Clean Energy Laws Keep California’s Green Economy Growing

California Clean Energy AB 32 is California’s landmark law to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and move us away from dirty fossil fuels toward a clean energy future.

According to a new study by the Center for Law, Energy, and the Environment at the University of California Berkley Law school, passing Prop. 23, and thus halting the implement of AB32 in its tracks, would be a step that leads to direct job losses.

Passage of Proposition 23  would result in direct job losses by undermining the 33 percent Renewable Portfolio Standard, which depends on AB 32 authority. A recent study by the Renewable and Appropriate Energy Laboratory at UC Berkeley shows that suspending the 33 percent RPS would result in a direct loss of jobs, even if the 20 percent RPS remains in effect.

The researchers also refuted the notion that AB32 is causing unemployment in California. “No connection exists between California’s current unemployment rate and AB 32,” said professor Daniel Kammen, one of the report’s co-authors. “In fact, the clean tech, solar and wind sector in California is one of the few areas of sustained growth during the current recession.” Read More

In the central valley, one in six children go to school with an inhaler. In Southern California, air pollution kills more people than car crashes. Nationwide 100,000 people die every year because of pollution-related illnesses. These are human tragedies that laws like AB 32 aim to prevent. [continue reading…]


Energy Upgrade California, Exciting Solar Home Financing Breakthrough

Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) was a key breakthrough benefit for homeowners to easily install solar. Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac put the kibosh on the program because they said it was to risky. (PACE was risky but subprime loans were OK? See cartoon at bottom of post to explain why.)

Anyhoo, since then, PACE, the California Energy Commission and dozens of solar installation companies have been working to come up with an alternative financing program. Well it looks like they may have one.

Last week “Energy Upgrade California” was cleared by the California Energy Commission funded by federal stimulus money. Nice work folks. Creative financing methods make solar affordable for a lot more people. Lets get residential solar installations in California back on track with Energy Upgrade California financing keeping local renewable energy jobs on the upswing.

The time is right to install solar on your home. Installing solar means you will be improving your home, saving money on your utility bill, and helping the environment. Read More [continue reading…]


High School Student Science Project = Solar School, Put Solar on the Roof of Every School

Of all the places to put solar panels there few are better than the roof of a school. Recently a high school senior selected solar energy as his study exersise and through his own research and iniative, was able to install solar on the roof of his Detroit school.

Solar and renewable energy study interest is in high demand and rising. Interest in solar energy is growing and the future business prospects of solar and all renewable energy technology are excellent.

Excellent we say to young Ryan Toussaint. The pursuit of solar knowledge is an honorable endevelor and you are our American solar hero for the week. Read More [continue reading…]


Harvesting Solar Power To Make Clean Drinking Water Pakistan

Portable Solar power is used all over the world lighting the darkest regions of Africa and now providing clean drinking water for the Pakistan flood victims. Eco friendly portable solar can be adapted to almost any application where electricity is need. We love this example of solar creativity with a portable twist.

Entrepreneurs at Water World Solar in NJ have designed this sharp looking portable solar powered water purification trailer that can be transported all over the world. Nice job guys. Read More [continue reading…]


Proposition 23, Throw The Carpetbaggers Out! Vote NO

This blog was never put up to wade into the murky politics of renewable energy, but it is a little hard to sit on the sideline and watch the people of California conntinue to be conned by big corporations. In this case it is out of state big oil. In case you have been living on an island, prop 23 not about jobs, is all about big out of state oil and their money. It would not be such an outrage if they would come out and say what they were up to instead of hiding under the cloak of a jobs bill.

A New York Times editorial this week identified two of the big money backers as Kansas oil and gas barons Charles and David Koch. The billionaire brothers are also major funders of the Tea Party movement (in which regular Americans are purportedly taking back control of their country from special interests).

The San Francisco Cronical reported today that Meg Whitman is taking sooooooooo longggggggg to decide if she is for it or against it. What a big surprise that the Tea Party Movement is pressuring Whitman to take a stand.

There has to be something wrong when a few rich guys and ladies that can spend a lot of money and influence the direction of this country. What happened to “We the People”.

Probably not something you are going to hear on FOX news. [continue reading…]


California Solar Wineries Sizzle With Clean Power

Solar powered wineries are using the energy from the sun to not only grow grapes, but also to off-set their electric need for tasting rooms, production and on-site residences. In California, Napa leads the way, but up and down the state many wineries are jumping into solar, installing panels and finding out the benifits are not just great PR but money in their pockets while making themselves leaders in renewable energy. Constellation Wines has now jumped in installing a total of four megawatt solar arrays at multiple locations.

Installing solar makes sence because a portion of the wineries energy costs expenses are locked and federal and California solar incentives make solar financially appealing for wineries. In many cases, the return on investment for installing solar is as short as 5 to 7 years which is comparable to other winery equipment purchases. [continue reading…]


Economics Of Solar, Homeowners, FYI…It’s All About Cash Flow & Return On Investment

Residential solar is said to have a sad closure rate of only 1 in 10 qualified homeowners. In some ways it is hard to understand why. Most people would consider securing 5% interest on a CD an excellent if not unheard of rate of return. Yet if someone were to tell you that they can put $100 plus in your bank each month account AFTER the cost of financing solar, break even after 7 – 10 years with a 12% ROI with a investment more secure than a 401K wouldn’t you think they would jump on it?

In many cases, solar installed on a home can do that! The solar industry in general, and this Sacramento California solar company in particular, needs to do a much better job of educating consumers about the financial benefits of going solar. Lets start here – [continue reading…]


Europe Explores Idea of Using Solar Electricity From Sahara Desert.

Solar News – I suppose its because Europe has a such a long history of reinventing itself that you could understand why they continue to be so far ahead of America when it comes to sustainable energy. Solar, nuclear and wind power are powering Europe successfully everyday driven by the recognition of the true cost of oil. Yet Europe continues to look at new ideas and new ways to get off oil. Read more about solar- [continue reading…]


Sacramento SMUD AGAIN… leads the way in California offering solar rebates to area commercial business.

Sacramento Solar News – Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) is always on the front page with some innovative program designed to add more solar panels for homes and businesses. They are now offering special energy rebates to boost solar for small commercial business. Traditionally Sacramento has had some of the lowest electrical rates in California but the city is not stopping there. Solar is good for our local economy and our country. We wish more of the country would sit up and take notice. Read More – [continue reading…]


Sacramento Is Tops In Per-Capita Solar Energy Capacity

Sacramento California Solar News – The sun never shined brighter in Sacramento as now with some solar statistical information was added to the regions numbers. Sacramento established itself long ago as a leader in solar energy deployment both from a utility standpoint and also helping local Sacramento homes and businesses install solar. Read More [continue reading…]


Arizona is helping smaller solar companies get in the game

Phoenix Arizona Solar News – With an eye to helping stimulate job growth, Arizona is opening the solar bid process to small solar installation companies. It would be sweet if there were more public solar projects brought on by the economic stimulus package. Many thanks to the leaders in Washington and in particular to the president for their assistance in pointing this country back on a course of growth and new local jobs by using solar renewable energy. Read More – [continue reading…]


Future of Solar in California is Big, But There Are Obstacles

California Solar News – Renewable energy in general and solar energy and wind electrical generation in particular have a bright future, that is a long as we keep electing forward thinking politicians. California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s commitment to solar and other green iniatives have been a source of irritation to some in the Grand Old Party (Republican) community. “Is he for real” is often the comments we hear. If anyone thinks Arnold Schwarzenegger is not for real must have been living in a cave for the last several years. It is a shame we could not see another 4 years of Arnold in Sacramento but, alas, that is not to be. I hope California will continue to vote for progress, vote for more clean green careers and energy jobs and put someone in Sacramento that will continue moving solar forward. Read More – [continue reading…]