Reasons to Go Solar

Peace of mind and security knowing that you are producing your own safe, renewable energy. Here are 18 reasons to go solar. If you would like to know the details, click Here… Reasons Go Solar.
1. Solar is reliable.
2. Solar is durable, dependable and secure electricity
3. Ecologically Sound. Environmentally Prudent
4. Improves Public Health
5. Solar investment has an attractive ROI. (Return On Investment)
6. Solar has little to no maintenance
7. No cost to operate.
8. No sound pollution.
9. Solar gives you extreme design flexibility and accommodation.
10. Solar is safe.
11. Solar provides personal independence
12. Solar strengthens Americas national security
13. Solar creates new high paying jobs that cannot be exported.
14. Performs well in all altitudes, environments and latitudes
15. U.S. Energy Independence
16. Solar rights and laws are in your favor. IE; No new property tax. Income tax deductions available.
17. Be an Example To Your Neighbors and your Community
18. Home Value Increases