Great Solar News for California Homeowners


In October 2009, Governor Schwarzenegger signed AB 920, the California Solar Surplus Act of 2009, which requires utilities to pay consumers for solar electricity that they generate over and above their home needs. What that means to you is if you decide to solar Sacramento and your home solar panels produce more solar electricity than you’re using, your local utility will pay you cash or assign credits that you can redeem when needed. How’s that for a reason to go solar!

California is helping more people take the plunge to go solar by not just saving money on electricity, but paying cash for the power they generate. For people who already have solar panels, this bill discourages wasteful consumption of energy. Knowing that their extra energy will not be “lost” to the utility, solar homes and business owners will conserve resources and be compensated fairly.

The California Solar Surplus Act of 2009, goes into effect January 1st, 2010. Creating a fair incentive structure within California’s solar market is a huge plus for California’s environment and economy and an important shift toward more pro-solar legislation in the future.

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