Go for the Wind

Going for Wind For about £1,000 the British householder can buy his own power-generating wind turbine.  By pumping power generated by the mini turbine into substantial batteries, a constant power source can be obtained.  Alternatively you can put it straight into the national grid and get paid for it. There are two different options for […] Read more

An Electrical Car – Why It Should Be Your New Set of Wheels

An Electrical Car – Why It Should Be Your New Set of Wheels The New Year has just begun, and it has probably driven you to make your list of resolutions for the year. With that thought in mind, it would be a good idea to contribute less to the pollution that’s happening everywhere by […] Read more

Wind Power – Can Reduce Your Energy Bill?

Wind Power – Can It Reduce Your Energy Bill? It can’t have escaped your notice that wind power is big in the UK right now. Open spaces all over the country are populated with vast wind farms, acres of gigantic wind turbines stretched out as far as the eye can see like an army of […] Read more

Ingenious Solar Cell Advancements

Ingenious Solar Cell Advancements Solar power provides exciting possibilities to energy consumers. A free, abundant and renewable resource, solar energy gives communities clean ways to protect both energy security and the environment. Switching to sun power lowers dependence on variable foreign oil markets by offering a non-polluting energy choice. Sun power is converted to electricity […] Read more

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