Schuco 210 Watt Solar Panels

Solar Installers Featuring Schuco 210 Watt Solar Panels – Schüco is the global leader in building envelope technology and one of the world’s largest and oldest manufactures of solar energy systems.

Having just completed a Schüco design and installation training certification we were could not help but be impressed by their level of quality commitment. Schüco requires that each of it’s certified dealers update their installation and design training to ensure that not only is the product manufactured within specs, it is also installed within specs. Additionally, Schüco matches and supplies the complete installation package including mounting rails, inverter and balance of system parts. The certification training was not just restricted to class but also involved hands on the roof installation.

For this discussion, we are focused on the Schuco 210 Watt Solar Panels SMAU-1 series of Schüco PV modules which is one of their highest quality PV module. The 210 watt STC Rated output solar modules are distinguished by monocrystalline solar cells with a cell efficiency of up to 17 % for high outputs per square meter of module area. The output tolerance of an Schuco 210 Watt Solar Panel SMAU-1 module is +3 / −3 %, only modules of the highest quality provide this level of reliability. The module itself is attractive and robust with the module frame made from torsion-proof, anodized aluminum. Nice since we install many systems near the coast in California. The aluminum frame is structurally optimized; the use of drainage holes prevents possible damage due to frost. Not much of a problem unless the system is in the higher elevations of the Sierra mountains. The Schuco 210 Watt Solar Panels SMAU-1 modules can be installed with installation components from the Schüco SolarEZ Mounting System which is how we prefer to offer the units.

The black module frame made from torsion-proof, anodized aluminum meets the highest standards in terms of stability and corrosion resistance. A cross bar in the frame on the revers increased the load-bearing capacity of the module. S SPU-4 modules can be installed with installation components from the Schuco SolarEZ mounting systems. Schuco 210 Watt Solar Panel SMAU-1 solar panels have a connecting box on the back of the frame that is fitted with bypass diode bridges. This prevents individual solar cells from overheating and insures the reliable operation of the overall system. The connecting box and solar cables are manufactured with the best materials and certified as individual components. The use of lead-free solder in the manufacture of S SPU-4 modules results in a saving of 1.8 oz of lead per module, which makes a considerable contribution to environmental protection.

Schüco has a comprehensive warranty which means they will guarantee that the Schuco 210 Watt Solar Panel module will still provide at least 80% of its rated output after 25 years. Try getting that out of your car or bass boat.

Schuco 210 Watt Solar Panels costs about $699 per solar panel.

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