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Proposed Solar Farm Has San Benito California Ranchers Hopping Mad

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The same mild temperatures that make San Benito, just south of the San Francisco Bay, an agricultural haven make it an ideal location for solar. Solargen Energy wants to build a 400 megawatt (Yea, that’s really big) solar power facility the area that supports several ranchers and organic farmers.

The project would deliver clean solar electricity to the regional transmission system by interconnecting to the existing Pacific Gas and Electric Company transmission line on site. The proposed solar project would be considered a renewable energy generation facility, and according to the applicant, would support California in meeting the Solar Renewable Portfolio Standard mandate.

Solargen Energy develops, owns and operates environmentally friendly, large scale solar and renewable energy projects to deliver electricity to utilities and industrial customers.

Both sides of the solar land dispute insist they are fighting for the same things protecting the environment and growing the local economy. Continue reading …

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Amtrak Orders 70 Green Locomotives With Solar Panels To Be Built In Sacramento

Sacramento Green Solar News – Whats cooler than a new Amtrak train that runs more efficient that cars or planes with regenerative braking? How about an Amtrak train with solar panels on the roof. Not cool enough? OK, how about 70 of them to be built in Sacramento California! Read More – Continue reading …


College Students Work to Bring Solar To Dorms & Green Awareness to The University.

Tuesday | Filed in: Solar News

College students across the country are looking green these days. No, not from last weekends frat party, from a greater awareness of solar, wind and other renewable energy sources and the positive impact they can have on their lives. This example of community leadership is no better exemplified by a group of solar engineering students at the University of Arizona.

The “Solar Cats” meet regularly to work towards installing solar panels on the dorms of the campus student housing, but thats not all. The group has expanded to focus on educating the community about sustainability and solar power. Boola-Boola we say to the Solar Cats for the fine work they are doing. Continue reading …

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Solar Manufacturing & Installation Up Green Technology Leading Economy

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The San Francisco Chronicle published an excellent article demonstrating the importance of California’s focus on solar, wind and clean energy technology. The future of economic growth is continuing down the path of renewable energy. Solar energy costs are coming down as production increases. Look what happened to computers over the last 20 years.

On the converse, fossil fuel energy costs will only go up, and soon the non-subsidized cross-over point will lead to massive exponential clean technology growth. Green technology is the answer to fix our economy. If we open solar factories in every state then hire people to install them, it would create millions of jobs almost instantly. And, millions of people who have jobs, spend an awful lot of money. That is how we can make over the economy. Continue reading …

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