Brunton SolarRoll

Brunton portable power SolarRoll is a flexible solar panel that produces 14 watts of power with a loaded current and voltage of 15.1V. The SolarRoll weights 19.5 oz and offers reverse current protection and is designed to operate in a temperature range of -22°F to +122°F (-30°C to +50°C).

The Brunton SolarRoll consists of 18 solar cells and will produce power when any of these segments are exposed to sunlight. This means that the panel can be partially unrolled and still utilize the power provided. Each segment produces an average of 50mA. To calculate the amount of power a panel will produce when partially unrolled, count the number of segments that you have rolled out and then multiply by 50mA. The voltage stays the same when rolled out entirely or partially. Fully extended, the Brunton SolarRoll14 produces 900mA. It can also be linked to another Solar-Roll to double the current output.

The Brunton SolarRoll14 is waterproof and can be submerged all the way up to the electrical connectors and not be damaged. Avoid getting the electrical outlets wet. This could cause a direct short of the panel and may permanently damage your product.

For positioning, unroll the Brunton SolarRoll14 with the solar cells facing up or secure the panel in place with the grommets provided around the exterior edge of the panel. Position the panel so that it can receive the maximum amount of sun exposure. Plug into the panel with the cables provided. The Brunton SolarRollcan be left plugged into any device overnight without it draining the battery because of the built-in reverse current protection.

As caution, always position the panel first, and then connect the device being powered. If these steps are accomplished in the reverse order, damage may occur to the device being powered.

If using the Brunton SolarRoll to power a battery charger, do not attempt to recharge non-rechargeable alkaline batteries.

This panel should always be rolled lengthwise with the solar cells facing out . It should never be rolled tighter than 3 inches in diameter. Rolling this panel in any other way will void the 1 year warranty.

The Brunton SolarRoll14 flexible solar panel include these items:

Vehicle adapter cord


Storage tube



Apple Juicz – Apple Laptop Solar Charger

apple_juicz_solar_panelThis is solar power products at its best. Apple Juicz is designed for the most demanding environments – from Mount Everest to Antarctica to Iraq. Anywhere you need power and don’t have a wall outlet, Apple Juicz delivers. The Apple Juicz is the ideal way to go green. Solar power gives you the freedom to break away from the wall outlet and finally use your MacBookrigid flexible solar chargersoutside – for as long as you like. Not one of those goofy trickle chargers that barely keeps a LED lit, Apple Juicz is available in either 27 Watt or a 55 Watt version. [continue reading…]


SunlinQ Foldable Solar Products

sunlinq_24w_folding_solar_modulesGlobal Solar’s SUNLINQ with PowerFLEX technology is a flexible, foldable and durable solar product that produces enough power to charge just about anything that is capable of being charged through a standard cigarette lighter adapter. Folding solar panels are new additions to the solar energy equipments. When the trend came to the market SUNLINQ rigid flexible solar chargerswas one of the first companies to carry it forward.sunlinq_7a-charge_controller [continue reading…]


Voltaic Generator Solar Bag

Voltaic GeneratorThe Volatic Generator Solar Bag is the first solar bag powerful enough to charge a laptop. This Blue Pacific Solar solar laptop charger has high-efficiency cells and includes a battery pack custom designed to efficiently store and convert the electricity generated. It will also charge cell phones and most other hand held electronics. [continue reading…]


Powermonkey-Explorer Portable Solar Charger

powermonkey-eXplorer-portable-solar-chargerThe Powermonkey-Explorer solar gadgets is a great addition to the gear of high energy individuals who are often on the move and cannot be without their phone or Ipod. Your away from home, you really need to make that call and your mobile phone has just run out of power. Or you on sitting on a amazing overlook in the Sierra’s or Rocky Mountains and your iPod has just played its final tune, or just about to take that trip defining picture, and your camera battery has died. The Powermonkey-eXplorer ensures that never again will this happen to you. [continue reading…]


Solar Lighting

Solar lighting consists of the appliances that are powered by the solar power. The solar backpacks energy that is released from the sun is absorbed during the day time and is utilized during the night time. This energy is stored in the NICAD batteries.

These batteries will run the light at night. The light that is used here is nothing but the usual LED light. Since the appliances receive the power from the solar energy, they must be placed in the position where they can easily absorb the sun light directly. This technology is also used nowadays in the satellite technology where the sunlight is used for the operation of the satellites. The most important component that is required for the solar lighting is the solar panel. The solar panel will be placed in the location where the sun rays will fall and will supply power to the area where power supply is needed. [continue reading…]


Brunton Solar Flat Solar Charger

When electricity and gas are not an option and you need a power source, look to this Blue Pacific Solar and Brunton to fulfill your power needs. The 15 watt charger will keep your car, boat or RV battery in top condition for periods of non use without worry of overcharging. [continue reading…]


Powergorilla laptop Solar charger

Powergorilla laptop rigid flexible solar chargers means dependable consistent power booster that will extend your laptop life on those long flights or an evening in the park. The powergorilla laptop charger will give you an extra 2-5 hours of power, depending on your laptop’s specification, and over 20 hours on various other electronic devices. [continue reading…]


Solar Laws Solar Easement

Summary of CALIFORNIA CIVIL CODE SECTION 801.5 for more information go click on solar laws.
(a) The right of receiving sunlight as specified in subdivision 18 of Section 801 shall be referred
to as a solar easement. “Solar easement” means the right of receiving sunlight across real
property of another for any solar energy system. [continue reading…]