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Solar Racking Ain’t Sexy, But Installers Better Get it Right The First Time!

I was talking to a customer last week who was researching solar for her home, when she asked me where does the typical solar system fail? Easy question to answer, but not for the reasons most people might think. It’s not solar panel failure, and it is not inverter failure, the #1 failure of solar […] Read more

Solar Powering Thousands of Homes, Unprecedented Time for Photovoltaic

California Edison is building a large solar plant at the North end of the central valley. With a footprint of nearly 1,000 acres it is not the largest solar installation being installed in California, but its a biggie! The plant is a godsend for SCE because it drives it closer to that magic goal of […] Read more

Cheap Electricity for Everyone? Micro Inverters Are Making Solar Affordable for Everyone

Solar micro inverters are taking the solar home energy market by storm. A homeowner with some basic handyman skills can now purchase solar starter kits, install himself (mostly), and add additional solar panels as the budget will permit. Small solar systems are dramatically easy to design and install. Well maybe not dramatically, but doable for […] Read more

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