Non-Profit Solar Panel Installer to Install 50 Systems in 5 Days.

Grid Alternatives is a non-profit that trains and leads teams of volunteers installing solar panels on low-income families homes throughout California. YingLi Solar Company or Yingli Green Energy, is one of the world’s largest vertically integrated photovoltaic (PV (which is a fancy word for solar)) manufacturers, which markets its products under the brand “Yingli Solar,” announced today that its U.S. subsidiary, Yingli Green Energy Americas, Inc. (“Yingli Americas”), is the Presenting Sponsor of Solarthon, nonprofit solar installer GRID Alternatives’ annual fundraiser that brings together hundreds of people, teams, solar job trainee installers, and corporate participants to install multiple home solar energy systems in one day for low-income homeowners.

This is very cool on several levels the least of which is some families that could use the extra household income get their utility bills lowered… forever. The other thing that’s cool about this is there are going to be hundreds of new solar installers who are going to get on-the-job training by simply showing up and working. (After a training class that is required beforehand.) We think its cool because YingLi solar panels are in the top 3 of favorite solar panel manufactures at Blue Pacific Solar. Great product at cheap solar prices.

“We’re pleased to have worked with GRID Alternatives to install over 250 solar projects for low-income families to date and are proud to be their Official Solar Panels Provider,” said Helena Kimball, Head of Marketing Communications, Yingli Solar. ”These unique Solarthon events are a great way to advance our mission to bring cost-effective solar power to the communities who need it most, while creating local job opportunities and growth.”

“Every single GRID Alternatives home solar installation provides thousands of dollars in savings for working families and two days of on the job training for ten job seekers and we average 15 home solar installations per week. Because of Yingli Solar’s support, we have been able to multiply this impact hundreds of times over,” said Erica Mackie, Co-Founder, GRID Alternatives.

As Promo Sponsor and Official Solar Module Products Provider of GRID Alternatives, Yingli Solar will supply solar modules for 50 participating families from neighborhoods in San Francisco, San Diego, Fresno, San Louis Obispo and Los Angeles during the five Solarthon block parties. The systems will eliminate more than 4,400 tons of greenhouse gas emissions and generate $1.3 million worth of renewable energy savings in the form of solar for families living on very low incomes.

The sponsorship of these Solarthons is part of the collaboration between Yingli Solar and GRID Alternatives to install 1 MW of solar energy systems for 400 low-income families throughout 2011. These solar installations will create thousands of hands-on job training opportunities in solar installation while helping underserved families with immediate financial savings.

Story Source: Profitable (dot) Com