120 /240 volts of pure sine wave electricity.

Blue Pacific Solar has taken one of the hardest parts of assembling a high power solar system and has completed all the hard work in the shop prior to shipment. The power center in the 1410 watt off-grid solar kit is fully assembled and tested prior to shipment by experienced Magnum Energy factory trained technicians so you can safely install the kit with a minim amount of expertise. Mounting the power center on a Magnum attachment plate, we only use ETL and C-ETL listed Magnum Energy power distribution enclosures. Included in the power center are; easy to connect and clearly labeled color coded buss bars for AC and DC connections; AC and DC lightning arrestors, breaker space for DIN rail or surface mount breakers for optional equipment, all built inside a white power coated Magnum Energy box with front facing controls. Home or cabin solar power has never been made easier or more affordable.